The Same Story For Different Fools (Loki Fanfiction)

Winter's a deranged Nightmare from the dead world, Daxidaille. After a child named Loki steals her Power incarnated into a stone, she finds herself caught up in the mishaps of Asgard and its people in her attempts to retrieve the treasure, and discover what 'home' really means. This story contains all characters in the Thor franchise, and DOZENS of complex stories running wildly in the background to provide interest and new characters. Enhanced AU of the entire Thor series (VERY enhanced)


3. The Lost Art of Spooning

The first few hours in the club consisted mainly of Winter reordering the same drink, of which she couldn't even recall what it was ORIGINALLY, and Loki sampling every drink the bar had available; all to come to the glorious conclusion that they were all 'not even remotely as good as mead'.


By the twentieth glass, Winter was starting to sway slightly in her seat while Loki remained completely stationary and had an obnoxious tendancy to observe her with amusement. Damn Asgardians, Winter cursed sourly, drinking alcohol like it's water since birth.


“I know that woman.” Loki concluded loudly. And although his handsome voice bellowed at an astonishing volume, he was hardly heard over the deafening roar of the pounding music the club was all too pleased to blast.


It was as if the club's management couldn't fathom that the song 'Call Me Maybe' was outdated, pitchy and frankly obnoxious to hear it the third time in a row.


Who knew?


“That's the creepiest pick up line I've ever heard.” Winter informed bluntly, raising her nearly emptied drink to the air in a mock toast. “And that's saying a lot. I've heard a good number.” Chuckling softly, Winter gestured grandly to the mentioned woman with her free hand. “Go on. Go tell her it.” She dared him tauntingly before bringing the glass to her lips and finishing the drink in a single swallow.


Oddly, behind the burn of the alcohol the concoction tasted of raspberries, of all things.


“Should be hilarious. Even from all the way back here.” Winter concluded, lowering the glass with a wolfish grin stretching across her features.


“I do know her,” Loki defended pointedly, stopping for a moment to eye Winter's drink with distaste, “She's one of my Lokeans.” He informed bluntly, his very expression changing on a dime as delight replaced disgust in every mentioned word upon the new subject of the, 'Lokeans'.


“Is that your new nickname for your brood?” Winter guessed bluntly, swaying slightly as she placed the empty glass upon the bar with a solid thud. “Because it fits.” She informed with a slightly drunken grin thrown Loki's way.


“I don't have a brood.” Loki dismissed adruptly, shifting his gaze from the Lokean as if the rudimentary architecture of the club suddenly fascinated him the moment that she happened to throw a glance his way.


There wasn't much to look at, int Winter's opinion. A bar lined one side of the room, the great slab of polished stone played the role of the counter, lined with sleek, modern looking stools to one side, and a wall filled to the brim with various alcohols closed tightly upon the other. The dance floor across the room was a blur of odd, variously unflattering dance moves, that consisted mainly of wild haired women scaring the hell out of far younger men by trying to appear sexy.


The blue haired one was going to give her nightmares, Winter concluded with a stunned expression as her own gaze mistakingly wandered across the room. Terrifying.


“How many children do you have? Exactly?” Winter inquired playfully, as she absently pivotted on her stool to face Loki for a moment before she turned her shining eyes to stare bluntly at the brightest light available.


Hoping to sear that horrific image from behind her eyes.


Loki's brow furrowed and his lips moved as if mouthing the hundred different names of his offspring as he attempted to count the number of his children in a comedic fashion. “… I may have a brood.” He concluded jokingly, raising his hands with a small span between his open palms to demonstrate minor size, “A small one.”


“Che,” Winter breathed between her teeth in mock disbelief, “A small one, he says..” She scolded jokingly before she gestured grandly to the reluctant bar keeper to refill her drink. The bar keeper eyed Winter's state with an experianced and weathered eye. Upon concluding that avoiding her venomous glare was worth at least one more drink, he wisely refilled the mysterious concoction in Winter's grip.


