Secret half

Marinette and Adrien are both chosen to be super heros and protect their homes but what will Adrien do when he finds out who lady bug is and loses her?


9. Rescue Mission

Adrien's pov:

I felt awful for giving him up in the first place but if I didn't they would steal Lady Bug's earrings. I know how much keeping her secret meant to her. She took my hand and smiled at me giving me more hope. It took some time but found Hawk Moth and I could see that Plagg had gone back in my ring that hung from Hawk Moth's neck. "Plagg is on his neck." I said to Lady Bug and she nodded. "Don't worry Adrien we'll get him back." Hearing her say my name made me blush a little bit  "LUCKY CHARM!!!" She yelled and her yo'yo became a pair of scissors. "I know what to do just follow my lead." I nodded and she shouted getting his attain. 

Marinet's pov:

I gave Adrien the scissors and went to get Hawk Moth to focus on me so he could get Plagg back and turn back into Chat Noir. "Hey Hawk Moth you know you want me so come and get me!" He laughed and went to get me and i got him caught in my yo'yo. "Now Chat Noir go!" I yelled and he ran behind Hawk Moth and cut the sting that held his ring and Plagg. I did a fist pump into the air and smiled happy that he finally had Plagg again. He nodded at me and ran off to go and change. "Plagg claws out!" I heard him yell and then he came out looking like Chat Noir again. I just laughed and shook my head. "What is it my lady." I sighed as we beat up Hawk Moth. "You do know that I know what you look like all ready with out your mask on so you didn't have to go run and hide before you changed back." Hawk Moth nodded and agreed with me and suddenly Adrien looked down all embarrassed.

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