Me And You

Me and you


1. Me And You


I can hear it,
The trumpets playing their song,
Of love and compassion,
Of burning desire and undying passion. 

Its as if they know,
Love is in the air,
Floating through the clouds adrift,
Without a care. 

Carrying a rythm that can only be heard,
When two hearts are meant as one,
That stand out more than any other,
Meant for one another.

Me and you.

I can hear it playing,
Its tune is so beautiful,
And carrys on,
In a love song.

It touches my heart,
My wings are born,
An I soar,
Hes waiting for me.

Together we will fly,
In the blue clear sky,
With our hearts in sync,
in perfect harmony. 

I have seen you in my dreams,
I have touched your skin with my own,
Tasted your lips on mine,
Time after time.

I have seen your smile,
Have seen your heart,
And I see light shinning brightly,
Its so blinding. 

But I know its right.
You're one of a kind,
With a pure heart, soul and mind,
An your all mine. 

Cupid must have hit me with a arrow,
Because im falling to fast,
Will it last?
This love so true?

This beautiful picture of me and you?

The future is untold,
But somehow I know,
We were meant to be together,
We were meant as one. 

And so only love can grow,
As the years continue to come,
An though we wont know the outcome,
We will face it head on.

Me and you...

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