Save Me From Myself (An Until Dawn Fan Story

Skylar Marshal is the younger sister of Chris and has a huge crush on Josh Washington the older brother of he two best friends Beth and Hannah. On a weekend of fun and partying the girls go missing after a prank goes wrong and Hannah and Beth are never heard from again. Feeling guilty for being the only one who survived that nigh Skylar goes back to Blackwood Pines one year later at the request of Josh to honor his sisters. But there are still dangers lurking in the mountains. I own nothing from the Until Dawn game all the characters and original content belong to their respective owners, the only thing I own about this story is my original character Skylar. This is a fan story just for fun.


1. Character Descriptions

Skylar Marshal- 17-18 year old high school student, the younger sister of Chris Marshal. Shy, Intelligent, Loving. Best friend of Beth Washington and Hannah Washington and has a huge crush on their older brother Josh Washington. Has pale skin, medium length dirty blonde hair, gray eyes and wears contacts most of the time but has glasses as well. Is very socially awkward and suffers from depression. Youngest of all of her friends. Due to her familial issues she struggles to be happy and make friends but is very devoted to the ones she has. Is very close to her big brother Chris since their parents fight constantly, so they rely on each other for moral support. Has been in love with Josh since they were children but is afraid to tell him how she feels; is going to attempt to confess her love.

Chris Marshal- 18-19 year old college student, the older brother of Skylar Marshal. Methodical, Protective, Humorous. Has a crush on Ashley and is the best friend of Josh. Has pale skin, dirty blonde hair in a faux-hawk style hair cut, has blue eyes and wears rectangular glasses. Not socially awkward like his little sister, is very outgoing and not scared by the occult. Is protective of his little sister and his friends no matter what. Has a difficult relationship with his father who does not want Chris to become an app designer and focus on a more serious career in computer science.

Josh Washington- 19-20 year old college student, the older brother of twins Beth and Hannah Washington. Complex, Thoughtful, Loving. Has light caramel skin, dark brown hair and green eyes. Best friend of Chris Marshal and has a crush on Skylar Marshal. Has a rough past and isn't very close with his father anymore but is very close to his younger sisters and his friends. Fears being alone. Has had a crush on Skylar for a long time but hasn't been able to tell her. Plans to confess to her on the weekend of the party.

Beth Washington- 18 year old college student, the younger twin sister of Hannah Washington and younger sister of Josh Washington. Brave, Protective, Charitable. Has light caramel skin, short dark brown hair and brown eyes. Best friend of Skylar Marshal. Is very protective of her big sister Hannah and Skylar as they are both shy and Skylar has family issues. Cares greatly about her big brother Josh. Wants them both to be happy and is supportive of Skylar's crush on her brother and wants them to be together.

Hannah Washington- 18 year old college student, the older twin sister of Beth Washington and the younger sister of Josh Washington. Shy, Naïve, Caring. Has light caramel skin, long dark brown hair, brown eyes and wears rectangular glasses. Best friend of Sam Freeman and Skylar Marshal and has a huge crush on Michael Munroe. Is very keen on getting Mike's attention and affection despite him being in a relationship. Relies on her younger sister for support in her attempts to win Mike over and cares greatly for her big brother Josh.

Samantha "Sam" Freeman- 18-19 year old college student, the best friend of Hannah Washington. Diligent, Considerate, Adventurous. Has pale skin, long blonde hair and hazel eyes. Motherly one of the group, always looking out for her friends when they do stupid things or are in need. Dotes on Skylar as she is the youngest and most shy around the others, and looks out for Hannah when Beth can't. Hates violence and loves nature.

Michael "Mike" Munroe- 18-19 year old college student, the boyfriend of Emily (ex in the future)/ the boyfriend of Jessica (in the future). Intelligent, Driven, Persuasive. Has pale skin, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Mike loves women but hates commitment. Knows Hannah has a crush on him but does not return her feelings. Very popular boy in school and is the student council president. Is caring and protective of his friends and feels the need to impress them. Comes off as a jerk but can be very kind sometimes.

Emily Quinn- 18-19 year old college student, the girlfriend of Mike (ex in the future)/ the girlfriend of Matt (in the future). Intelligent, Resourceful, Persuasive. Has olive skin, black hair and light brown eyes. Is the bitchy one of the group, putting others down (especially Hannah and Skylar) whenever she feels the need to. Dislikes Hannah for her crush on Mike and dislikes Skylar as she is the shy awkward type of girl that annoys Emily. Everything has to be done her way or all Hell will break loose.

Matthew "Matt" Reese- 18-19 year old college student, the boyfriend of Emily (in the future). Motivated, Ambitious, Athletic. Has dark skin, black hair and brown eyes. The sporty jock guy of the group, very proud of his letterman jacket. Is kind hearted towards his friends and girlfriend even when she bosses him around. Willing to lend a hand in times of need and isn't scared easily.

Jessica "Jess" Young- 18-19 year old college student, the girlfriend of Mike (in the future). Confident, Trusting, Irreverent. Has pale skin, medium length blonde hair and green eyes. The party girl of the group, always smiling and upbeat. Was the school's homecoming queen, a bit bitchy towards Hannah and Skylar like Emily but not as much. Is scared easily and underneath her confident attitude is a secret insecure side that she doesn't show.

Ashley "Ash" Harmon- 18-19 year old college student, has a huge crush on Chris. Academic, Forthright, Inquisitive. Has pale skin, long red hair and green eyes. Is a friendly, cheerful girl who loves books and has a huge imagination. She is highly curious about things and very observant as well. Has no real problem with anyone out of the group but when faced with danger is somewhat reluctant to help out her friends. Is scared very easily and hates horror movies and books due to this fear.

*Note: Most of the last names are made up as in the game they are not mentioned, the only true last names from the game are Washington and Munroe

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