Harry Potter And Other Movies In 2 Minutes


2. Order of the Phoenix-Deathly Hallows Part 2

Harry is attacked by Dementors 

So he uses his stick 

He goes to Stick School anyway 

And Dudley does get sick 

Umbridge moves in to Hogwarts 

And starts acting gay 

Thanks to her evil presence here 

The students are in a fray

Sirius dies, Harry cries,

Albus battles a noseless freak

The same freak is exposed

And his hidden state takes a leak

Teensgers fall in love

And Harry reads a textbook

Dumbledore teaches him that Horcruxes are meaningful

They go to a cave hoping to blow up a necklace

This only leads to Dumbledore getting sick

Dumbledore is killed by the Hogwarts a-hole

Yet people think he's justified

Harry and his friends

Go on a camping trip 

They slash a necklace on the way 

They find a crown and trophy 

Both of these they destroy 

They go back to Hogwarts School 

And then fight a stick war 

Harry blows up the noseless freak

And then Harry grows up


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