Brother's Best Friend

Ok so hi, I'm Lucy Star McVey.. yes I'm James McVey's little sister im currently 18 years old and my mum is letting me go on world tour with my brother and his band. I like the music my brother's band produces but I like different stuff. But yeah so I have to go and pack but yeah.. bye.


1. Lucy's P.O.V

Ok so Hi there I'm Lucy Star McVey. Yes I'm James McVey's little sister, we are super close since we are only 3 years apart in age. Ever since we were younger we would always be doing things together until he turned about 17. James wanted to persue a music career. He was looking for a few other boys on the internet to form a band, and lucky enough for my brother he found 3 guys to make a band. They have become really famous in the past few years and I haven't seen James in about 2 years because of him on tours and me being in Highschool. So that's how it all started.

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