Save Me From Myself (An Until Dawn Fan Story

Skylar Marshal is the younger sister of Chris and has a huge crush on Josh Washington the older brother of he two best friends Beth and Hannah. On a weekend of fun and partying the girls go missing after a prank goes wrong and Hannah and Beth are never heard from again. Feeling guilty for being the only one who survived that nigh Skylar goes back to Blackwood Pines one year later at the request of Josh to honor his sisters. But there are still dangers lurking in the mountains. I own nothing from the Until Dawn game all the characters and original content belong to their respective owners, the only thing I own about this story is my original character Skylar. This is a fan story just for fun.


3. Prologue Part Two: Survivor's Guilt

Chris's P.O.V.

I could feel my temples throbbing and I groaned at the pain. I sat up and held my head in my hands. "Morning Cochise." Josh said, sitting in front of me. My glasses were sitting next to me so I slipped them on my face and looked at him. "Hey. What time is it?" I asked, trying to be quiet as my head was going to explode if I was too loud. "I don't know. I literally just woke up before you did." He shrugged at me. I blinked and looked at my phone. It was only eight thirty and I groaned again. "Hey Chris." Josh said in all seriousness so I looked back at him. "I don't think I got to tell, Skylar how I feel." I nodded. Josh likes Skylar and he asked me a few weeks ago if I was okay with him asking her out. If there was anyone I trusted to be with my baby sister it would be Josh. "Don't worry, bro. I'm sure that you'll get a chance to tell her today. In fact let me go see if sleeping beauty is up so I can tell her you need to talk to her." I said, getting to my feet, my body stiff from sleeping like that.

"Wait! I don't know if I'm ready!" Josh plead but I ignored him and went into the living room. I headed up the stairs and into the room that Skylar was staying in. "Hey Sky, are you...?" I asked looking inside but noticed no one was inside. "Sky?" I asked, looking in the hallway. "Ashley?" Nobody was around. I went downstairs again calling for everyone. Josh heard me and came into the living room. "What's going on?" He asked me. "Nobody is around, I can't find the others anywhere." I replied looking at him. Suddenly the front door burst open and Sam and Mike burst in. "Chris! Josh!" Sam blurted out rushing up to us. "Have you seen them!? Did they come back!?" "Whoa, whoa, whoa calm down Sam." I said, raising my hands up. "Did who come back?" I asked her. Before she could answer Ashley burst in followed by Jess, Emily and Matt. "I can't find them anywhere! Oh god its all our fault!" Ashley was sobbing, and holding her head in her hands. "Josh, Chris, last night we played a prank on Hannah and she got upset and ran away and Beth and Skylar went after her into the woods during a snowstorm and now we can't find them." Mike said, looking between Josh and I. "What do you mean you played a joke on them and they ran into the woods? What the hell did you do?" I demanded, glaring between them all.

"We just tricked Hannah into coming to the guest room and she started to... undress and she realized we were all hiding and filming it and..." Matt started explaining only to have Josh explode. "YOU FILMED MY SISTER TAKING HER CLOTHES OFF?! YOU SICK FUCKER, I'M GONNA RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!" He practically roared, launching himself at Matt. They started fighting, Mike trying to break them up but I couldn't move. Ashley looked at me through tear filled eyes. "Chris? Are you okay?" She asked, her voice barely above a whisper. "Chris?" Sam asked as well. It finally hit me that my baby sister was in danger and I was standing in a safe cabin doing nothing. And just like that I sprinted past my friends, jammed my boots on my feet and ran outside. I started screaming at the top of my lungs. "Skylar! Sky where are you?!" I ran through the woods right outside he front door. There were no footprints except my own. "Skylar! Can you hear me?! Answer me now!" I yelled as loud as I could, spinning around frantically. I had to find her I just had to. Suddenly, Josh was next to me, his hands cupped over his mouth as he yelled too. "Hannah! Beth! Skylar!" He looked so panicked about the girls being lost as I was. I nodded at my best friend and we kept yelling for our sisters to come back or answer us. We never heard a word in response.

