When life gives you lemons...

A fanfiction...about lemons.


1. Chapter 1: A sour taste

Louis had always been different. All the other lemons were always so much brighter than he - they all had such radiant yellow skin, Louis' however, was more of a pale green. No-one else had black marks anywhere, but he did. No-one else had a dent in their side, but Louis did.

Very few lemon-folk wanted to be seen with him, those that did faced the same torture as him. He'd managed to persuade one girl to come with him to see "Zest-side story" once, but that had ended only in bitterness.

So it was not unusual to find Louis where he was now - drinking far too much at the bar. The bar had met with controversy a month or so ago, after it was discovered they used real lemons to decorate their cocktails. Business had halved overnight, but the few who cared more about drinks than about the underground lemon-slicing facility kept the company afloat.

Louis took a sip of his beer, then looked around. There was only one other lemon there and, much to his disappointment, it wasn't Lucy. Instead, there sat a wrinkled old drunkard, barely conscious. If he carried on like this, Louis knew he would end up the same way.

"Come on..." he whispered to himself, shifting his weight a little.

Lucy had arranged to meet him there tonight, but she was running late. He finished his drink in one long gulp and called for another - the liquid still running down his throat.

As the new drink arrived, Louis found a single piece of paper with it. After around ten minutes of careful nudging he managed to turn it over. Louis stared.


Want revenge?

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