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Luke Hemmings is the new guy in school. Antisocial and mysterious, he does not seem to want anyone to know anything about him. But Valerie Hartley, a school newspaper journalist, is dared by her friends to investigate. At first, it seems like some harmless fun but it seems Luke's secrets run deeper and darker than Valerie could ever imagine.


1. The New Guy?

"Who's the new guy?" Ami asked me. We were sitting in the first class of the day, the teacher had left the room a few minutes ago and everybody was chatting. "What new guy?" I asked puzzled.

"Blondie, up in the back." She nodded her head in his general direction. I casually looked around. There was a new boy, he was wearing a long-sleeved black T-shirt, black jeans and baseball boots, nothing special. He was silently staring out the window. "No idea who he is." I bluntly said.

"What?" Ami asked surprised, "You're a school journalist and you don't know."

"Hey, I keep tabs on events in school, not newbies." I sighed. "When did he get here anyway."

"He's been here since this morning. Everyone's been talking about him. Have you seriously not been listening, Val?" Ami lectured. I ignored her little jab at me. "Strange..." I muttered, "Usually Mr Adan introduces the new students."


"I couldn't agree more Valerie!" Michael said, butting in.

"Don't eavesdrop!" Ami said, annoyed.

"I'm your friend, it's not called eavesdropping it's called socialising." Michael joked.

"Don't make me slap you!" She threatened. This only caused Michael to laugh. "But in all seriousness," he continued, "Why didn't he get the 'This is so-and-so, be nice to him' treatment?"

"I have been wondering that. I don't think his name was even called out when Mr Adan was doing the morning register." Ami said, tilting her head in thought. Her baby pink dyed hair fell across her face.


"What do you think Ms. Journalist? Has your interest been piqued?" Michael slyly asked, leaning in close. He knows I hate it when he invades my personal space. I pushed him away, messing his hair up in the process. He hates it when I do that, even though I would argue his hair is already a mess. I often describe it as a colour changing hedgehog especially seeing as he dyes it different colours almost weekly.

"For f..." I grunted, "Seriously!? I'm not interested in random gossip that floats around the school!" I like to think of myself as a 'professional journalist in training', "Plus we aren't allowed to write articles like that anyway." I added as well. That was something well established back in the beginning of the school newspaper. The teachers wanted to avoid students getting bullied over things.

Both Michael and Ami went quiet and raised and eyebrow at me. "Sorry." Said Michael, while fixing his hair back into is spiky style.

"It was unfair of us to assume that you..." Ami stopped.

"Assume what?" I frowned. I brushed my shoulder length, dark brown hair behind my ears. I know she was going to say something I won't like. She always stops like that when she's about to be offensive... Or if she wants something.


"Nothing." Michael said, his smile was so angelic, you could swear that you could see a halo above his head.

"Just tell me already." I demanded. The two slyly smirked.

"Well..." Ami slowly said, "It's not like you have the skills as a journalist to find out his name."

I twitched slightly in annoyance. "Finding out his name is easy, you could simply ask him." I responded coldly. What are these two up two?

"Exactly, but how easy would it be to find out his backstory? There are tones of rumours about him already! That's were your credibility as a journalist is put to test!" Ami said.

"Rumours?" I asked, I wasn't aware of rumours.

"I heard that he killed somebody. That's why he's here. To start a new life." Ami said.

"The story I heard is that he's involved in drug trading and he crossed someone so he's in hiding!" Michael said.

"Seriously?! What the hell? The guys been here for barely an hour and he's already a drug-dealing murderer!" I said in disbelief. People just make up anything so they can gossip.


"What is the point in this." Curiosity go the better of me. "He probably just moved. That's all. A normal story like every other person."

"Well if that's what you think...How about a challenge?" Michael put forward, excitement was clear in his voice. "Yes!"Ami added on, "How about you find out who he is and what his story is!?"

