Deadpool and the X- men

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, huh. Not in this case though. The X-Men are the enemy of venom and so is deadpool... but they're not exactly friends.


1. Origin Story Time!

Hi, I'm sure you all know me- but if you don't, then call me Deadpool! If you don't know anything about me then I'll tell you my backstory...

Wade Wilson (aka me), was born with cancer as a child. He knew that he was gonna die soon enough so... he saw this guy who could help him! (Whoop, whoop, I obtained a friend!) I can't remember the guy's name but it was something like Ajax. Mr Wilson was sent to this factory place (sorry, but I'm still gonna talk in third person if you like it or not, which you probably don't like. What did you say? "Deadpool, get back to the story already!"? Because I am getting back to it.)

Anyway, so he was in the factory thing and saw Ajax. He was like 'Mr Wilson, please take a seat,' but Wade hated being called Wilson so he was like 'Don't call me "Wilson", A hole!' See what I did there... anyone, no it's just me and as you can tell, I'm gonna speak in first person for now on cause things might get a little complicated. Also, you might have guessed already but I LOVE origin stories!!! 

Ajax placed me in this seat so I sat down, but suddenly, these reddish chains moved towards my arms and legs. They were reddish because they were hot and they were burning me- especially  my arms. 'Ahhhhh,' I screamed as the chains almost burned my arms and legs off. 'I thought this could cure my cancer!' 

'Oops,' Ajax explained, 'I thought you told me to torture you!

'I PAYED FOR THIS, YOU PIECE OF CRAP!' I mean, I did pay one hundred dollars  for this

as I thought it would cure my cancer ; I was wrong. 


'I'm sorry Mr Wilson, but I really have to go now,' Hacksaw told me.
'DON'T CALL ME WILSON!!!!' I screamed. I really was gonna get my arms burnt off if I stayed there any longer. 

Hacksaw got some explosives and set the timer for one minute 'Just enough time to leave!' He told himself- or he might have told me, I didn't really know. Struggling to get out, I found a knife on the floor that would break the chains off my arms or legs. "Uh oh," I thought as I could see the timer, it was on five seconds. 0:04, 0:03, 0:02, 0:01, BOOM!!!

Outside the factory, Acsaw ( yes Acsaw, the hacksaw joke just got old ) had a phone call to make. ' Woody, it is done, get the helicopter ready for take off at 7:00pm,' but the thing was that I wasn't actually dead ; the chains fell off me in the explosion and somehow I had survived. 'My cuts and burns, they're gone,' I told myself. Somehow I had survived and all of my wounds had either gone or were slowly going away. 

After that I found that I had a healing factor and people ( or something else ) couldn't kill me. The bad thing was that I had scars all over my body so I couldn't go anywhere because people would stare at me, or even worse- Acsaw would find and kill me. I made my own skin tight red and black suit (which Spiderman had copied even though it was copyright! Damn I hate you Spiderman!) and I found some gums lying on the street so I used them. I also found these awesome katana swords and in no time, I became Deadpool!




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