The Same Story For Different Fools (Loki Fanfiction)

Winter's a deranged Nightmare from the dead world, Daxidaille. After a child named Loki steals her Power incarnated into a stone, she finds herself caught up in the mishaps of Asgard and its people in her attempts to retrieve the treasure, and discover what 'home' really means. This story contains all characters in the Thor franchise, and DOZENS of complex stories running wildly in the background to provide interest and new characters. Enhanced AU of the entire Thor series (VERY enhanced)


5. The Second Stone


1,551 years ago


 Beneath the closed haven of her sheltering fingertips, the spinning web of Madness's manifested power compressed cunningly into not one, but two stones. Deliberately, Madness rolled the rounded, electric stone into her good sleeve. Madness took a moment to savor the delicious sensation of her prized Power grazing her skin, leaving trails of electricity neither pleasurable nor painful, before she opened her hands with a flourish and directed a grin Atdis's way.

 It was time to put on a show.

 Tumbling through the roaring air wildly, Madness withdrew her hidden stone from her tattered sleeve with her right hand. Expertly, Madness clutched the rounded stone firmly in hand as she raised her hand above her head. Spreading the fingertips of her left hand, Madness stretched the reality of the world before her loosely before sinking her nails into the very fabric of the world without compassion or mercy, holding the writhing thing still.

 Power crackled through the air as Madness slammed the stone through the pinched cloth of the world. The forceful movement split a wide, fraying, unseen hole through the entire fabric; sending Madness's body tumbling through.

 The first sensation that assaulted the disoriented woman, that she could discern, was the rather abrasive feeling of getting bitch slapped in the face by a tree branch. In a brutal attempt to slow her fall, twigs, branches, and heavier limbs ripped at the quickly falling form with clutching and bloodied fingers. This was all well and good, Madness considered quickly, that was, until a particularly stern and stubborn branch snagged her ankle in the fall and simply refused to let go.

 The pained scream that ensued was hardly heard over the rather impressive cracking noise that the shattered bone provided gruesomely as the incredibly stubborn branch hung Madness upside down in its refusal to release her ankle. Unsurprisingly, the pain loosened Madness's grip, prompting her numb fingertips to drop her Power onto the crunching grass just out of reach below. Rolling restlessly, the stone placed itself happily at the rather peculiarly decorated feet of a standing woman a single pace away.

 Gold was the first thing that Madness saw as her vision cleared. The crime of bright, audacious, glistening gold.

 She'd never liked the color.

 And she certainly didn't like the offensive shade when it was placed in apples, of all things. Even if they were placed in a rather fascinatingly woven basket.

 Wait, Madness frowned suddenly, her brow furrowing slowly as realization dawned on the subject wild sight set before her, What?

 Blankly, Madness stared at the woman that, to her swaying view, was upside down and at eye level. The stranger, in Madness's opinion, was a petite little thing. Were the two women to stand beside one another in a good natured comparision, Madness hadn't the slightest idea of a doubt that Madness wouldn't tower over the thin little picture easily. Balanced peculiarly upon her hip was a rather large, flat basket, filled generously with gleaming golden apples.

 Yech. Madness grimaced, pulling her lips back in a disgusted wince. Disgusting.

 The woman's hair fell in simple woven braids to her waist in golden locks, a rather pleasing sight, in Madness's opinion. Or, it would have been, had the shade dressing it been, well, anything other than gold. A crown of twisted, green leaves decorated her head in simplistic beauty, a stark contrast to the flowing white dress that was so entirely angelic and modest that it nearly strangled the woman at the same time as its long hem attempted to catch beneath her graceful feet and throw her into the dirt.

 Poor little thing, Madness thought fondly in compassion, Such a cute little picture of a woman, even despite the gold! Why, she's cute!-

 “Fillern!” The woman swore quickly, staggering backwards in shock as she spilled more than a few apples in the quick and erratic movement.