"And the point to this is...?" I trailed off. Ami and Michael were always trying to cause excitement in the school. A prime example was when they set fire to a desk in Chemistry class way back when we were younger. They were trying to do a small reaction. They'd hoped it would just go on fire a little but one spilt chemical and a knocked over Bunsen burner caused the school to be evacuated and the fire brigade to turn up to put the table out. They got out of trouble due to it technically being an accident.


And now they were probably going to try and set me up in one of their crazy excitement schemes.


"Everyone is curious about this new guy but there's a problem." Ami said.

"He won't talk to anyone." Michael said, "And I mean it. He either just ignores them completely or if you're lucky he might just tell you to leave him alone."

"Everyone has more or less given up on talking to him. So that's where we come in or really you." Ami added.

"Me?" I asked, "What can I do?"

"You are a journalist and probably the best one in the school paper at that. You've always been able to get the story out of anyone!" Ami said motivationally.

"Look I don't want to be involved, I don't want go about bothering some new guy who just so happens to be antisocial." I responded.

"Think of it this way, you might be able to disprove all those rumours about him." Michael said.

"And at this rate, he's not making many friends." Ami sighed, looking over at him. I couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for him but maybe he just prefers being alone.

"Why don't you guys do it?" I asked. If they're so interested, why are they wasting my time?

"We tried but we were both shot down before we had a chance," Michael said, shaking his head.

"Michael especially failed!" Ami taunted.

"I didn't even get a chance to say anything! Michael shot back,

"Exactly you just stood there looking like a goldfish!" Ami laughed. The two of them stood there bickering over my head. "Guys!" I interrupted, giving them my 'get to the point look'.

"Ah, well, the point is your one of the most persuasive people we know, so will you do it?"


The two of them looked like I had just killed their dreams. Until Michael got a certain look on his face. It's hard to describe but it basically can be called the 'I have an idea that you should worry about.' look. "How about we make a bet?" He asked.


Damn, I'm extremely competitive and I usually can't turn down something like this. "A bet?" I asked, trying to sound uninterested. Michael grinned, he knew he had caught me. "If you find out about the new guy you can ask us to do anything," He said.

"Yeah, like a favour or something!" Ami said, catching on.

"A favour? I can ask you to do anything?" I said thoughtfully. I intentionally grinned in a threatening way, staring at them with my russet brown eyes.

"Yes, within reason that is! Nothing dangerous or something we're incapable of!" Ami rushed to add after seeing my face. I pretended to be disappointed.

"But if we win..." Michael slowly said, "You have to go to Prom!"


What!? Ugh, they know I find prom ridiculous. People spend so much money on something so insignificant. I planned that I would just stay at home watching my favourite shows. I don't want to risk having to wear a ridiculous dress and being stuck in a situation I don't want to be involved in.

"There's no wa-" I was cut off.

"Chicken?" Ami asked, "Do you really have that little faith in your own journalism?"

I hate it when she does that. It always gets to me.

"Okay," I said without a hesitation. I sat back, crossing my arms, "You have a deal." Michael and Ami sat back in their chairs with a victorious smile. The door opened and Mr Adan walked in, "Sorry about that." He said and carried on with the class.


"By the way..." Ami whispered to me, "If we win, I'm doing your hair and makeup."

I looked at Ami, the girl with bright pink hair, pastel coloured makeup and rainbow nails, and internally screamed. I don't want to look like a cartoon rainbow!

"No way! You've got to be kidding!" I said.

"Ah, you can't back out now!" She taunted.

Sometimes I can really hate my friends. But it is my fault that I'm stuck in this situation, it's not like anything bad could really happen.






That's the first chapter has been completed. Hello, I'm the author of this movellas and I will be your guide. This is the introduction and the story really gets rolling next chapter. Feel free to leave a comment and I hope to see you in the next chapter! :3 ~>

(I'm fairly busy but I'll update as soon as I can.)

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