Eggie Remix.

A white egg, it is progressing with idea, ready to hatch, what will it be? well just read to find out.


3. Hector comes home

Author Note: Hello Reader, I am proud to install the next chapter of Eggie Remix, this was a long three weeks, and I know you all expect me to live up to the setting, so by the grace of Jesus Christ, I shall, anyway, I want you to understand that in a major stand, there is a moral in this, find it!

Proverb Note: God use all but chosen few, just because you are bless with goodness, it doesn’t mean you are right in the sight of the God, so study yourselves, you wouldn’t believe but some ‘Christian’ steal, lie, and break the law of God, yet they are so good in worship that no one would know, or no one care, but it does matter, in the end almost all of the Christian will be thrown in hell, if we don’t study ourselves and fix our mistake, we will perish, no matter how good you do, or how great your perform at worship or church, Thank you for reading.

Morning was shining brightly, birds flow around with great joy, the sun shine it’s yellow morning ray to all, however, one was still sleeping through all this, wearing a mask with two star shape hole, Star Knight sleep on, he had actually move all night and a part morning around the area, trying to find any form of life, apart from plants and birds, nothing, Simirror died a hour after he left, the spell did a number on his body, turning it to stone, sad really, he found out when he return to him, with Simmirror dead, Star Knight then start moving on, he continue to do so until this morning where he fell down and slept from the hard journey.

Waking up, Star Knight stood up and search the area, “I wish I had a watch” he said looking up trying to tell the time from the sun, “okay, sun over my head……morning? No……late morning? I think it pass that……Afternoon? Can’t tell……..” he said still trying to figure out the time, ‘it seem so easy when  Dad or Meta knight was doing it, how could I have forgotten?’ he thought, finally giving up he went on walking onward, as he did that a bird flow past him, then another, then a whole flock flow past, Star knight was confuse by that, so he decide to keep going to find out what they were running from, as he was going them he heard a chuckle, “who there!” he said, Chuckling is never a good sign, he draw out a sword, and a shield with a star pattern on it, as he  came closer to the source of the chuckling, he stop and look in awe as he saw a hat, not just hat, it belong to one of his friends while he was a galactic knight, he came closer and took the hat and examine it, it was like those belonging to a samurai, it had to be him, “but, where could he be?”  he pounder openly, he walk a few distance and put his shield away, he look up and heard the distorted chuckling again, it was getting closer, “show yourself!” he yelled, he was getting freaked out by it, it reply by chuckling more,  “ sir Star knight, quit standing there” he heard a voice behind him, he turn around and pointed his blade at the person face, “really? A rusted blade, how long were you out Sir Star knight?” the person said, he was dress in white bandage, he had two golden eyes, and a sword strip in his back, the person look at star knight softly, before he walk and grabbing his hat and placing it on his head, “thank for finding it” he said, “Hector, what are you doing here?” Star knight asked, “finding you,” he said, “Sir Arthur sent me to find you, apparently you call him, but the war was too tough to he forgot about it, but now, since it is over, he sent me to get you back there and the rain bow sword” he said, “but I thought you hated the Galactic knight, and couldn’t care less about them or the war, why the change of mind?” Star knight asked, “I didn’t say that, I said I wouldn’t join them on their pointless war, it seem that the nightmare were going to win, but stuff happen” he said cheerily,  Star knight look down and finally look at Hector, “so, you are going to take me back” he said, Hector nodded, “then you have to slice in some bit and re arrange me back there!” he said walking back where he came from, “ Sir Star knight, I don’t think you are making a good decision, please stop”  he rush toward him, “I know what I am doing, just go away” he said, though he really wanted Hector to keep him company,  “but Sir Arthur is worry about you, and there is Sir Meta knight and those who were allowed to know, so please stop”  Hector said walk beside him, “well, sorry to all of them, am staying here!”  he said, Hector stop and look down, before catching up, “do you know that Nightmare is Dead?” he asked, “no, tell me more on this” Star knight said, “well he was destroy by a pink puff, who couldn’t even speak, but was said to be powerful, he is even being train by Sir Meta knight” “he deserve such a embarrassed demise, to die by a child” he said, Hector was silent, “well if you are not coming, then hand the RS to me, if you will?” he said, “sorry Hector, it stay with me” he said as they reach the house of Simmirror, “well, I guess I have no purpose here, so long Master Star knight” he said walking away,  “wait!” Star knight yelling, he turn puzzle of what he wanted, “didn’t you heard it?, the laughing” he said, “oh, that was the Chuckling birds, they use that to scare their hunters away” he said walking away, before stopping, “Sir Star knight?” Star knight was about open the door, before he heard him called, “what?”  Hector turn and threw him his sword,  “you need a weapon, to cop here” he said before walking out of sight, Star knight went and took the sword, it was a uchigatana, Hector use various of swords, this was easily to replace, as he look to where Hactor disappear, he felt as if he made a bad choice, due he could not change anything now.

