The forgotten ones

a group of friend solving the mystery of joseph church


1. Summer vacations??

Monday, 19 march 1632:

she shrieked "I know. I know". "what do you know Taurean, "said Marya  ." I know the folktale of the church familiar with the ghostly appearance in it. Oh! yeah. So tell me what do you know about it?   Well, it's an ancient church notorious for the occurrence of   paranormal creations. It is said to  be the most paranormal activities were recorded in this church.                                    


Marya added with a slight change in her voice" Why don't we go ourselves and watch out the storyline".                

"Not a bad idea  Taurean      

Nobody dare to go there and that's why nobody knows the mystery of that creepy church up till now." said Marya    Taurean yelled in a creepy voice; "Then who's going to solve that mystery" I think no one" said Marya.                    

"I got an idea, " said Taurean. "What? said Marya                         

Why don't we plan to spend our vacations there?" said Taurean. "You are surely not gonna come back once you enter that  church" ridiculously said, Marya.

Listen to Marya" well we can have Ouija board what you think? asked Taurean.

so what? answered Marya. " Well we will call the creepy ghost? said Taurean.

Then, said Marya . "Listen we'll call the ghost so called a girls ghost blah blah blah and fulfill her wish," said Taurean

"What if her wish is to kill the one who's asking about her wish," said Marya

Marya, we'll not be alone there" said Taurean. " Then who will go with you," said Marya. " Of course our classmates" answered Taurean.

Really" said ,Marya

Yeah" said excitedly Taurean

They'll never go" said Marya

" They will Marya," said Taurean determinedly

Taurean called all of her friends and they agreed to go there, but Marya and Donald were still firm on her decision of not going with them.                                                                                   


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