Your Thing

What is your thing? Everybody has one...


1. Your Thing

Everybody has a Thing.

A dog, a song, a word or phrase,

A place you are or a way you sing,

So when happiness and you part ways,

You have your Thing to reintroduce you.


Everybody has a Thing.

Something that helps you smile,

A good attitude it will bring,

A Thing makes living all worthwhile,

And gives you back what life put you through.


Everybody has a Thing.

Though some tend to lose it,

Thingless people wait for a ring,

Accepting sadness, they all admit,

Though why, I never knew.


Everybody has a Thing,

A Thing to keep us going,

Things change and move and swing,

Appreciation and love forever growing,

All emotions fresh and new.


Everybody has a thing,

My thing is you.

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