Back in 2011 (5sos fan fiction)

13 year old Aaliyah Elliott finds herself waking up in 2011, at that time she was supposed to be 9 but she is still 13 years old, then she realizes something that she will never forget.


1. 卌

      I wake up from a dream that seemed to be about the longest dream ever and I was feeling very odd. "Was it really a dream?" "Because it feels like how I did in 2011, only I'm still 13." I thought to myself. I decided to just go with it and look up 5 Seconds Of Summer videos like I would normally do. I opened my laptop, not even bothering to look at the date and searched "5 Seconds Of Summer" "No results" That moment I knew something was wrong and without even knowing I was looking up "hemmo1996" and my stomach dropped so much, I almost threw up. All I saw was "Please dont go (cover) Mike Posner." "Uploaded 1 minute ago" 

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