Heart Break

I guess I just wanted this one by itself? Based on YamiBaki's prompt in "Let's Beat Writer's Block!"


1. Heart Break

The pain doesn't come from being wrong

He knew all along

She never gave her heart like he gave his

That was saved for his friend

But he loved her still

He loved her...until-


He loved her until his hands couldn't protect her

He loved her until he couldn't provide shelter

He loved her until- until...


He's not hurt because he couldn't have his queen

He doesn't break over such things

He is destroyed by the sight of her embracing the man

Who he always considered friend

He is shattered by her perfect gaze

Laying upon someone who strays

But even as he warns her of fickle lovers

There's nothing he could say to convince her


So his heart breaks as hers breaks, too

He knows the pain of loving someone who doesn't love you.

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