Save Me From Myself (An Until Dawn Fan Story

Skylar Marshal is the younger sister of Chris and has a huge crush on Josh Washington the older brother of he two best friends Beth and Hannah. On a weekend of fun and partying the girls go missing after a prank goes wrong and Hannah and Beth are never heard from again. Feeling guilty for being the only one who survived that nigh Skylar goes back to Blackwood Pines one year later at the request of Josh to honor his sisters. But there are still dangers lurking in the mountains. I own nothing from the Until Dawn game all the characters and original content belong to their respective owners, the only thing I own about this story is my original character Skylar. This is a fan story just for fun.


6. Chapter Three: It's All Fun and Games in the Woods

Mike's P.O.V.

Jess and I stepped out onto the back porch, where all the firewood was kept on the balcony. "Exiled." I said, shutting the door behind me. Jess smiled at me and winked. "Sex-iled." I chuckled at that one. "Works for me." Jess leaned over the railing and looked out into the woods. "So how far is this cabin anyway?" She asked, clutching her arms in her hands to keep warm. I turned her to face me. "This cabin, is the coziest, most romantic, love den you will ever lay your eyes upon." I assured her. Josh had told me all about it before we got up here and I intended to use it. Jess made a "ttssh" noise and smirked. "If we ever make it." She replied. "Oh I have a feeling luck's on our side." I said and she took my hand. "Play your cards right and maybe you will get lucky." And started to pull me towards the steps. "Hey prob stars!" Josh called, emerging from the doorway. "You're gonna need these." And tossed Jessica some keys on a ring. "Porn stars?" She asked him with a raised eyebrow. "I'd pay to see it." Josh replied. "Uh gross." She said, looking to me with a disturbed look on her face. Josh walked out a bit and looked at me. "I'm sorry to kick you out like that." He apologized, looking sincere. I shook my head. "No worries man." I assured him. If Matt wanted to be a dick and Emily was gonna bitch at Jess we'd be more than happy to get lost in the woods to get frisky if it meant pissing those two off. As if reading my mind Josh looked at Jess then back to me. "Oh I'm sure you'll find a way to entertain yourselves." And Jess made an "uh huh" noise. "You have fun with the peanut gallery." She said gesturing to the door. Josh mimed shooting his brains out then laughed. "Oh, almost forgot. You gotta fire up the generator so you can see where you're going. It's dark out there." Then he went back inside. "Roger that." I said as the door shut. "I think Josh was flirting with me." Jess said, shooting me an 're you jealous' look. I shrugged slightly. "Okay? You want to invited him and Sky up with us?" Maybe Sky I'd be okay with tagging alone but not Josh. Two girls yes, but another guy no. "Wait really?" Jess asked, looking back at the door. "What? No!" I said firmly. Jess laughed slightly. "I doubt Skylar would want to share Josh with us. Let alone be with you." She said, brushing her hair back behind her shoulders. "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked, as we headed down the steps. "Nothing personal, Michael. I mean Sky doesn't like your type. She doesn't do popular, class prez, prom king material. She likes a mysterious, somewhat awkward but friendly boys. Besides she never looks at anyone else the way she looks at Josh." She explained to me. "It's cute." I snorted, and we kept walking.

Jess stopped by a picnic bench and turned to me. "Hey hot lips. Photo booth?" She asked holding up her phone. I nodded. "Alright! You read my mind." Although I may seem like a ladies man, I never truly met anyone who makes me feel the way Jess does. When I'm with her I don't have to pretend to be a jerk or be someone else. I could just be me. I picked up Jess's phone and turned it to us so we could take a selfie. Once it flashed Jess looked at the photo very happy. "Oh my god! This is perfect. We're like the cutest couple!" She was grinning ear to ear. I smiled back. "Damn. You should be a model." I told her and she smiled even more at the compliment. "You keep that camera handy and maybe I'll let you start my portfolio... at the cabin." She suggested and we walked on. The woods was dark and it was snowing pretty good. We walked on for a bit until Jess stopped. "Emily's as dumb as she looks if she thinks she can cut in on what we got going on. Maybe if we're lucky she'll try and follow us out here and get eaten by a bear." Jess looked upset as she said this. The fight must have been bothering her. I looked around a bit making sure she wasn't. "I think you bring out the worst in her." I said, looking Jess in the eye. "Is that so?" She asked, crossing her arms. "Yeah, she's crazy jealous." I know Emily is. She had texted me many times about hooking up once she found out I had started dating Jess. "Suck it." She said, smiling like a winner.

