Come home

In a single moment he's gone. Removed from her life, against her will. And now she's searching, forever searching.


4. Away

It all happened quickly. My last glance of her was the blue eyes, the Raven hair and I was whisked away. We walked along corridors and through white rooms filled with people. We reached a room with several smiling people. One woman had blonde hair and was beaming at me, a man next to her put his arm around her, also smiling. There was a table covered in papers which had apparently just been signed. "Here we are Mr and Mrs Mclythe, your child," he gestured to me. "Look at him David, blue eyes, blonde hair, beautiful," she reached towards me and I was passed into her arms. She was warm and comforting, but not like to woman with the Raven hair. I missed her. I didn't know that she would go. I didn't want to be away.

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