A Friend's Vow


1. A Friend's Vow

Despise the coldness within me,

Hold my love anew,

Break the spirit that guides me,

But see my journey through.

Never stop or betray me,

Never take a second glance,

For innocence shan’t weary me,

Unless you take that chance.

You hold the trust within me,

My undying love for you,

You will always be a part of me,

No matter what you do.

For you melt the bitterness in me,

The evil that doesn’t belong,

You guide the light within me,

So I know when I do wrong.

Hence, I thank that you are there for me,

In everything I do,

You support and love and care for me,

And there is no one quite like you.

So notice the warmth within me,

A burning fire’s start,

As you see that you can trust in me,

For I love you with all my heart.


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