 “Baluitic!” Madness swore just as loudly as the woman before her had bellowed. “You have a rather unfortunate voice.” Madness concluded, shaking her head to clear the loud ringing within her ears, or at least tried to for a single moment before she gave up, and simply held out her hands calmly to the babbling woman. In a panicked voice, the blonde woman prattled on and on in a wild language that Madness could not decipher.

 The language, in Madness's opinion, was a rather unflattering one.

 Groaning softly, Madness pressed her thumb and index fingers between her lips before whistling sharply, “Oi! Faevi! Listen here!” Madness exclaimed over the nonsense the other woman was spouting, “I just have to find the right language! Okay? Okay. You speak'n Greek?” Madness guessed, “I know Greek. Been a while since I heard Greek, but I know it..” Quietly, Madness considered the continued rambling for a moment, before heaving a deep sigh of frustration, “No? That doesn't sound Greek..” She concluded in disappointment.

 “Ah, Echit.. Alright,” She supposed finally, holding out her hands in a gesture of calm the fuck down, “cheap, slippery, trickery route it is. That stone, there, hand it here.” Madness demanded, gesturing deliberately to the polished stone just out of her dangling hand's reach.

 The blonde stranger stubbornly continued to prattle and argue with Madness in nonsense, gutteral words. Steadily, her voice raised with alarm, as if simply speaking louder would dissappate the language barrier. “Faevi!” Madness bellowed sharply, swaying slightly from the force of the outburst, “Listen here!”

 “Quit panicking Faevi! I.  Just. Need. That. Stone. Right. There.” Madness clarified bluntly, before groaning miserably upon noting the empty look within the other woman's eye, “You know what, Faevi? I've got it.” Madness decided, shaking her head as she outstretched her arm to the stone just barely out of reach with a stretched grimace, “I'll just gnaw off my own leg. It'll be faster.”

 Blinking as if an idea had suddenly dawned upon her, the blonde woman plucked the stone from before her feet and gently placed the trinket in Madness's bloodied palm. Immediately, Madness plucked at the strings of Power woven into the stone, and imbued herself with whatever the hell language the other woman was speaking.

 “Can you understand me?”

 “Can you understand me?”

 Both women blinked as the other spoke in perfect sync to each other. The two of them promptly decided that they didn't particularly enjoy the odd little trick of their mouths very much.

 “I can understand you!”

 “I can understand you!”

 Madness opened her mouth sharply to protest promptly, the same instant that a blonde little boy dashed from behind some other tree that didn't have a Nightmare hanging from it. Clutching a sharpened stick in hand, the odd little child took to beating Madness against the head with it. Scowling, Madness dropped the stone from her dominant hand without a thought, catching the stick in an ill tempered and firm fist.

 “What the Hell do they teach the children here?” Madness demanded sharply as she tore the stick from the lesser grip of the little boy. He was, after all, just a little boy. “This is ridiculous. Let me point out why, Vivoy, before you repeat yourself so foolishly. I have had a very long, very painful day. Hitting others three times your size, who happen to be bruised, bloodied, and mad, with a twig is a dangerous, dangerous act.” Madness warned venomously, her marred features pulled back in malice.

 “Told you.” A second boy, a smaller, dark haired one muttered to the blonde as he stepped into Madness's line of sight. How many Vivoyin were BEHIND that tree?

 “Not now, Loki!” The blonde boy snapped sourly at his companion before turning to Madness in a childish temper, “I am not Vivoy! I am Thor! The eldest son of Odin!” He informed as if his heritage truly mattered.

 “Vivoy means child. Are you not a child, Thor?”

 “Er.. I uh..” Thor blinked, flushing brightly as he stammered over his own tongue, “Who are you?” He decided, puffing his chest slightly as he attempted to take charge of the situation determinatedly, “What are you doing here?”

 What a cute little thing he was! Madness fawned silently, a pleased grin touching her features smugly, After he was disarmed, that was.

 “Depends on where 'here' actually is.” Madness dodged, swaying slightly from her ankle as she produced mocking air quotes with her free hands.