In the end, we called the police and told them what happened and they came within the next hour and started searching the woods. We had to be taken to the police station to give our statements about why the girls were missing and wait for my parents and Josh's parents to get here. We all sat in the lobby, all agitated and all wanting the girls to be found. "I want them all back." Josh was muttering under his breath. "They all are going to come back safe and everything will be fine." I was glad he was staying positive because I sure as hell was trying to but so far no luck. "Can we please go help them search for the girls?!" I demanded the officer waiting with us. He was a beefy looking guy with a thick mustache and squinty eyes. "Absolutely not. My lieutenant said that we don't need any more kids getting lost in the woods. Hundreds of people go missing on that mountain and we're lucky if we can find them as we are. Just let the search team do their job." He said, shooting me a look and returning his gaze to his newspaper. Mike, Matt, Josh and I glared at him. Ashley sobbed and leaned against my arm and I wrapped it around her shoulder to comfort her. Sam looked at me with tears in her eyes, she cared about the girls a lot too; almost like they were her own family. Emily and Jess had been silent the whole time they were here, both wearing identical masks of regret. I was so mad when I learned that Emily had told Skylar that she was a bitch and that nobody wanted her here. How dare that stupid bitch do that to my little sister. It's not Skylar's fault she was shy and socially awkward. She was just sad most of the time trying to make everyone else happy and stay out of everyone's way. But she was capable of being happy and loyal to the ones she cherished. When she hung out with Beth and Hannah though you could sense their bond through all the smiles and laughs. And of course how Skylar was with Josh was something that most people noticed. Sky would blush and would look at Josh like he was the most incredible thing she had ever laid eyes on. And I knew Josh had liked Skylar the way she liked him so if Itrusted anyone with my sister's heart it was my best friend. But now the one's she loves are here waiting for them to find her and out missing with her.

Twenty minutes later one of the officers radioed over the police radio and the cop got up and took the call. Then he turned to us and nodded. "Alright kids, we're taking you to the hospital to wait now. They found one of the girls." He announced. Josh jumped to his feet. "Who did they find?! Are they alright?!" He demanded, the rest of us getting up too. "Easy there kid, calm down a second. No need to get worked up." The cop said, giving Josh a look. "They said that they found the Marshal girl but she's been injured severely and needed to be airlifted to the hospital. So come on let's get you to the hospital." I couldn't believe my ears. Josh looked extremely upset. "No... no she can't be hurt. She can't be..." "Oh my god no!" I cried out, dread hitting my gut and tears pouring down my face. "I couldn't protect her like mom and dad said to. It's all my fault!" Ashley and Josh helped me up and the cop gave me a sympathetic look. They led me away.

We arrived at the hospital in twenty minutes and according to the officer that met us there Skylar had just arrived too and they were prepping her for surgery but they needed to talk to me about her allergies and blood type. "She needs blood transfusions because of her injuries, can you donate your blood to her?" A nurse asked me as, we all gathered in the emergency room waiting area. "No I can't. I'm B negative and she's O negative she needs O negative blood." I said, alarmed. "Does your mother or father have her blood type?" She asked me, looking worried. "No my parent's are A and B blood types. Don't you guys have any O negative here?!" I asked my voice, started to show how upset I was. "No since it's so rare. We'll have to call an emergency rush of it from..." She started to say but was cut off. "Wait, I have O negative blood." Josh said, rushing up, showing his Red Cross ID card. He looked so upset and in a panic. "Take as much of it as you need." He said, almost begging, his eyes filled with tears. The nurse nodded after looking at his card. "Come with me." Josh followed the nurse down the hall and left us all there to wait. "So does Skylar get asked to give her blood to our hospital a lot?" Sam asked me after a while. I looked up at her. Obviously she was trying to keep me from freaking out over this by talking to me so I nodded. "They call the house at least once a day, reminding us of upcoming blood drives and what not. She goes there and they always try to convince her to donate two bags of blood but last time she did that she passed out." I said, remembering that dad pitched a bitch fit to the guy taking her blood that she was a human girl not a blood mine. And dad refused to let her donate more than one bag at a time. "Sounds hard. Especially since they use her because it's a rare type. I didn't know Josh had it too." Ashley said, quietly. "I didn't either." I said, looking at her. 