“Lokeans are modern humans who follow Norse mythology.” Loki declared boastfully, raising his own drink to his lips with a smug grin drawn across his handsome features. Swallowing once, Loki's pride shifted to complete disgust upon tasting the flavor of the drink and he quite simply found that he couldn't rid himself of the glass fast enough. “Myths and legends about yours truly in particular.” He finished before wincing at the memory of the foul taste of the alcohol as his mind slipped from the prideful matter. “That is rancid.” Loki concluded firmly, directing a seething glare to the drink.


This was, unsurprisingly, much to the distaste of the barkeeper just behind the counter, who threw his arms upwards and stormed out of the place, taking care to slam the club's door behind him.

“You just chased my incredibly handsome provider of alcohol away.” Winter scolded, lifting her refilled drink to her lips with a mock sigh of misery before indulging his favored topic with a soft grin twitching across her features. “And, how is it you know about Lokeans, anyway?” She inquired coyly over the lip of her drink.


How is it I COULDN'T?Loki shot back arrogantly, pleased for a single instant before noting Winter's thirst for the mysterious drink. Breathing a sigh of frustration through his teeth, Loki pointedly laid his fingertips upon the lip of the drink, lifting it easily from Winter's unimpressed grip. Eyeing the contents of the glass for a moment, Loki's lips curled up in a disgusted sneer, “This,” He concluded, holding the drink out at arm's length, “Is a poor substitute for mead.”


“You are being VERY rude to my drink.” Winter bluntly informed, leaning forward in her seat slightly as she crossed her aggravated arms before her low cut dress in intoxicated annoyance. “I think you owe it an apology.” Winter glared curtly, tilting her head slightly in challenge as her eyes narrowed further. Loki regarded Winter's expression for a long moment calculatingly before he made a point to pour the drink's contents into the floor behind the counter.


Oops. It spilled.” Loki lamented.


Winter chuckled dryly, shaking her head loosely as she turned her gaze towards Loki with ill amusement, “It's almost like you're cross with me, Loki.”


Who, me? Be cross at you for making more of an effort to accustom yourself with the rancid flavor of Midgardian drinks, than to return to Asgard?” Loki mocked a shocked expression, making a point of dropping his jaw and widening his eyes mockingly before a huge grin spread crookedly across his features and ruined the game. “How unlike me.”


Winter stood, smiling sweetly as she brought her own features a hair's width from Loki's. “I'm not going back.” She informed with a soft, tantalizing breath, a coy smile playing across her features. “Stop asking, lovely, it makes you look desperate.” She advised plainly.


“Who's asking?” Loki grinned pleasantly, eyes gleaming with the pride of a child who just got their way. “Go play with your Lokean.” Winter dismissed slyly as she slid past Loki's form with a slippery grin, making a point of snatching the drink before she disappeared into the thrumming mass of the dance floor.


Winter pointedly ignored that the drink she now held in her hand was decidedly rather similar to Asgardian Mead and tasted nothing of raspberries.




This isn't going well, Loki concluded with a frown, his brow creasing as he attempted to rework his grand plan around the sudden, unfortunate, change in events.


I HATE when things don't go well.


It doesn't even make sense, he thought bitterly, sharp barbs of annoyance piercing the statement generously, It shouldn't be this hard to persuade her to return!


Midgard doesn't exactly offer much. Aside from rush hour traffic and horrific music.


Other than that wide array of delicacies, Loki was at a loss for any other reason anyone would indulge a single visit to the ever-changing world. Let alone spend more time there than Asgard.


“Hello,” LilithMae, Loki added the name to himself, holding back a knowing smile as he approached the familiar woman who spent her time guarding her drink at the bar's counter with a bored look about her. As usual, her gaze slipped over the world as if seeing another one entirely, and grinning crookedly to herself, she seemed quite delighted by the stories that the said world told her.


