Star Trek Defiance: Discharged

After being discharged from the service Michael and Chloe Valkyrie along with Arsenal and Carrie try to go on about their lives even as the galaxy is under a threat by a terrorist that looks like Michael only to find out that this Lord Serenity is also after Michael and Chloe and will kill anyone that gets in his way.


8. 8

In the days that followed, Michael and Chloe were spending time with their children and one day they brought their children to the dinner table and Michael whispered to Chloe, “Maybe the children will lift her spirits.” Chloe was holding Joey when she looked at Carrie with a sense of urgency and said, “Hey Carrie would you mind taking care of Joey?  I have to run to the store and get more baby food!” Carrie solemnly nodded and Chloe gave Joey to her and left after grabbing her purse.  They ate as Carrie feed Joey and afterwords took Joey to her and Ty’s room and watched as Joey played.  Instead of playing with her toys Joey sat on the floor and reached out to Carrie as she watched and refused to play till Joey looked like she was about to cry and Carrie gave in.  She sat on Carrie’s lap and instead of playing with her toys she played with Carrie’s hair, pulling or twirling it and even trying to eat it but Carrie pulls her hair away from her mouth and let Joey to continue to play with her long hair.  Joey then began touching Carrie’s face and smiles and giggles when Carrie started to smile.  Carrie then decided to use her power and she made some of Joey’s toys move or fly around slowly and low enough that Joey could touch or grab them as she sat on her lap and when she ran around trying to grab them.  Michael and Chloe watched from behind the doorway as Ty is also running around and playing with the your Carrie is moving around with her mind and both the children were laughing and smiling with delight.  Chloe held close to Michael and said, “They both love my sister and she is actually enjoying it.” They both smiled and they continued to watch as Carrie kept playing with the toddlers using her mind on moving and manipulating the toys.  The next day Carrie cut her hair and made four hair bands so Joey and Ty can continue to play with her hair and not have to worry about them pulling her hair to play with.  Then late at night a loud alien like scream echoed through the forest and it woke Michael and Chloe and she said, “What the hell is that?” then they heard the children crying and Michael said, “Damn.  I’ll take care of them.” Michael got up and opened the door to go put the children to sleep but then he saw Carrie in the children’s room already and the crying began to stop as he saw Carrie lifting up and holding both of the children to her shoulders and began rocking them to sleep as Michael smiled and went back to his and Chloe’s room.


    In the forest Arsenal pulled the two blades that are on his wrist from the Predator’s back and shoved its body from the tree as it fell and flopped on the ground below with green blood seeping from its back and head.  Arsenal then jumped lightly from tree to tree till he decided to stop and pulled out a small pack of wrapped up leaves and he began to eat.  Another Predator appeared and found it’s recently dead comrade and flipped his body over to find a belt of grenades with their pins pulled and they exploded right before the Predator’s face and it flew backwards to the ground.  The Predator spat out blood from beneath its helmet and looked down at its body and saw its body peppered by shrapnel and bleeding all over.  Arsenal sat crouched in a tree and looked down at the wounded Predator as it looked around.  The Predator used its scanner till it detected no movement around it and the Predator was about to move away when its movement scanner went off on a tree in the far end.  Arsenal saw the Predator looking suddenly at his direction and he jumped down from the tree and using a device on his left arm he engaged and threw his left arm up and fired one of the saw blades and the Predator ducked just as the blade flew right overhead.  Arsenal then ran up in a zigzag pattern and engaged the two knife long blades on the same hand and ran to the right of the tree as the Predator fired four blades at him from its right wrist and when Arsenal came around he crossed swords with the Predator as it drew one on its left arm.  Arsenal kicked it in the chest and they both swung their wrist swords at each other till the Predator shot a blade at him and hit Arsenal’s left forearm and he growled in pain.  Arsenal immediately tore it out and threw it at the wounded Predator and struck it in the right leg as the Predator howled in pain.  Arsenal quickly swiped his sword arm but merely made two gash marks on the Predator’s helmet before he kicked it across its face and knocked off its helmet.  The Predator stumbled as his eyes were temporarily blinded by the change of sight to its eyes and Arsenal retracted his swords as he arched his fist back and punched the Predator directly in the face sending more green blood flying in the air before punching it again.  He then pulled out a large fang and made one swing slicing the Predator’s throat sending green blood spraying into the air.  The Predator used its left hand to apply pressure while still waving its sword around trying to hit Arsenal but he dodged a couple of swipes and backed away as it bled to death when it first fell on its knees, went limp and eventually fell flat on its face as blood kept pouring from its throat.  Arsenal pulled out the swords on his wrist and in one swift movement stabbed the Predator in the back of the head before pulling the swords out as he made sure it is dead.  


    Three black cars pulled up to the police station in Utoia and a man in a black suit with solid black eyes exited the lead vehicle and entered the station escorted by two others all with blank, emotionless expressions.  They walked up to the front desk as the man in a blue and white uniform sat behind it and looked up as the three men stood before him and the lead man said, “We need to speak to the town’s sheriff now.” the attendant replied (with no concern), “Sir just write down...” the lead man then grabbed the attendant by the tie, yanked him till he was face to face with the emotionless suited man.  The attendant drew his side arm but the lead man grabbed his wrist that had the gun and snapped it with ease as the attendant screamed in pain and dropped the gun.  Other officers in the station leapt to their feet and pointed their phasers at the suited men and the lead one said, “Get your sheriff, now.” and the attendant gasped and said, “Okay.” and the lead suited man let him go as the attendant slumped back over as he went to the back (with another officer to attend him) while the rest of the station kept their phasers aimed at the emotionless suited men.

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