the closet

This book is about a haunted house and the girl, Emmy, thought she was safe until.....


1. The New House

Im Emmy. Im from Boston and my family and I are moving to California to be with my aunt. "I wish we weren't moving mom" I said. "We want like it there." I could tell she wasn't listening "Is everyone ready?" She said. "Mom, did you even here me" I said with frustration. "What is it Emmy?" "I dont wanna go. I wanna stay here. Everyone will hate it in Cali and you know it!" "Stop arguing with your mother Em. Were moving and that's final!" My dad said carrying a box out to the moving truck. "Honey you just have to understand that your aunt is dying and we need to be with her for as long as possible before she's gone." My mom said. "Mom! Mom! Can we go yet!?" My little brother said as we were packing up the last things. "See Em? Colby is happy. Why aren't you?" "I grew up in this house, mom. Were just leaving our memories behind." I said with tears in my eyes. "Are we ready guys?" My dad said. "Yes. Were coming." I got into the car and took one last look at my childhood home. That was the last time I was see it again.

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