Nerida of Glendale

Okay guys so this is a story I had to write in my Creative Writing Class. Yes, yes, I know its got errors, but I've been cramming to get my work done, because our wonderful teachers like to coordinate and give you big projects and tons of essays all at the same time. So I had to write a Fairy Tale, I hope you like, PLEASE COMMENT ANYTHING!! good or bad I except all criticisms!!!! This Fairy Tale is about Nerida, an orphan, came to stay at this Palace and was lucky, continue to read for more.


5. Going to the Ball (again!!)

“Well that is a very fine dress, indeed” Ms. Mira said stepping away from Nerida for her to see herself in the full length mirror. It was a beautiful white silk dress with blue swirls stitched into the fabric.

“It’s beautiful, and you’re very handsome, too” she said looking over to Christopher who was now in a black tux with a blue tie the color of Nerida’s dress. Now, looking at the two, washed and in new dress, they looked liked a true prince and princess. Ms. Mira hurried them down the hall to where King Edmund was still standing waiting for them.

After a moment's hesitation Nerida looped her arm through Christopher’s and they started down the stairs, with King Edmund in the lead. As they neared the bottom of the stairs, everyone was watching them with a quiet kind of awe. A few were whispering. ‘had King Edmund already chosen a successor’, ‘that’s the maid, isn’t it’, Nerida noticed the brown haired girl ask. As King Edmund and Nerida reached the bottom of the stairs, he raised his hand for everyone to quiet down,  everyone obeyed immediately, the ballroom being so quiet you could hear the dog snoring in the corner.

“This is Nerida and Christopher of Glendale, they shall be my successors,” King Edmund announced, his strong voice very loud in the room. The kitchen maids had come out and was standing by the door smiling brightly at Nerida. Nerida and Christopher too shocked to notice much of anything. King Edmund grabbed two glasses of golden liquid, and handed one to Nerida and the other to Christopher, then taking one for himself, before he spoke. Nerida and Christopher took them gently having no idea what it was.

“Let us rejoice and enjoy the feast for we have a new Prince and Princess, future King and Queen.” King Edmund said raising his glass with Nerida and Christopher doing the same. Everyone cheered and and took a sip of the strange golden liquid. Nerida was half tempted to spit it back in the glass, but refrained. She looked over to Christopher and noticed he was just as shocked as she was, also planning to spit back in the glass. She nudged him to get his attention and shook her head slightly. Christpher swallowed, before they were led to the front of the room, where two new thrones were placed there, obviously in a hurry, seeing the crooked set of them. They sat and even though all the ladies and gentlemen were sad for not being chosen, theyrejoiced for the new prince and princess was named.

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