Star Trek Endeavor: Limits

The USS Endeavor under the command of Captain Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is bound for its first mission only that it will change one of the crew to have god like powers and threaten the rest of the crew.


9. 9

The turbo lift doors opened and Ender and Petra entered the bridge and assumed their stations and Ender said, “Helm, take us out of orbit.” Joachim said, “Heading sir?” Ender replied, “Starbase 11 trans-warp factor 2.” Joachim pressed a few buttons on his console and said, “Course plotted and laid in.” Ender said, “Proceed.” Joachim then pushed the throttle but then the ship jerked backwards as the crew held onto their closed armrests and looked at each other confused or scared.  Ender pushed away his armrests, leaned forward and said, “Joachim don’t tell me you don’t know how to pilot this ship!” Joachim pressed various buttons and looked over his controls in confusion and said, “It’s not me sir!  Something is holding us back!” Ender got up from his chair and stood over the helm and said, “Speak to me Joachim.” Joachim replied, “I’m searching for what’s holding us.” Ender then saw Joachim’s face fill with fear and said, “Joachim what is it?” Joachim replied, “Sir, it’s coming up from the planet!” Ender looked at the view screen and said, “Get me visual.” Suddenly the ship shook for a couple of seconds and Ender almost lost his balance when a voice echoed in the bridge, “I can see you Ender.” Ender looked up in shock and said to himself, “No.” The view screen changed and showed Gary Mitchell (wearing a trench coat) standing on the forward top of the saucer section as the bridge crew watched in shock and Ender said, “Gary...” Mitchell said, “You think that explosion would have killed me or did you plan merely to hurt me and maroon me on the planet below?” Ender walked in front of the helm and navigation stations and said, “Gary, I had to do it.  You killed Lt. Elle and Dr. Daner and injured me and several of my crewmen.  I can’t take you home and risk hurting others or worse.” Mitchell said, “Hurt?  I want to rule like a god.  The only people I would hurt are those that want to get in my way.” Ender said, “Gary...” Mitchell then raised his right hand and the ship shook and Ender grabbed hold of the helm till it stopped when Mitchell dropped his hand and he said, “I could destroy your ship captain with little effort, but I need you to take me to Earth so I could start spreading my mind though out the galaxy.” Behind Gary someone in a Federation spacesuit exited from the ship and Ender walked back and whispered from the corner of his mouth, “Who is that?” Joachim whispered, “Checking the hatch logs now captain.” Gary continued, “There is no point in stopping me Ender.  I am like a god who controls...” Gary was walking towards the bridge with his hands raised till the spacesiited person jumped onto Mitchell from behind and put him in a head lock.  Joachim yelled, “Sir its Commander Arkanian!” Ender immediately ran to the turbo lift and yelled, “Joachim you have the con!” Before the turbo lift doors closed.


