Secret half

Marinette and Adrien are both chosen to be super heros and protect their homes but what will Adrien do when he finds out who lady bug is and loses her?


1. Letters

Adrien's pov:

It was another day with out dad being home. "I'm off to school now!" I told my dad's secretary and went to school. "Yo! Adrien what's up!" Zack said running up to me and gave me a high five. I laughed a bit and gave him a high five back. "Hey Marinet!" She turned and looked at me and smiled. "Hi...Adrien! Your....looking hot today...I mean good today!" I laughed and waved at her as she walked away with Kelly.

Zack watched Marinet leave and sighed. "You okay Zack?" I couldn't help but smile as I watched my best friend fall in love. "Yeah...sounds great..." Zack kept staring at the place where Marinet had walked away too. "You like her don't you?" Zack turned and looked at me. "Me like her what! No way where just friends." I gave him a smirk and he sighed. "Okay yes I like her a lot." I laughed a bit. " I know the feeling man. I like some one a lot too that I can't tell." I smiled as the thought of Lady Bug popped into my mind. Zack was to lost in his thoughts to hear me say that thank god. "Why don't you write her a letter." Zack's eyes light up and smiled. "Yeah that's just what I'll do!" I looked down and smiled. "I'll write Lady Bug a letter asking her to be mine." I smiled a bit more and imagined how happy she would be.

Then just as the bell was gonna ring I ran to class as fast as I could. The teacher started to teach her lessons and I was busy at work. "She's going to love me after this." I said out loud as I wrote my poem to Lady Bug.

Marinet's pov:

I noticed Adrien was writing a poem. "Who do you think it's for?" I asked Kelly. She laughed and looked at me. "Girl that's totally for you!" I smiled and she patted me on the back. "Do you really think so?" I asked getting really excited. Kelly nodded and squeezed me hand getting excited with me. Sadly at that very moment all hell had to brake lose before I had the chance to see who the letter was really for. The bell ran and we all got up to leave how ever outside was even worse. A man in a bird suit was running around attacking people. "I am Pigeon Man!"  I ran and hide some where opening my purse. "Cheekie spot's on!!!" I said and transformed into Lady. Bug. "Your going down Pigeon Man!!!" He laughed at me and sent his Pensions after to attack me. I dogged with ease. "where is that cat!" I said out loud and rolled my eyes. 

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