I'm Almost There

When 17 year old Asypn Irwin moves back with her brother and mother after an awful death of her father. she finds her self going through a romance or two, while trying to do what she loves. will she ever keep her life steady


1. Chapter 1 - A Funeral

It was a rainy afternoon in OceanSide NewYork, and I have never felt more depressed in my life.

I slowly walked towards my fathers grave, and got greeted along the way. With " I'm sorry for your loss." Or " it will get better."

Meanwhile it never did and nothing could bring my father back from the dead ,Not even God could promise my father back.

I looked at my father the last time.

I know why you left but why so soon..you knew I needed you and you just cowarded out. You leaving this world was a gift to everyone.

I slowly started walking up to the alter, I see both old and young faces looking at me then my father. The priest slowly moved out of the way to let me speak in front of the alter.

I stood tall in front of the alter, I looked down at many heads turning and crying.

I finally opened a page to my speech, I cleared my throat and began to speak.

" My father was great man, filled with many stories and adventures he always wanted to share with the world." I took a small break from talking and pulled out a necklace.

" He was also filled with thoughts and instresting things even being his daughter I have not herd today. But to help give people who don't know him as well as me a view of my father and his life, I am going to tell you one of the stories he has told me as a child."

I stood up tall and straight as the alter and began to speak once more, " My father told me many made up stories and never ones about himself. He would tell the story of Cinderella or Golide Locks and the three bears, but the story would never be the same he would always change it."

My mind started to flash back to my father when I was young and everything I ever said to him and he ever to me, came back.

" Daddy why don't you ever talk about mommy" 7 year old me asked as I jumped into bed

" Because honey, somethings are better left in the past." My father said as he kissed my head and started to tuck me in. "Now honey what story would you like to hear tonight?"

My mind started to race, sure the different versions of the stories he told me were fun. But I want different characters, something that actually happened.

" Can you tell me a story about mommy?" I asked my father.

He was obviously surprised I would ever ask that. " Are you sure you want to here a story about mommy?" My father asked as he kissed my forehead, I quickly nodded my head yes and smiled.

"Alrighty then, what do you want to hear?hmm..." It took him a while to think and then something clicked in his mind. " How about the story of how we meant?" I just smiled at him and winked, and that's when he began the story.

" Your mother was A gorgeous woman, with so much pride in every stride in her steps." I could see him imaging my mother and how she looked.

" The Story of how me and your mother meant was a good one. You see before me and your mother meant in the later years, we knew each in highschool."

I looked in aww at my father, for highschool was a whole other universe for me. Mainly because I was 7 years old and everything was an amazement to me. Even people eating would grab my attention.

He stopped for a few seconds, which made me push him to go on. " You see your mother ruled the school with her beauty, and once highschool was towards an end she applied to a collage. To stony brook collage, which just happened to be the collage I applied to also."

He started smiling almost as if he was in Ultimate daydream mode. " Well we both got aceapted and we were the only two kids from our school to go to stony brook, so we sort of leaned on each other for moral support."

"What happened after that daddy? I asked him as he leaned forward to touch my hand.

" Well me and mommy got closer, and the closer we got made us get married, and 2 years later you and Ashton popped out."

I laughed at him, " Daddy I love you."

" I love you too sweetie."


As I finished my story of my father I took a tiny break and then Began to speak again. " But now since he is gone, I was faced with a difficult desicon. I could either stay here in New York and build a life here, or I could leave and go live with my brother Ashton and Mother in Austaila back home."

I took a break in between words just to look up and see people's facial expressions, to maybe understand how they are feeling.

" After debating with myself for about a week, I finally have realized that I need more than myself for the last year before I become an independent. I need someone something to help me get on my feet again."

I paused one last time and then finally said it.

" And this is why I have chosen to move back in with my mother and brother Ashton back home........

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