“Hey! You look a bit familiar!” LilithMae exclaimed, grinning wolfishly at the prospect as she gestured to Loki's face with a slightly tanned hand, “No really! You look just like-”


Loki grinned with relief to hear his old friend recognized him, excitedly, he interrupted smoothly with a prideful, “I am Loki of Asgard, and-”


LilithMae's face fell, her almond shaped dark brown eyes filling quickly with suspicious and distrust. “-Tom Hiddleston.” Her charcoal lipstick clad lips finished her initial statement bluntly.


Suddenly the picture of annoyance, LilithMae shot Loki a seething glare as she rested her hands upon her hips, I'm LilithMae, of Not Buying Your Bullshit. You wanna pose as Loki, huh?” She inquired rhetorically, crossing her arms over her loose black tank top reading 'We're All Mad Here' in white cursive. Upon the inside of one of her forearms rested a twisting tattoo of Jorgumand devouring his own tail. “Then who's Sigyn?”


“Pardon?” Loki frowned in puzzlement observing the shorter woman with baffled interest. “I realise I may look different now than a few centuries ago-”


“Who's Sigyn?” LilithMae pressed, leaning forward slightly in annoyance. “Geez, you really didn't think this ruse through, huh?” The woman's stature switched as amusement flew across her features, the rustle of shifting cloth was drowned out by the pounding music filling the air as her frilled knee length skirt adjusted over her black combat boots.


“Who was Sigyn supposed to get married to before Loki tricked her?” LilithMae continued mercilessly, tucking a loose strand of her immensely long, unruly hair behind her ear, “Don't know that one either, huh? How about an easy one, huh?” She goaded, “Name one of Loki's children.”


“Ha!” Loki beamed excitedly, “Now that I can do!”


“-With Sigyn.”


“… I'm beginning to think that you've made this 'Sigyn' up so that I will fail these questions.”




“So,” Winter breathed, leaning forward in her new perch further down the bar's counter. Her cheeks were still flushed from the sudden spell of dancing, added considerably with an astounding amount of alcohol, “Let me get this straight..” Winter smiled crookedly as she brought her newly ordered drink to her lips, her grin widening as she regarded the truth Loki had informed her so shortly of.


“She threw a spoon at you.”


“What's shocking is that there was no cutlery anywhere nearby.”


“It must have been in her drink, then.”


“You'd think so, but no.”










“.. Well,” Winter concluded, frowning in puzzlement as she considered the tale,That's impressive.” She informed with an intoxicated laugh before throwing down the entire glass in one swallow.


What are you drinking NOW?” Loki scowled, taking in the appearance of Winter's empty drink with a glare.


Winter frowned curiously as she turned the empty glass to meet her swaying gaze, trying to recall what the hell the bubbling red concoction WAS exactly. “… I don't honestly know.” Winter concluded after a long moment.


“Tastes like coke, though.” She informed boldly.


It's not even remotely as good as mead.”


Again with the mead!” Winter exclaimed, rocking in her chair slightly from the force of the outburst. Shocked, Winter threw an uncoordinated hand outward, clutching at the counter to stop her fall. The unstable action, of course, only made things worse.


Loki heaved a dramatic breath as he placed a steadying hand on the top of Winter's head, his spread fingertips tangling in her loose hair as he halted the fall simply.


Unimpressed, Winter huffed as she looked up bluntly at Loki's hand in disagreement of its neccessity. If you want to ask me a question, you better ask it outright. I'm not feeling particularly sober.”


I can tell.” Loki informed condescendingly as he took a seat beside her, pointedly not removing his hand, “You have the alcohol tolerance of a child!” He scolded in amusement.


Damn Asgardians, Winter thought groggily, drinking alcohol like it's water since birth.