When Josh got back he had gauze wrapped over his arm and he looked pale, holding a box of juice and a cookie in his hands. "How much blood did they take man? You look like hell!" Mike said, leading Josh to his seat. "Two packs of it. They won't take anymore unless she needs it. But it's worth it, as long as she gets help." Josh said, putting his cookie in his mouth and eating it. "Thank you so much, Josh. I don't even know how to thank you for what you did for her. I owe you my life." I told my best friend, looking at him dead in the eye. "No you don't man. You of all people know why I would do that for her. I'd do it for anyone else too, but above and before all I'd do it for Skylar."

Josh's P.O.V

I love Skylar more than anyone else in the world, with the exception of my sisters. They bring me so much happiness and it makes me proud to be their big brother whenever they accomplish something in life. Ever since dad stopped spending time with me, I grew closer to them. They saved me yes, but Skylar filled a hole in my heart that I never thought anyone could fix. I, a broken kid who has struggled and had my own demons was in love with a beautiful angel with a saddened face. It all started the day I met her when Chris brought her to the house for the first time. She looked so cute, dressed in an adorable shirt with a penguin on it, tan shorts and her long dirty blonde hair all around her face and shoulders. She hid from me, blushing a little bit, but I didn't mind. She played with and got along well with my sisters and soon they were almost inseparable. I got used to seeing her a lot and she became more comfortable around me too. I knew her favorite foods, her interests in life, all her favorite movies, etc. I fell in love with her the day we all went to an amusement park with my parents when we were about ten years old. Of course it was no ordinary park, as my parents insisted upon bigger, better thing's in life. We all had been riding rides and playing games when we came upon a fun house. Mom and dad said we could go in and we all did, Chris leading the way. Hannah and Beth followed and soon after Skylar went through followed by me. I got separated from everyone, as dorky as that sounded.

Eventually I wound up inside a mirror room, where countless images of me moved when I did confusing me. I couldn't get out. I couldn't find my way out. I started panicking, my breathing got heavy and I almost wanted to curl up and sit in a ball when suddenly a new image appeared in the mirrors. Skylar stood there, holding out her hand to me. She looked so beautiful, her blonde hair almost like a halo in the light. I reached out and took her hand allowing her to lead me out of my loneliness. She pulled me out of that room and lead me out of the fun house. She didn't tell anyone that I got stuck or that I had been crying slightly, which Chris would have made fun of. Later when I finally managed to pull her aside to thank her she shook it off. "No one wants to be left behind, or alone." She said, giving me a smile. In that moment, she looked so happy, so innocent that it melted my heart. Eventually, years after that, I told Chris about my feelings for her and at first he didn't like it but when he saw how serious I was he accepted it. The problem was how was I going to tell her. So when Hannah and Beth came up with this party I figured it was the perfect opportunity to tell her. But now she's lying in surgery, in pain, probably scared and my sisters were still lost in the mountains somewhere. All because of my friends pulling a prank. I felt rage. I felt hatred. I wanted them to pay. I wanted revenge.

Chris's P.O.V.

It took maybe two hours for my parents to get to the hospital but when they did mom enveloped me in a hug. "Chris! Oh thank god, Chris, you're alright!" She sobbed, holding me tightly. Dad looked at me with anger in his eyes. "We just had an interesting conversation with the police Christopher." He said, his voice sounding hollow and mad. My friends glanced at my father, somewhat in fear. My dad looked like someone you wouldn't want to mess with, with his muscular arms, thick blonde mustache, and spite in his storm gray eyes. "That you're little friends here," He gestured to Ashley and the others. "Decided to play a prank on Hannah and Beth and Skylar went into the woods, in the snow in the middle of the night, while you were passed out piss drunk and didn't protect your baby sister LIKE I TOLD YOU TO!" He yelled at me, making everyone jump and mom cry harder. "Sir please, keep your voice down or we'll have to escort you out." A receptionist said, glaring at my father from her seat. Dad nodded and turned back to me. "And because of you and your little friends here, your sister is in a hospital and the Washington girls are lost in the mountains, probably freezing and injured." He turned to Josh who still looked pale.

