Back in 2011 (5sos fan fiction)

13 year old Aaliyah Elliott finds herself waking up in 2011, at that time she was supposed to be 9 but she is still 13 years old, then she realizes something that she will never forget.


11. 卌

      Calum has been playing bass and Michael has been in the band for a while now. I smile as I see Michael and Luke laughing. I walked over to them and said, "Well, I was right you guys don't hate each other now." They both laugh. "Yea I guess we're good with each other now." Michael says. We then decide to upload a cover, together, as a band. All the fans actually really like Michael like they are supposed to. I make sure that since today is August 17th, 2011 we do a cover of rolling in the deep. We then finish the cover then I realize the next one is Teenage Dirtbag and we still don't have Ashton. I think about how I'm supposed to get Ashton to join the band. So I tell Luke, Michael and Calum that I'm going home and then leave so I can think about how to get Ashton.

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