“Go on.” Winter scoffed, knocking his hand from her head with an uncoordinated gesture, “Insult the drunk woman. Picture of classiness, that is.” Turning her waning attention towards the new barkeeper who's shift had just started, Winter waved the man over with a boisterous laugh. “Oi! You! Liquor boy!”


“Where you runnin' to?” Winter's brow furrowed in drunken confusion as the man turned on his heel and made for the exit, “Get your scrawny ass back here! I'm not finished drinking yet!”


“Shouted like a true Asgardian.” Loki mocked, leaning backwards in thought as he assessed the prime opportunity that presented itself before him. “Well, there is a benefit to your drunken state.” Loki thought aloud, a sly grin stretching across his features cunningly, “You're much more likely to answer the hard questions that you tend to avoid sober.”


“I'm not drunk!” Winter insisted.


“What's your name?”


Winter paused a long moment as she scoured her memory for such an intricate detail. It didn't help that she had a fair number of the damn things.


“…. Chimonas.” Winter declared, grinning pleasantly as the very sound of the name tasted rather familiar upon her tongue. That HAD to be it.


“Well, you proved me wrong.” Loki informed with a slow, unimpressed blink, “If you were actually drunk,” He starting cunningly, leaning forward in his seat with a weighted sigh,You may have actually explained why you got yourself banished from Asgard.” Loki lamented mournfully, directing a sorrow filled glance towards Winter in a hefty depression,I was so interested in the answer.”


“Oh, come on, you're not that daft!” Winter confided drunkenly, swayed noticably by the dramatics of the incredibly saddened man before her, “You've got to know it's because-” She blinked in distraction, taking in Loki's appearance with a hazed mine. “The edges of the scarf are showing.” She informed.


Loki hissed between his teeth in withheld frustration as he threw a dismissive glance towards the 'scarf's' frayed edges that peeked out from beneath the coat. Of all the things..


“You were in the middle of a thought.” Loki prompted helpfully as he tucked the edges of the cloth away. “Because why?”


“Betcha you tried to correct the lie after I left!” Winter boasted with a wide grin, as if it were a true triumph she managed the simple sentence, “Even though I practically shouted at you not to! Didn't work out, huh?” She inquired rhetorically, her drunk grin stretching upon the pleasing idea. “Guess people think you're a liar when you lie to 'em too often. Who knew?”


“You knew I couldn't fix it when you claimed credit. You knew it was irreversible.” Loki condemned, dropping the facade of misery as his eyes gleamed with a dangerous curiousity. “You did it anyway. Tell me why.”


“Don't blame yourself! Everyone saw me with that snake, hours before the event.” She continued, oblivious to Loki's irritation, “Everyone knew that you spent more time in my company than you should have, so you'd have more of an interest to take credit for something I'VE done.” She added, nodding her head in agreement to her own words, “You're, let's face it, the God of Deceit and Lies to the old humans.. And, to top it all off, I got there first.” Winter declared boldly, lying a proud hand over her heart in triumph, “My story was the first one Odin heard. And that's-” she raised her drink in victory, a dry smile twitching across her lips as the full realization of her words reached her drunken mind, “the only one that counts.”


“I know how you did it. I want to know why.” Loki insisted, removing the spilling glass from Winter's waning grip. Winter was a particular drunk, in Loki's experience. She acted sober until a certain number, then spilled the wildest of tales and secrets (And she had quite the number of them) on every drink past.


Interestingly, Winter could not recall anything from such a point or onwards. Providing the perfect time to wrestle the truth from her tight grip. Any more alcohol, however, Loki concluded, and it was likely she'd-


A slam filled the air as Winter's head fell limply forward, pounding weightedly onto the bar's counter in unconcious defeat.


-Pass out.


“…. You have the alcoholic tolerance of a child.” Loki stated bluntly as he lifted Winter's drink to his own lips, shifting the alcohol within into a fine mead.


*A/N cameos as LilithMae in this chapter! Primarily because cameos kick start my sluggish muses >XD Also, it was funny as hell.

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