"I'm sorry for my son's actions, but I owe you so much for giving blood for Skylar. You have no idea how grateful we are to you, son." My dad said, holding out his hand for Josh to shake. Just as they shook hands a doctor walked in. "Is the family of Skylar Marshal here?" He asked, looking around the room for us. "That's us." My mother called out and they got up to talk with the doctor. "Is my sister alright? Is she okay?" I asked him, getting to my feet. The doctor looked at my friends all sitting there. "Would you like to speak to me privately?" He asked my parents, but my father shook his head. "Is my daughter alright? Can we see her?" He asked, sounding strained. Mom sobbed slightly and the doctor looked visibly upset but began to speak. "When the officers were searching they found your daughters glasses broken in the snow and looked over the path they were on and down the drop that was on the other side. They found your daughter lying in the snow unconscious with heavy bruising, lacerations and several broken bones. Upon arriving here we immediately knew that when she fell down the drop she hit her leg badly against one of the cliff's rocks and it shattered, as well as her left wrist which must have also hit. We managed to take the swelling down and stitch her wounds and put her hand in a cast. But the problem is her left leg." He pulled out an x-ray photo and held it up for my parents in the light. We looked at it and saw that the bone was twisted and jutted out of the skin of her leg. Emily held Jess who stifled a gag at the gruesome image.

"She hit her leg the hardest, causing the bone to twist on the way out of her skin. Unfortunately, the nerves in her legs were badly damaged because of this incident and there is no way to fix them. I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but due to the severity of this injury, your daughter will never be able to run again and will walk with a permanent limp." I felt my mouth drop open and my body went cold. 'Never be able to run again.' The words echoed over and over in my head. Mom and the girls started bawling as hard as they could. Dad put his hand on his head and yelled in anger. The guys were silent, sorrow etched all over their faces. Then I looked at Josh. His mouth was hanging open and he was looking at the ground, horrified. Suddenly dad looked at me and grabbed me by my shirt. "ARE YOU PROUD OF YOURSELF CHRISTOPHER?! HUH?! ARE YOU PROUD OF WHAT YOUR FRIENDS HAVE DONE?!" He roared at me. "Adam, stop it!" Mom plead with him. "This isn't helping!" "SHUT UP, LAURA, FOR ONCE JUST LOOK AT WHAT OUR SON HAS DONE! THIS IS WHY I'M SO HARD ON HIM! NOT BECAUSE OF WHAT HE WANTS TO DO BUT BECAUSE HE DOESN'T THINK ABOUT ANYTHING!"

"Sir please stop yelling." The doctor said, coming between me and my dad. "If you don't calm down I will call security and have them escort you out." Dad took a breath then shook his head, scratching the back of it with his hand. "This is the last straw. I've done all I can for you two and I can't do this anymore." He said, looking between mom and I. "Adam," Mom said, hesitating. "What are you saying?" Dad pressed his hand to his mouth for a moment then finally sighed and looked at mom full in the face. "It's over Laura. I'm leaving you and I'm taking custody of, Skylar."

Skylar's P.O.V.

I woke up to intense pain in my leg and it made me gasp and I tried to move. Big mistake. "Ow!"I yelped, trying to sit up. "She's awake!" Someone called out. I looked up to see a blurry unfamiliar room, with another bed, chairs and medical equipment. Was I in a hospital? Suddenly someone walked in, wearing a white coat and holding a clipboard. "Hello, Skylar." He said, smiling at me gently. "I'm Dr. Harper. You're at Blackwood Memorial Hospital, because you were in an accident." He explained to me. "Where's my brother?" I asked, looking at the guy intently. Then it hit me and I gasped. "Where's Hannah and Beth?! Does Josh know?! Oh god I have to find them!" I said, squirming to get to the edge of my bed but the doctor stopped me. "Hold on, Skylar. There's a search party in place for the girls and that's how we found you. Now we need to know how your feeling. How does your leg feel?" He asked. "What do you...?" I asked and looked down at my leg and I nearly choked. My left leg was stuck in a sling suspended from the ceiling but the actual leg itself was encased in a metal contraption, screws and bolts stuck into my skin holding it together. "What happened to me?" I asked, my voice numb. "That's what we were hoping you could tell us." Another voice said and behind the doctor walked in a policeman followed by my parents and Chris. "Daddy," I whimpered. "Mom." Dad came over to my side as did mom, Chris stayed behind a little bit, staring at my leg.