Meanwhile Hector was walking back, he was trouble by the fact that Star knight didn’t want to go back but he couldn’t change his mind, as he look at the sun to tell the time, which he could do easily, he saw it going down , ‘it getting late, better head back to the ship’ he thought as he walk toward there, as he walk he felt a strong wind blow through him, he ran to where he set the ship and saw it was on, and set to leave, “this not good” he said and ran to the ship door which was still open,  he climb on board and went  to the control  room, but saw no one there, the ship door lock shut and it zoom out, it flow at a fast speed out of the planet, Hector was confuse, he had not set it to depart, someone must have done this, so with no one controlling it, the ship stop and then landed on a metallic Planet, the door open and Hector could hear foot noises,  it didn’t take long until he was surround by Galactic knights.

“this had been a very dreadful stay” said Hector sitting on the floor of a small room, there was a door that was seal shut, so he couldn’t escape, beside him was a bed, at least they didn’t let him sleep on the floor, that was nice, he look up at the celling and was token back when the door was open by two knights, ‘I wonder if they decide to end me, I better get ready to counter attack’ Hector thought, standing up, though he wasn’t worry if he had, and he couldn’t blame them either, the Galactic Knight fear/hate him, though it wasn’t directly his fault, it all started, before Nightmare was even founded.

Many have heard of a tale, a tale about the Dream ironsmith, a person who could make all your dream weapon and even improve it, the dream-Ironsmith was very famous, and his skill were thought as legend, he work with the Galactic Knights, he built their weapon and even their flying craft, the Galactic Knight saw a change like never before, then the dark part of the story, years after his joining of the Galactic Knight, he later betray them and went into a unknown planet and his skill on turning that planet into a Machine battle ship, in 23 years after his disappearance, The Mekkai was found, a planet turn into a machine factories, with the Dream Ironsmith as her leader, the whole Galaxy shook at it advances in technology,  Galactic Knight saw it as a threat to them but they made an attempt to see what is its purpose, The Dream ironsmith made it clear, he is going to drain the star in order to generate a power large in enough to summon  NOVA, and wish to be the greatest Smith in the universe, as seemly harmless as that goal may seem, the Knight didn’t want to risk him wishing something else, so they attack the Mekkai, the siege took a year before they destroy the planet core, turning all defenses dead and also they seize The Dream iron smith, but at he was about to be taken away to the Grand Knight, leader of the Galactic knight, he warp himself away, with a watch on his hand, after a few years the Nightmare attack, where is this connected to him, just that he is the fore father of Hector, that and Hector know a Family secret that could put the whole Galaxy at risk, however he himself, have no idea what that is, when he was asked to bring Star knight back, he was already lock up, so this changes nothing.

