The Alpacalypse

This is a story of an alpaca apocolypse. I like to call it an alpacalypse


1. It all started with a tomato

John's diary        Dear diary,  1/3/2002

It all started with a tomato.  It was a weird tomato though.  It grew on a tree instead of on a bush.  When I first saw it I knew something was wrong.  The tomato kept growing.  Eventually it was as big as me.  Than the top started to go forward a little.  Right under that the tomato was getting thin and straight.  It than grew what looked like a body and than four long things at the bottom.  It looked kind of like a llama.  I was getting worried.  After that I went to look at it every single day.  It kept growing a side and than growing another, and another, AND ANOTHER!!  I knew this wasn't a normal tomato.  I started getting caught up with life *sigh* and I couldn't go and see it every day.  A month later I was finally able to go look at it but it was gone.  I freaked out.  Where did it go?  I started panicking and than I just tried to tell myself that somebody picked the tomato.  But I didn't believe myself at all...  Just than I felt something furry and fluffy brush against me.  I turned around to see an odd creature that looked like a fluffier and more kawaii llama.  It was this new species called an ALPACA   A LITTLE BIT OF STUFF I HAVE TO SAY ON CHAPTER 5!!


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