They hugged me closely, all of us crying. The policeman pulled out a pad of paper and a pen from his pocket. "Ms. Marshal, I know this is all so sudden but we need you to please tell us anything about the last time you saw Hannah and Beth Washington. We need to find them soon." I nodded and relayed the events of last night. I described the noises Beth and I had heard, the flames we saw, finding Hannah who was crying and then the strange animal chasing us. "We ran down a path and Hannah tripped, but Beth went back to get her. We... we ran to a fork in the road and I ran to the right and kept going. Hannah and Beth had been behind me but then the next they were gone. I went back to get them but my glasses fell off and I couldn't find them. It was dark and blurry and I was scared for them. I tried to run back for them but I slipped because the dirt on the ledge broke away. I remember falling and hitting rocks on the way down. I can't remember anything after that but Hannah and Beth were alive when I last saw them." I finished, drawing in a huge breath. "Please, officer, you have to find my friends!"

He nodded and put the notes away. "I'll do my best ma'am." And he walked out. Mom, dad and Chris were silent and they all seemed tense about something. "Is everything okay?" I asked them. "Is Josh okay?" They looked at me when I said that. "Yes honey, Josh is okay." Dad said to me gently. "He actually gave you blood since he is your blood type." I blinked and looked at my arms. Josh's blood is inside of me? He gave blood to save my life? I felt my face get hot. "I owe him my life." I said, looking at Chris, who smiled slightly. "I said the same thing, Sky. How's your leg?" He asked me. "It hurts a lot." I said, wincing as I tried to move it. "I'll tell the doctor to give you something, sweetheart." Mom assured me. Mom looked pale, thin and very sad. "But Skylar," Dad said, looking at me hesitantly. "There's something we need to talk about." I didn't know that that night would be the worst night of my life.

Five Months Later

The news of my parent's divorce was too hard for me to handle. I screamed and made the nurse take my family away from me. I cried so hard I made myself sick. Why they had to tell me this the same day I broke my leg and lost my best friends I'll never understand. When they also told me that I would never run again, I grew worse. Depression kicked in and I barely had any energy left in me from what little I had from my problems before this. I go to physical therapy every day now that the cast is off and the bone is set again. My nerves were shredded when the bone went through the skin, so I have to learn how to walk again, this time with a limp. It hurts so badly, but my trainer said that the pain will stop eventually. I didn't care about getting better, I didn't care about anything in my family. The only thing I cared about was Hannah and Beth being found. Weeks went by and they were still missing. Josh wasn't doing so well and eventually he started going to a therapist. After three months Josh decided to stop going to college for a bit and move back home until he could get better. Or so Chris told me. Josh hadn't come to see me since the incident.

They transferred me to the hospital in our town after a week so I could be closer to home. Mike, Sam, Ashley and Matt did pretty often, bringing me snacks and movies to watch in the hospital on my laptop. Jess and Emily came once in a great while, mainly because Mike or Sam dragged them along. Chris visited me every day, telling me stories and brought me my teddy bear that he got me on his senior trip to Oregon to whitewater raft down the Salmon River. Mom and dad visited but I didn't talk to them much. Dad told me that he filed for custody of me and that we'd be moving to a smaller house with no upstairs so I could have a ground floor room. Mom was going to live a few towns over with aunt Selena until she found a suitable apartment. Chris would be returning to university but since that was only an hour away I could still see him when he came up. I felt alone without Beth and Hannah. I looked at their pictures constantly, praying that they would be found. I hated myself for being the only one who survived that night. I would give up both of my legs just to have Hannah and Beth back. I cried myself to sleep every single night, crying for someone, anyone to make this pain stop.

Eventually, therapy paid off and I could walked a few feet without tiring myself out. Dad found a house not too far from my school and hired movers to move everything we own to the place and mom moved her stuff out too. Chris took most of his stuff to his dorm at school but left a few things in the spare room at dad's house. I was finally leaving the hospital. One night while reading a book in the new house on my bed with my leg resting on a pillow I heard I a loud series of knocks on the door. Dad had gone out for the night with uncle Ryan who was visiting from California so I was very cautious. I slowly limped down the hallway, ignoring how my foot made noise as I practically dragged it down the hall. The new house was still empty because we didn't have time to unpack it and dad didn't want me doing it by myself. I went to the door and peered through the peephole. I gasped and yanked the door open. Josh was standing there, looking disheveled and upset.

