Nerida of Glendale

Okay guys so this is a story I had to write in my Creative Writing Class. Yes, yes, I know its got errors, but I've been cramming to get my work done, because our wonderful teachers like to coordinate and give you big projects and tons of essays all at the same time. So I had to write a Fairy Tale, I hope you like, PLEASE COMMENT ANYTHING!! good or bad I except all criticisms!!!! This Fairy Tale is about Nerida, an orphan, came to stay at this Palace and was lucky, continue to read for more.


1. A new home

Nerida knocked softly at the kitchen door of the Palace of Glendale, hoping that no one would answer, but also hoping that they would open the door and bring her right in. The door swung open revealing a stout lady in a poofy dress and apron, holding a pot in one hand and a wooden spoon in the other.

“yes?” she said clearly annoyed at having a green, eyed girl in rags and brown, mangy hair disrupt her duties.

“m--m--my name’s N--Nerida, an’ I was wonderin’ if you got work for m-me” Nerida stuttered.

“oh, I do, I do, come in darling” the lady exclaimed, a smile spreading across her face. “Most of the people who come here, just want free handouts, and we are dearly in need of help. My name is Ms. Mira,” Ms. Mira told Nerida happily. “You will work from dusk to dawn for food and board and 3 pounds each week. That is fair enough” Ms. Mira told Nerida quickly, ushering her into the kitchen with gleaming pots and pans filled with all sorts of wonderful things to eat. The kitchen looked very well like any palace kitchen would look, with it’s slick, gray countertops and wooden cupboards lining the walls. The floor a glistening, clean white and even the simple stools had an air of royalty to them.

“This is Christopher, you will be working together, so best get along. Ms. Mira said and not wanting them to dawdle, assigned them both enough work to keep her busy till late at night, but Nerida was a strong young girl and working with Christopher made the work go by so quickly, that after dinner chores were done they would have time to wander the halls. Ms. Mira having been pleased by their work, but not wanting them to disturb the guards or any of the royal masses, gave them some chestnuts to roast by the fire and they sat and talked and ate them. Nerida and Christopher worked hard each day and almost always had time to after dinner to themselves, most nights they roasted chestnuts and talked about everything under the stars, but other nights they would sneak off to explore. Nerida and Christopher quickly became best friends.

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