 “Asgard, of course.” Thor scoffed as if such was simple, common knowledge. “You didn't answer my question! Answer me now!”

 What's an Asgard? Madness considered in bafflement before directing a disapproving look Thor's way. “You get your way entirely too often, huh?” She considered with a disapproving look.

   Loki grinned under his breath at the comment, his smaller shoulders shaking slightly with withheld laughter as he plucked the stone from the soil. “Oi! That, that is mine.” Madness informed curtly, directing a seething glare to the dark haired boy before her. Rolling the stone in his careful fingers, Loki observed Madness with interested eyes, “Is it, really?” He prompted mock innocently.

 “What do they teach you children here?” Madness scolded in disdain, baring her teeth in disgust, “You're all little vagabonds and thieves! That is my stone. A gift from my son, Archeon, if you must know. Give it here.”

 “Why would your son give you a rock?” Loki inquired, rolling the stone within his palms ignorantly. Apparently, the natives of this.. Asgard. Couldn't feel Nightmare Power.

 It was the first thing to go right, in nearly five hundred years.

 Hopefully, her astounding streak of luck would hold up.

 “Why would a random little boy want to steal a rock?”

 “You're not answering the question. Again.” Loki retorted.

 “You're really very insistent.” Madness insisted.

 “You're making a habit of avoiding the question.” Loki accused.

 “This isn't an interrigation.” Madness corrected sternly.

 “But you've got to answer us! We're the princes of-” Thor started before stopping suddenly under Madness's ill amused look. By Tasaria this one got his way much too often.

 “Oh, be quiet now. Go do something productive, like picking up those apples. You ever try picking up something in a dress that length? It's hell. Get those damn apples for the nice lady.” Madness blinked upon realizing her not so vulgar swear, wincing softly as she considered the number of children present. “Oops. Err. Heck, and Darn.” She corrected the swear beneath the seething glare of the blonde woman.

 Thor breathed a sigh of irritation before reluctantly turning to the blonde woman, plucking the spilled apples from the damp soil and placing them back in the basket (having to stand upon the tops of his toes to do so) as he spoke to the woman (primarily to ask her what it WAS like to wear such a long dress and try to pick something up).

 As it turned out, the woman's name was Idun.

 “As for you, Loki.” Madness grunted as she pulled herself upwards, clutching at the snapping branches to gain height and leverage, “Archeon gave me that stone as a charm for protection the day I left on a very heroic adventure that consisted primarily of retrieving a stolen item of legendary proportion.” She explained, lifting her broken ankle from the crook within the stubborn branch.

 It was rather conveniant she couldn't feel a thing, Madness considered, most Nightmares had once tended to do such after any major injury had been sustained. It provided a certain.. Charm, to the combat.

 A certain ruthlessness.

 “Sweet boy, really, I couldn't just tell him no.”

 “You're lying.” Loki accused bluntly.

 Madness's fingers slipped, dumping the woman unceremoniasly onto the ground. Groaning, Madness directed a baffled look to the dark haired child in wide eyed shock, “… You can tell?”


Definitions -

Old Norse Swears;

Fillern - A very, VERY tame version of Faen, an extremely common curse. Faen means 'The Devil', and it's used generally about in the same context as 'Damn' to modern people. This swear is so tame, that it can be said around children, mothers, grandmothers, it's kinda like saying 'heck' instead of hell.


Nightmarish Vocabulary;

Baluitic - An incredibly vulgar swear involving three goats, a barrel, and five very open minded women.

Faevi - An intimate endearment referring the subject as 'My Desirable'

Echit - A shockingly vulgar swear expressing frustration, translated, it means 'The world's burning while we talk' It generally mentions something more interesting happening elsewhere.

Vivoy / Vivoyin - As Madness explained, Vivoy means Child. What she did not mention, however, is that it is a term of endearment, translating to 'Child not to be harmed'. As Nightmares often eat their offspring, this term is rarely said and means a lot. Vivoyin is the plural form of this word.

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