"Josh." I said, barely above a whisper. "C-can I come in?" He stuttered out. I nodded and moved aside to let him in. He walked past me and I closed the door and turned to him. He was looking at me. I took a breath and slowly limped over to him. He let out a small gasp as I walked. I felt tears prick my eyes but I didn't want them to spill. "I heard from Chris about you being able to walk again. Does it hurt?" He asked, his voice filled with concern. I nodded slightly. "Sometimes. It just is something I have to deal with." I said, slowly making my way to the couch. Josh sat down next to me when I sat. "Skylar, I..." He started to say but I cut him off. "Thank you for saving my life by giving me blood." He blinked and nodded. "You're welcome." He said. "I would have thanked you but you know, since you never came to see me I never got around to it." I said this harshly. All the pain I felt over the past months stemmed from that night. From my parents, from my leg, from being the only one who lived that day and Josh never saying a word to me felt like a slap to my face. I loved him so much but he hurt me. "Why didn't you come see me?!" I demanded, a new found confidence crept into my voice. "Is it because I'm the only one who came back?! Huh?! Because I'm sorry! Okay?! I'm sorry only I survived and that Beth and Hannah are still missing! If I could be the one missing and have them be here instead I would but I can't. I tried to help them! I tried so hard but I failed and I'm sorry!" I cried out, anguish in my voice and tears streaming down my face. "I paid the price of being here! The evidence is under my pant leg, and I will have to live with this for the rest of my life, Josh. I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" I cried this last part out, my body shaking with the force of my sobs.

For months I kept these feelings pent up, not letting anyone see I was about to break, not even to Chris. Josh folded me into a tight hug until I calmed down. "The only thing..." I said and I sniffled before continuing. "I ever wanted was to love you, and now you hate me." Josh pulled back, grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eyes. For the first time I realized he was crying too. "I'm so sorry for not coming to see you. I- I just couldn't let you see me like this. I was a wreck, I still am Skylar. When I heard that you would never be able to run again I couldn't take it. It broke my heart. I just wanted to scream since Hannah and Beth were gone, probably scared out of their minds." He broke off and wiped his eyes before continuing. "I tried to get over it when they didn't come back. I tried to focus on school but it didn't help. Everything reminded me of what happened. I was so so sad and upset Sky. I lost my sisters. But even though they're gone, I got one thing back that night. I still have you. And it hit me today that you probably thought I hated you. But I could never hate you Sky. I love you. I love you so much!" He said, clinging to me tightly. "I'm so sorry, Sky. I'm so sorry I left you alone." I couldn't breath. I couldn't move. I pulled Josh's face back to look at him. "I love you too Josh. I always have and I always will. I've wanted to tell you since I was little but I didn't know how." I finally confessed to him.

He looked so happy. "I've loved you for so long Sky, and I've wanted to tell you that for so long too. So please, if you would have me, please be my girlfriend." He asked me. I smiled through my tears. "Yes!" I said. We embraced tightly and cried out all of our pain together. I don't think we'd get over this so easily but I wanted to be by Josh's side to help him through his pain. "Just so you know Skylar." He whispered to me. "I don't blame you at all for what happened. It is NOT your fault." I sobbed a little at this and Josh kissed me gently on the forehead. I felt him reach for the leg of my sweatpants. "No," I whimpered out. "No, Josh, don't look." He pulled up my sweatpants and looked at my leg. The scar tissue was long an ugly looking, like flesh colored candle wax that was rough to the touch. I couldn't stand the sight of it, but it was the price I had to pay for living. Josh studied it with hardened eyes that narrowed slightly and he grunted.

I started to cry again, assuming he found it ugly but he put his hand on my cheek and looked at me with loving eyes. "Shh..." He shushed me, gently. "It's alright. It's not bad at all." He leaned down and kissed my leg gently too, not fazed by the scar's feeling. "And now Sky, there's something I've wanted to do for almost ten years that I'm going to do now." He told me and Josh leaned closer to me and kissed me full on the lips for the first time. For the first time in a long time the pain faded away in my heart. He pulled back and let out a breath. "I promise you, Sky. I will make everything right for you and I again. You'll see." He said, a slight look in his eyes made me wonder what he meant but in that moment I just held on to Josh and let the pain fade away.

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