Harry Potter And Other Movies In 2 Minutes


1. Sorcerer's Stone-Goblet of Fire

There once was a boy named Harry

Renowned across the land 

The Death Curse rebounded off his face 

While his parents were changed to sand 

He headed off to a castle 

And learned how to swing a stick

He met a clown and a nerd 

They're friends through thin nd thick 

He learns about a special rock 

And murdered a bald freak

Book 2!

Harry goes back to Stick School

Great snake is on a streak

Ron breaks his wand

Now Hermione's out

And Ginny's taken by a freak

Harry does stab the killer snake

And stab a magic book

Hermione and Hagrid are back

Gilderoy's a crook

Book 3!

Harry blows up Aunt Marge

Since she was acting like a prick

He is then stalked by Dementors

But Lupin uses his stick

He goes to school

And learns how to make a sheet of light

A prisoner is innocent

Sirius broke out at night

Pettigrew is to blame

Lupin is not the same

Book 4!

Harry goes to a broom game 

And meets a sparkling vampire 

He goes back to the stick school 

And enters a tournament

He kills a dragon 

Zaps mermaids

Navigates a maze 

The sparkling vampire's slayed 

He later porks Bella Swan 

But that's for another day 

A noseless freak comes back to life 

But Harry he cannot slay

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