A Letter For The Action I Regret

Feb 22nd // 2016


1. New chapter

It's been ten years since we met, I've always wanted to know what would come next but you've stolen such a huge part of me it's hard to move on from that.

In the first year it was all butterflies and excitement.

The second year it was annoyance, but nervousness, we started dating and I had never been more happy.

Third year was the worst, I broke up with you and the fourth year I couldn't remember why.

Trying to move on all came in the fifth, but anytime I came close it never worked out.

Now when I look back at the sixth year I came so close to moving on, I met someone and I haven't been that happy in four years.

The seventh year was when he broke up with me, telling me "I wasn't all there", it took me through the next 3 years to figure out what he meant.

Today marks the tenth year, I haven't seen you since and I found out even in those ten years I regret the third year.

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