My Next Door Neighbor

Luke Hemmings:
*Band member
*My neighbor


1. Intro

 My name is Mariah Lahey pronounced (Lay-Hee)

Um I'm 16 and just moved to Sydney,Australia due to my parents divorcing, apparently my dad has some family here so this where I'll be living for awhile, and usually the kid goes to the mom but my mom says I'm too much of a trouble maker for her to handle, I was only like that with her cause she was a bad mom, she never spent any time with me, never paid attention to me, and was always drunk, but she paid attention to my older brother, he was always her favorite...

But I'm not that at least not that bad with my dad, so I guess it's kinda a good thing I'm with him, I'm kind of outgoing, I'm sarcastic, have black hair and green eyes and I guess that's all to really know about me

So today is my first day in Sydney....



Hi guys, so I decided I would make two versions of this, in the other one it's Michael instead of Luke and it's kind of different and I'll probably change the name but I'm not sure yet.... So yeah, just thought I'd let you guys know.........


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