She and Him

Rene and Julian have known each other since birth. They are practically brother and sister. Everything changes when a tragic incident has occurred and suddenly nothing is the same between them..


1. Falling Slowly

(Rene's P.O.V)


Julian walks past me whispering my childhood nickname in my ear. 


"Rene banana. Whatcha doing?"


I smile to myself. He's always been someone I could talk to about everything. Do you remember those daydream us girls got when we were 8 years old? About having the perfect BFF? About having those nights when you can just chillax and watch a movie with her? Well I have that, but not with a her. It's a him, and it's THAT him. I get butterflies every time I think of him. He's just so caring and he's always there for me when I need him. I guess I've always had a thing for him since we were kids.. I don't think he feels the same though. I wish I could read guy's minds. It's not fair that they can't express any emotions from their facial expressions. I wish I could read him. Our mothers and fathers have been best friends with each other since high school, so it's natural that we hang out all the time. We're practically brother and sister next to each other. 


    Sometimes I feel like he flirts but like I said, I can't read his expressions. I've imagined myself walking down the aisle and him being there.. waiting at the end. My father would take my hand and place it on his, and everything would feel right. Sadly, this is the real world. Suddenly, I see a movement out of my window. Julian is walking inside his house,  passionately kissing a girl!!!? THE girl?? The most POPULAR girl in out school?? This can't be real. I keep telling myself this isn't real. But it is.












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