We turned and saw the gate on the small wall that lead up to the guest cabins but I looked down the path to the right. "I think the generator is this way." I said, gesturing for Jess to follow me. There was a small shed tucked into the shadows and we both went inside of it. There was a metal box with a red glowing light. I believe this is the generator. I opened a small panel that was on the underside of the box. "Alright, let's see." I said, looking at the inside of it. There was another red light on inside of it and a switch. I turned it on and the light turned yellow instead. I then glanced down to the open compartment of the generator and noticed a pull start like the kind on a push lawn mower. I grabbed the handle and gave it a yank. Then another. Then another until finally it started up, emitting a loud revving sound. Lights came on outside the shed and down by the gate. "Whoo!" Jess cheered, giving me a big smile. "You're a wizard!" I made my way out of the cabin, an uneasy feeling of being watched running up my spine. We went back to the gate, now being able to open it after hitting the unlock button on it. Jess trotted ahead of me, messing with her phone and suddenly it started playing music. "Pretty good right?" She asked, laughing. "Yeah, it's awesome." "Aww yeah, I bring the hits!" Jess swayed her hips back and forth as we crossed over a small bridge above a stream. "Are you psyched yet?! You don't look psyched." "Oh I am so psyched right now." I assured her. Jess seemed so confident and pumped up a lot of the time. Wherever Jess went the party went was how it appeared to me. It made me think about how different our ragtag group of friends were. We had Jess the party girl, me the popular class president. Then Queen Emily and jock God Matt of course followed by the peace and love girl Sam. Then Chris and Ashley the hipster techie and author. And last but not least the film director's son Josh and his beloved girlfriend the shy Skylar. How the hell we all became friends was beyond me; but I was glad that we were. Jess kept going on about how this trek up the path was like an adventure and a "sexcapade." I agreed with her to make sure she was happy with me. Finally Jess stopped and looked at the woods to the right of us. Yellow shiny ribbons snaked around the trees and they glistened in the light from the flashlight. "Police tape." Jess said, sounding sad. "From when the girls went missing last year." I said. "You'd think they'd clean it up..." "Well they never closed the investigation." "Okay I'm getting the creeps now...." Jess looked really upset now and she gripped her arms in her hands. I looked at her. "It's such a blur now. I can barley remember what happened." I admitted, sounding guilty. Jess looked up at me, some form of gratitude in her eyes. "Well, what I can remember was that we played a stupid half baked prank that got Skylar permanently injured and probably Hannah and Beth killed." "Hey, I mean, it's not our fault the three of them ran into the woods." I said, trying to reassure Jess. She still looked upset as she looked through the trees before looking back at me. "Yeah." She finally spoke, her voice soft. "How could anyone have expected them to do a dumb thing like that?" She walked on, probably wanting to drop the subject and I didn't blame her. We kept walking on when suddenly out of nowhere there was a loud, animal like shriek that rang out through the air. Jess moved closer to my side as I looked around us. "Um, did you hear that?" "I heard.... something." I admitted, feeling kind of freaked out now. We kept going after making sure nothing was around, only to be stopped by a blocked path. "Ah damn." I cursed, looking at all the rubble in the way. "I don't think we can get up to the cabin this way, with the path blocked like this." I said but Jess spoke up. "Oh no way am I going back to the lodge a.k.a. the wax museum to drink hot chocolate with Emily. You know what? Fuck it. We're adventurous. We'll find another way around... WHOA!" She kept walking and fell. Right down into a mine. "Jess!" I yelled out, rushing up to the ledge. "Fuck! Hey Jessica?!" "YEp!" She called back, getting to her feet. "Hey! I'm okay!" "Holy crap you scared the heck out of me." "How do you think I felt?" "Uh you didn't hit your head or anything did you?" "As far as I can tell I still have all seven of my limbs." I chuckled at her joke but looked around where she had fallen. It was dark and dusty down there and I didn't see a way for her to