This is a fanfiction about Hunter Rowland..
No one is famous in this fanfic besides Parker, who is in a show for disney
You can picture me as looking like Rowan Blanchard.. (Sarah)
My twin brother is Tenzing Norgay Trainor (Parker)
I am always proud of myself, buti am always thinking of the others around me.. I live in NJ with my strict mother, and Parker..
My dad abandoned us when i was 8 for a unknown reason.. Well it is unknown to me and Parker.. My mom told my oldest college brother (Niall Horan) Niall why because she had to speak with someone..
As of now Parker is in Paris with a bunch of celebrities and their friends while my mom held me back from the trip..
A new family was moving in next door and my bestest friend Weston Koury and i were having our natural Saturday sleepover.. anyway,, read on to know everything.. Sorry im bad at describing books.. :/



I ride my, sparkly hot pink, hover board down the street texting Weston I'm coming over.. 

While I'm riding it I look up at the sky and finally make it to Weston's house.. i hop off my hover board hiding it on the porch behind the porch swing.. I readjust my, black duffle-like, bag and knock on the door 5 times and ring the doorbell once.. That was our thing that we did so our families know not to answer it..

I looked down at my outfit which was pajama shorts and a grey short-sleeved crop-top (Btw it is May).. I also wore my black boot/slippers..

I heard footsteps and see Weston open the door wearing black basketball shorts, white high socks and no shirt.. I smile at him and asked, "What is the schedule for today's sleepover?" 

He returns the smile and grabs my arm pulling me in. "Well.. I was thinking Netflix and chill?" He smirks as he finishes his sentence..

I gasp and pull my arm out of his group and i push him onto the couch and sit on his torso and said, "Yeah okay.. And i was thinking about buying a unicorn and riding it across the rainbow.."

He smiles at me and says, "Chill, i was joking.. Anyway.. I was thinking.. MOVIES AND JUNK FOOD!! I fall off him as he jumps up running to the kitchen.. I giggle to myself and walk to the kitchen and sit on the stool by the island. I smile as i see him grab things from the pantry and fridge and i see nutella and smile huge and squeal which made Weston turn to me and i blush saying.. "I saw the Nutella.." he rolls his eyes chuckling and i grab ahold of it and grab a spoon taking a dip moaning at the taste...

We sat on the couch checking through Netflix finding a movie.. We finally picked, "Footloose" This Footloose was the newest one.. As it loads I pull the blanket that was on the floor over us and lie my head on Weston's chest as i lay on top of him.... As the movie went on I slowly fell asleep.. Weston does aswell..

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