Blooming Death

When a artistic psychopathic murderer kills the headmaster in the middle of a graduation ceremony, Sean luckily escapes and now spends the rest of his life running. Will he be caught or will he find freedom?


3. Hiding in the Dark

It had been 2 months since the incident at the ceremony, but never did I stop running and hiding. Only stopping to rest and to eat. I still haven't seen a sign to say if Rama is near or not. I walked up the street, my feet tired and weary. I stopped to take a breath and looked up at the sky, clouds began to form. I sighed, another rainy day. As I finished the thought, the rain began to fall. I looked around searching for some shelter. I saw a big tree with a dry patch underneath it. I walked over there despite the rain. As I stood still, water began to drip of my uniform and hair. The rain became heavier and heavier, soon the tree wouldn't do much. I got bored so I examined the tree. Strange, what's a willow tree doing on the side of the road? And why does it have a face? Wait, a face? A willow tree? Oh shit, I immediately scanned my surroundings, looking for a clue. There. A snow white rose on the ground, turning into a bright pink? The rose went from snow white to bright pink and then to blood red. And then it exploded. Ignoring the rain the pink mist spread without thinking. I sprinted off into the heavy rain, I didn't care anymore. I had to run before anything bad would happen. I saw a figure up ahead at the crossroad, pointing a gun at me. Without hesitating I rolled to my left, seeing a blue bolt speed past my right. Too close, way too close. "Ah, bravo Sean, bravo". I heard Rama say through the rain. "How do you know my name?!" I questioned.

"Oh I know everything about you, let's say I did some research while you were on the run".

"Were you following me the entire time?!"

"Yay you figured it out, about time you found out though". I started to run away. "No point in running Sean, I will always be right behind you, you can't run forever you know". Rama taunted me as I ran through the heavy rain. I didn't look back, I knew he was still there watching me run. Watching me hide in the dark. That's what I'm doing. Hiding in the dark.



Hello readers! Beerbarrel here to give you another chapter, I hoped you liked it. (You better like it or else..). Again just letting you all know feedback is welcome and if you see a problem in this chapter please let me know. See you all next chapter!

-the beerbarrel

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