get back out from where I was. "Can you get out?" "I don't know. I can't see anything down here." "Alright I'm coming after you , just stay put!" I told her, then lowering myself onto the platform and jumping down into the mine myself. "Hey handsome, wanna help me move this cart thing?" She asked, moving over to an old mine cart. We both pushed with our might against the cart and after a few moments, it rolled away from us. "When I imagined us grunting together this is not what I pictured." I joked with her and she laughed and rested her arm on my shoulder. This place looked like a old mine shaft filled with old tools and track to put carts on. Suddenly a cart started rolling towards us, causing Jess to jump back while yelping. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" I said, stopping the thing with my shoulders. "Oh my gosh are you okay?" Jess asked as I got up and moved away from it. "Ahh..... yeah!" I said, after assessing my shoulders. A little sore now but nothing too bad. Jess said something about getting the willies from this place as we followed the track. We came across some stairs and we made our way up and at the top was a small group of lean-tos with barrels under them. Something stinky flooded my nose and I looked at one of the barrels. On top was a stogie from a cigar.I picked up the little stub. "Huh. A stogie." "What a weird place to smoke cigars." Jess commented so I put it down. It looked recent and the smell confirmed it. There were strange looking symbols and a deer skull on the wall up ahead. "Whoa. This place is like historical." I said, looking at the strange works.'It's gotta be Native American right?" "I don't think the miners were getting their arts and crafts on down here." Jess replied, looking around. As we walked back out a beam fell from the ceiling making us both scream in fear. "You alright?" I asked as soon as the collapsed wood and dust had settled. "Yeah. Close one." She gasped out. "I don't think this place is up to code." "Yeah, I'm thinking it's time to go." We hurried on our way and finally we reached the other end of the tunnel, the snow making it's way inside. "Finally! A little ray of hope." Jess said, happily. We kept walking, this trip seeming to be about as long as someone would take to get to Mexico by foot. We went up some stairs that read cabin on a sign by it and we came across a view spot with a pair of binoculars. Jess ran up to them and looked all around with them but stopped suddenly. "What?" I asked, curious. "I just saw something by the cabin." She said, stepping back. I stepped up and looked through the binoculars myself. I could see the cabin in the distance, surrounded by thick trees. Jess must have seen a deer or something because I didn't see anything. I moved away but noticed a huge warning sign nearby. "Uh Jess, we should probably be careful out here." I said, looking it over. "Why?" She asked me. "Oh, this sign just says that there have been bear sightings up here." "Oh! Michael! I just had the best idea! Let's hug a bear! Come on, please?" She asked me, but I couldn't tell if she was kidding or not. "Uh let's not hug a bear!" I said, opening the next gate for us and slid it shut behind us. Now we went down more stairs. How anyone wanted to stay at this cabin with all their heavy ski equipment having to be hauled out here was beyond me. Suddenly a bird started screeching and it jumped out at me causing me to scream and Jess to burst out laughing. I brushed it off and said something about answering it's mating call. We made our way across another bridge and then came upon yet another blocked path. "Geez, Josh. Couldn't you at least have cleared the path for us?" I cursed him. Jess seemed peppy for some reason. "Really?" She asked me, shooting me a big grin. "I didn't figure you for the glass half empty type. Stand back, Debbie Downer!" She declared and climbed upon the big tree that had fallen in our path. She stood on top of it and looked pleased with herself. "Hey Mike you've got something on your face!" She yelled to me and before I could register what she said a wet snowball smacked my cheek. "Okay. Okay." I said, turning around and scooping up some snow in my own hand. "Well if that's how it's gonna be...." I started to say violently, starting to pull back my arm but I stopped. Jess has vanished from her spot on the log. "Jess?" I called out to her. Only a loud scream piercing the air around me was the response.

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