Nerida of Glendale

Okay guys so this is a story I had to write in my Creative Writing Class. Yes, yes, I know its got errors, but I've been cramming to get my work done, because our wonderful teachers like to coordinate and give you big projects and tons of essays all at the same time. So I had to write a Fairy Tale, I hope you like, PLEASE COMMENT ANYTHING!! good or bad I except all criticisms!!!! This Fairy Tale is about Nerida, an orphan, came to stay at this Palace and was lucky, continue to read for more.


2. Going to a ball

On a bright sunny morning a couple months after Nerida had come to stay there, King Edmund’s second wife passed away. The King was mourning, and new his time was not far off, so he sent his counsel to invite all of the young people of his country to a feast, a young lady and young lad will be chosen to lead this country and be the future King and Queen. Nerida and Christopher were excited but very tired, preparing for such a feast was hard work, but it was finally all done. Soon, people were coming from everywhere all across the country hoping to be the one that gets picked to lead their country. She and Christopher peeked out the kitchen door to see the lot of people already there and more coming as well. Nerida looked behind her and quickly ducked into the room and started walking towards a group of beautiful girls, with Christopher close on her heels.

“wait, maybe we shouldn’t” Christopher said anxiously.

“I’m just going to see”

“what do you think you’re doing out here?”  a snotty girl with curly, brown hair next to her asked her. Confused, Nerida looked at her in alarm.

“I’m joining in the celebration” Nerida explained hesitantly.

“….you want to have a chance at being chosen, you’re a maid and your little friend there is a mess, and look at that awful dress, you can’t possibly be serious. You two are just raggedy orphans, and nothing more, not now and not ever.” the brown haired girl laughed, the others joining in with her.

“hey, you can’t talk to her like that” Christopher spoke up bravely. Ms. Mira had given her a beautiful dress when she first came, but now Nerida was ashamed of it. Turning around, Nerida ran back to the kitchen with the girls still jeering and laughing at her.

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