Honest Reviews

This movellas will be a review movellas. I'll only review works that the author has given permission on. I'll be completely honest on my reviews (but not insulting just for the heck of it). The hope is to give writers exposure and also give them positive and constructive criticism on their work. Want your movellas revised? Comment below and I'll do so!


1. Rules

1) You can't ask for someone else's movellas to be reviewed. Their Permission is needed.

2) On co-authored movellas, it is preferable that all authors working on it are comfortable with it being reviewed.

3) I will not insult a work if I find it bad.

e.g. It's sucks because I said so!

I won't say things like that. I will review it honestly and only suggest improvements in areas such as spelling.

4) Do not harass any authors reviewed here for any reason whatsoever. I will not take kindly to that and I expect others will do the same.

5) Feel free to comment your opinions below but please don't post unreasonable comments. Your opinion is welcome as long as you don't be an idiot about it.

I feel that's all that needs to be said unless anything pops up that needs to be addressed. So feel free to comment your movellas below if you want a review. I'll work on a first come first served basis but I read quickly so waiting shouldn't take to long! :)

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