    Mitchell tried to grab Petra by the back but was unable to and instead grabbed her right arm and pulled her arm away with ease and threw her over his head and started flying out into space, but she grabbed hold onto one of the deck fittings just in time and landed back on her feet.  Mitchell spoke telepathically, “Commander Arkanian, what a pleasant surprise.  I’ll give you one chance to pledge your allegiance to me or else I’ll toss you away like space garbage.” Petra replied, “No thanks!” She pulled out her phaser and fires using the kill setting but even as it hits him he just stumbles back.  Petra fires again and again until Mitchell raised his right hand and Petra let go of her phaser and began grabbing her throat as she started choking and was lifted off the deck.  Mitchell said, “Foolish commander.” There was a loud angry cry before Mitchell was tackled to the deck letting his grip go on Petra as her gravity boots brought her back down as she tried to regain her breath.  Ender gets up and immediately grabs Mitchell by the collar and lifts him up before punching him in the face sending him flying back towards space with some blood flying from his mouth only that Mitchell was able to pull himself up and land both feet back down on the deck.  Mitchell then shoved his right hand forward and Ender was thrown back towards space but he was able to reach out and grab one of the deck fittings to bring himself back down.  Petra suddenly tackled Mitchell from the left and brought her right fist down to punch him only Mitchell grabbed her fist midway and beg crushing her hand.  Petra screamed in pain as Mitchell smiled and then Ender tackled him and tried to choke him and break his neck only Mitchell grabbed and pushed both his hands away and head butted him making cracks on the glass in Ender’s helmet as he flew back on the deck.  Petra immediately threw her foot to kick Mitchell in the stomach but Mitchell grabbed her leg and flipped her over to land face down on the deck.  Mitchell balled both of his fists together and brought them down towards Ender’s head only Ender was able to roll away just in time as Mitchell’s fists came down and left a deep dent on the deck.  Ender tried to punch Mitchel but then Mitchell bright up his right hand and Ender was hit by an electrical bolt and when Ender stumbled back he was hit again and again till he was suddenly forced down onto his knees.  Mitchell said, “See how easy you are to be controlled captain?” He then forced Ender’s head up and said, “I can do whatever I want you to do.” Ender said, “You call yourself a god Gary?  Forced people to do what you want like toys for amusement?” Mitchell (with an angry expression) replied, “I don’t like your tone captain.  Pray for me.” Mitchell closed his hand and both Ender’s hands were closed together in front of him as if he’s praying and Ender said, “No matter what you do Gary, you still can’t force the minds of people from free will!” Mitchell twisted his closed hand and Ender’s head shook as he yelped in pain.  Ender said, “You can try all you want Gary, but no matter how powerful you are you can’t change the way a person thinks!” Petra then threw a punch at Mitchell’s face only Mitchell looked at her and her body froze in mid-motion as Petra struggled to move.  Mitchell said, “Oh yes, I can change a person’s mind captain by using something or someone that they love against them.  Like Commander Arkanian for instance.” Mitchell smirked as Petra’s make then cracks as if pressure is applied and Petra breaths heavily while looking scared and Ender yells, “Gary stop it!  I’ll do it!” Gary looks at him and the glass stopped cracking in Petra’s helmet.  Mitchell said, “You see Ender?  That’s all I need to do to get you to listen to me.  Now we will g...” The ship’s thrusters fired and Mitchell stumbled losing his control on Ender and Petra.


    When Mitchell looked up and tried to regain his control he saw Ender with his phaser pointed at him but in that instant Ender fired his phaser on full stun and hit Mitchell in the face.  Mitchell threw his hands up to his eyes as he made an ear splitting scream and Ender immediately fired a grappling hook (that is attached to his right wrist) that struck Mitchell directly in the chest and pressed a button on his wrist and the hook retracted yanking Mitchell directly towards Ender as Mitchell had his hands over where the hook hit him while at the same time trying to cover his eyes as they still hurt.  When Mitchell was close Ender pulled out a combat knife, cut the wire, grabbed Mitchell and with all his might threw him into space, past the edge of the saucer section all the while Mitchell screamed in pain.  


    Petra struggled to stand as her helmet read that there was a leak of oxygen and Ender immediately turned his attention to her and ran to her side till he heard an angry scream and looked back forward to see Gary Mitchell flying towards him as he screamed, “WIGGIN!  I WILL DESTROY YOU AND THE ENTIRE CREW OF THE ENDEAVOR FOR DEFYING ME!” Ender looked at Gary Mitchell in horror as he couldn’t move his arm that held the phaser due to Gary’s grip while on the bridge Nikolai Delphiki stepped forward from the command chair and said (while pumping his fist), “FIRE!” And Joachim pressed a red button and a torpedo fired.  Mitchell (even though he is blind) continued to concentrate on Ender Wiggin not realizing the torpedo flying towards him till he sensed it right in his way and Mitchell tried to use his mind to stop it but it was too late and he screamed, “NOOOOOOO!” As the torpedo struck him and exploded as he was vaporized in the explosion.  Ender felt himself able to move again and sighed in relief till he remembered Petra then turned his attention on her as he ran up to her and got down on his knees and picked her up in both arms and using the thrusters on his feet he flew her to the nearest hatch as he looked at her and sees she is still breathing but unconscious.

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