 The knight at the left went and grab Hector arm and force him to follow him,  but Hector went willingly, that ease the knight tension, the other knight lead the way, the knight that grab him, was an Axe Knight, and the one leading them was also an Axe knight, this section or department was the Skull department, the most highly protected area in the Galactic Knight, as they walk, Hector decided to bring a certain question in mind, “so where are we going?” he asked, “I don’t know, but the General want you in his office, and he look mad” said the Axe Knight leading them, “at what?” Hector said release his arm from the Axe knight, the Axe knight didn’t mind, so they kept on walking, “you back, without Sir Star knight or the Rainbow sword, isn’t a good sign, and he has zero bareness for failure, so of course he mad” the Axe knight at his left said, “we are here” the one leading them finally said, Hector walk in there and saw a black blob, it had two green eyes looking at him, they glare into his very soul before the blob transform in an Axe knight, however the form was dark in color, not look anything like a true Axe knight, “General Nidoo, you called”  Hector said taking a seat, Nidoo look at Hector before sighing, “Hector, why have you return without Sir star knight or that  light blade” Nidoo said calmly, “i should ask first why I am even here at all? I wasn’t inform that the ship had a timer” Hector said, Nidoo look down, he was right, he was so focus on getting the sword and one of the Galactic knight finest Knight back, he didn’t think telling Hector that the ship had a timer, “well…um….you didn’t ask!” snapped Nidoo trying to turn the blame at Hector, “I was inform, that I could ‘stay as long as I want, as long as I return both Sir Star knight and the Rainbow  sword back’ by you” Hector said, Nidoo was angry, he was being outsmart by someone way younger than he, does Hector keep track of all he say? “well….well…did you even find him” said Nidoo, trying to change the subject,  “actually yes, but he didn’t want to come back, or give me his sword”  said Hector,  “then why didn’t you force him, you are way more talented than him….aren’t you?” “by speed yes, by sword skill maybe, but he is also my superior, it will be like trying to force you to come back here, if you left” said Hector calmly, “so what do we do, huh?” Nidoo asked, Nidoo always held Hector idea with high regard, because the boy held a small smart skill as his fore father, “nothing, attack him with our men will be wrong, I suggest let forget about him, the war is over anyway” Hector said, Nidoo nodded, and change form into a Swam, it like anything he change was dark in color, but he felt he still had a beauty of a real one, “Okay, anyway, Hector, how do you like to Retire from Knighthood” he said, “why? I thought I was too dangerous to let loose until I tell my family secret?” Hector said, though hoping that he would be set free, “well Hector, you see, the Secret may have not exist, I mean where did we got the idea of it existence anyway?” “from my great-great-great-grand father, who himself was the grandson of the dream ironsmith, he said he know of a secret but couldn’t remember it” Hector said, “well the Knight had check it out and found nothing, so that guy got a mistake, in fact the Dream iron smith wasn’t close to his family and therefore couldn’t share a Secret with them, so I think you are not my problem” Nidoo said, Hector smile behind his Bandages, “so when do I leave?” he asked, “today, we be putting you in Pop star, where Meta knight is staying, that way you will be monitor by the best of the best” Nidoo said, before adding, “I miss you kid” Hector just smug, “I guess I might too” he said, he then stood up, “can I leave now?” he said, referring to leaving his office, “sure, be sure to treat those wounds in your face, they are disturbing” he said, “yes sir” he said walking out.

