What is Love?

This is the true meaning of love.


1. Love

     What is love? Love is a feeling if deep affection. When you cannot live with out that person or thing. Has anyone ever felt LOVE before though. We all say “I love you,” but may not always know the true meaning of love.
     I’m going to tell you about a very special  girl in my life. She is the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with. The way I feel about her is like no other. I have never felt this way towards any girl ever in my life.
     We spend every single day together from start to finish. Its been like that for about two to three years now. We’ve only been officially dating for 15 months. It only took the first time I laid eyes on her to know she is the one.
     Everyone tells me its just puppy love because were young or its not going to last. Well, to tell the truth, I see us together forever through thick and thin. The only way this relationship would end is if she were to dump me. That would break my heart into a thousand pieces.
     I’ve always wanted to write about her but just never could put my love for her into words. Not a single second of the day goes by when she isn’t on my mind. The thought of her being with anyone else makes me sick to my stomach. To be honest, no other girl has ever been able to make me cry, let alone get me close to crying.
     Twice. I remember two times when she has had me drop a tear or two from my eyes. That is not supposed to happen. I am the tough guy. She just knows how to dig into my heart.
     I always think about, what if someone were to lay their hands on her whether it be a guy or girl. I would destroy them. I would do anything for her and anyone touching her is like touching me. She is mine. 
     If anything were to ever happen to her, I would be devastated. I would never be able to date anyone else or even love someone as much as I love this girl.
     She is my world. I can only count about 3 times that we have fought in our relationship. That my friend, is love. This girls name is Rachel. I will marry this girl one day. We will start a family. Is she dies, I die. If she grows old, I’m growing old right next to her. I love Rachel. ♥


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