Hector walk out of the office, with a great relief, it has been long since he been at Pop star, about a few 674 years, since he was forcefully recruited here, he could help but feel glad at the chances to go home, ‘hmmmm, I wonder what change there’ he thought walking to his room, as he went up there he couldn’t help be put his hand on his bandage, it hurt a little, but the cut was long fix, he got it while on a mission, not that it was dangerous or anything, just a simple check out a factories that has be said to be crawling with Nightmare, he went with a couple of Axe Knights, and fought off the Nightmares, one of which did a surprising counter attack, it successfully did three slash to his face which was already cover by Bandage, the first one was below his mouth, the second above (nearly) his right eye, the third was in his back, they weren’t that serious, but he know Nidoo hate battle wounds of any sizes, it show weakness, that was why he was disgusting at the fact that he drop his guard down, anyway, he could put that in the past, he walking and took his Folder which had a Uchigatana sword, and headed off, he was planning to take a ship then destroy  it later, as far as he planning, he never taking a foot away from Pop star, “your departure ship is waited, Hector” said a Axe Knight who was suppose to lead him out, “oh sorry, let go” he said following him, as they walk the Axe Knight turn and glance at the Uchigatana, “you don’t have to bring that” he said, “but I can’t be too careful, Nightmare or not” Hector reply, “o..kay” he said walking a little further, this was notice by Hector, ‘what going in on?’ he thought worriedly, the door was next to them, “go when you feel like it” the Axe knight said walking away, Hector open it and was surprise to see a line of Axe Knight, axe ready, there were no ship, no takeoff zone, Hector draw his sword and went in, Nidoo appear on the ground in front of him, eyes Red, in fact all their eyes were red,  “Kill him, rip him to pieces” he order calmly as if it was as easy as a day to day job, they rush at Hector who got ready for the fight of his life.

The first Axe knight ran and threw his axe at him, he deflected it and dash and slice his skull mask in two, the Axe knight back off and run, as ten run at Hector, he jump up and fire a Red wave of energy which strike the middle on creating a blast that sent the other flying, he then face Nidoo and dash as him, more Axe knights came his way, but found their Skull mask in two and a slice mark or two in their body, he dash still in high speed and slash at Nidoo who turn to a stone Golem shape.

Nidoo (being larger) try to crush him, but Hector dash away and deliver slashes at every angle of his body,  he then back off  and release a pink wave of energy at Nidoo, who turn to a gaint bat and flow out, the other Axe Knights just watch at their leader fought their once friend, Nidoo release ten ball of dark fire, but Hector fire a red wave of energy which destroy the ball and kept going toward Nidoo,  who flow out only to be hit by a white wave of energy, he fell and turn into a black ball.              

 The other Axe knights shake their heads and their eyes turn back to the color they once had, Nidoo was bouncing up and down before turning to an axe knight, his eyes back to green, “Hector?...what happen?” he asked, “you were being weakly control, the controller is still here, I can feel him” he said and ran off, with confuse glazing left behind him.

The Axe knight who led him there ran to the ship that was meant for Hector, he didn’t account for Hector who was catching up to him, he stop and face him, Hector stop and pointed his sword  at his face, “who are you?” he asked, “please stay out of this, if you want your friends not to die” he said coldly, “I do what I must, if what your goal means more death” he said on shaken, “then Die!” he roared, as he swing his axe to hit Hector, Hector slash his axe and was pressing against him, Hector back away and rush at him as high speed and slash his mask out, and slash again at his arm which had the weapon, he was planning to disarm him, as expected he drop the weapon, but Hector was shock when the Axe Knight dissolve in smoke, a orb of black energy came out, he grasp as he saw a eye in front, “Dark matter!?” he said walking back, “no, we are the Black Orbs, do not make the mistake of confusing us, those failures will never be remember, but our darkness their reign, Dark Orb wants me to crush your little resistance, I shall report this, you shall..” it was cut off as Hector slice it in half, both half turn to smoke, “ forgive me Master!!” he heard it dying voice scream.

He walk toward the Ship, “Meta knight, need to know about this! Whatever this is”, he said aloud as he on the ship and it took off.

Author Note: this is it about it for this chapter, sorry for the delay, anyway, the Uchigatana is a Samurai blade used for quick slashing, it is good for Hector who is a quick slicer.

Proverb Note: Don’t complaint, it is bad, Paul the Apostle once Complaint and it got him punish, you need to be calm and forget about event pass,  when the urge come, rebuke it and pray to Jesus for help, most Christian fall from the race by complaining, when you complaint you act as if God done nothing for you, so don’t Complaint, if you have been doing it, pray to Jesus and he will take the habit away, if you are willing to change, Thank you.                 



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