Save Me From Myself (An Until Dawn Fan Story

Skylar Marshal is the younger sister of Chris and has a huge crush on Josh Washington the older brother of he two best friends Beth and Hannah. On a weekend of fun and partying the girls go missing after a prank goes wrong and Hannah and Beth are never heard from again. Feeling guilty for being the only one who survived that nigh Skylar goes back to Blackwood Pines one year later at the request of Josh to honor his sisters. But there are still dangers lurking in the mountains. I own nothing from the Until Dawn game all the characters and original content belong to their respective owners, the only thing I own about this story is my original character Skylar. This is a fan story just for fun.


4. Chapter One: Return to Blackwood Pines

One Year After the Accident

Skylar's P.O.V.

"Okay dad. Yeah tell Morgan, we said goodnight. Talk to you tomorrow, goodnight." I said into my phone, clicking the end call button and turning my phone off. "Sky?" Chris asked me as I stared up at the huge mountain path ahead of us. "Are you gonna be okay?" I looked back at him and nodded. We were back on Blackwood Mountain, on the same day that Hannah and Beth disappeared last year. Josh had requested this trip back as a chance to let his sisters know that we're still thinking of them. And I also think he wanted to spend some alone time with all of us. Especially me. Chris nodded and looked back up at the path.

"Let me know if you need to stop for a bit, okay?" He said and we went on our way. Over the last year, we had to move on as best as we could. My friends went back to college and left me and Josh behind to deal with our own issues. I was still depressed and Josh had gone to his new therapist with some difficulty. One time bringing me with him at the request of his doctor, Dr. Allen Hill. Dr. Hill was polite and curious about me when he asked me questions. In particular he wanted to know if Josh blamed me for Hannah and Beth going missing.

Josh, enraged, told him that it wasn't my fault because I was a victim in the whole thing as well and that's why I can't run anymore. After that session Josh refused to bring me along anymore, saying that Dr. Hill had no right to accuse me of anything and interrogate me about him. While Josh's therapy was not his favorite thing, mine was at least helping me. I had gotten much better at walking, since I can now walk at a decent pace for quite a while before having to rest. Although after a while the pain from the nerves will kick in, a result of the damage the bone did when it pierced my leg. As for the limping, I hardly noticed it as much anymore, although going to school with many floors was a challenge when all of your classes are scattered around. Everyone at school looked at me funny, sympathetic from some, suspicious from others and from some people they looked at me like I was a huge joke.

I won't lie, I cried in the bathroom almost every day when I finally got back to school, but Josh made it better. I would call him whenever I felt down and he would always make time for me. But not as much recently. In fact over the past four months he hadn't spent as much time with me as usual, but when he invited me up here I jumped at the opportunity to see him for a whole weekend. At first dad wasn't going for the idea. "Remember what happened last time? I just don't want you to get hurt, honey." Mom agreed with dad too. Even though they were divorced now, they stayed on somewhat decent terms for my sake, even though I was still upset over the whole thing. I begged and pleaded with them both until they agreed. "But you have to call us as soon as you get there and as soon as you wake up in the morning." Dad told me. Us, being him and Morgan, his new girlfriend he met online. She's a sweet lady, a hard working manager at a local hotel. We actually get along quite well.

So Chris and I packed up and headed up here together, all of our friends coming by themselves. Speaking of our friends, only Sam, Matt, Ashley and Mike had spoken to me since the accident. Jess and Emily never came around unless forced to so I assumed that they were either really upset about what happened to me or they didn't care at all. Oh well, maybe they would make up with me on this trip or not. We would see. Chris and I walked up the path until we got to the cable car station. "Do you think it was okay to leave the gate like that?" I asked, looking behind me. The gate was busted so Chris had taped a note to it letting people know they had to climb the fence to get in. Believe me, that was not easy. "Yeah it's fine. Hang on I'll go get the door open so just wait here." Chris set his bag down on a bench and headed for the door leaving me by myself.

I took my phone out and looked at the text message Josh sent me on the way up here. 'Hey sweetheart,' It read. 'I hope you get up here okay. Make sure you're dressed warmly, because it's very cold. Also make sure you bring your meds in case your leg starts to hurt too. I promised your parents that I'd take care of you and I always keep my promises. I'll be waiting for you with a kiss and some hot chocolate will be your prize for getting up here. I love you."

Josh was very protective of me ever since we started dating. Dad and mom were very appreciative of him always looking out for me and now they were happy for me that we were going out. Chris was okay with it too. I did what Josh said, dressed in my favorite pair of jeans, a blue long sleeved t-shirt with a picture of a whale on it, my new winter coat from mom, winter boots and my wolf hat with my meds tucked into my pocket of my bag. The medication was prescribed in case I walked to much and my nerves started to spaz out on me, causing me more pain. Only to be taken when absolutely necessary though.

Suddenly someone was in front of me as I looked up and I jumped. Sam was standing in front of me smiling. "Sky!" She said, rushing up to me and giving me a big hug. I hugged her back tightly. "Hi Sam." I said, pulling back and looking her over. "It's been a while hasn't it?" Sam was dressed in a plaid skirt, black leggings, boots, a black jacket, a red scarf and a fur cap on her head. She nodded. "Almost three months. You look great, by the way. How's school?" She asked. I told her about upcoming projects and tests until I realized that Chris had wandered off somewhere and I didn't even notice. Suddenly we heard a loud buzzing and we looked over at the bag he left on the bench. Sam went over to investigate and pulled out his cell, and smiled when she read the screen. "Ah ha! Look who it is." Sam said and I could only guess that it was Ashley. Suddenly, Chris appeared from the shadows. "Hey nosey." He said, startling Sam and I looked at the ground. He was mad. "Chris you scared me." She said, looking at him. "I'm sorry, uh, are you my secretary?" He asked, taking his phone from her.

They proceeded to argue back and forth a bit before Chris announced. "So I found something kind of amazing." "What? A basketball court?" I asked jokingly, looking at him. He snorted and gestured for us to follow him. He led us around the cable car building to a small cleared out area. Sam stopped and looked at a poster on the wall. 'Wanted,' It read. 'Milgram, Victor' followed by other details involving his body size and when he was last seen. "Nice! You think we'll get a visit from America's most wanted?" Chris asked and I held my arms tightly. I didn't feel safe with a criminal wandering around the mountain. Chris turned back and led us to a small stand set up with a gun on it. "Ta da!" Chris announced waving his arms around excitedly. I frowned a little bit and looked at Sam who also looked annoyed. Sam and I believe in gun control, an opinion mostly ignored by the boys since guns make most men crazy. "Why the hell is there a shooting range at the base of a ski lodge?" She asked Chris, looking at the weapons with distaste. "Uh, dude, have you ever met Josh's dad?" He asked her.

I nodded at that. Mr. Washington is kind of a hot shot in Hollywood because he directs many successful films. The man has so much money, his money makes money. And in doing so he, his wife and his kids could afford to do pretty much whatever they wanted. In his spare time, Mr. Washington loved to shoot at shooting ranges or for sport. "The guy thinks he's like Grizzly Adams or something." Chris concluded and turned to the shooting range and picked up a gun. Sam shook her head as Chris began to shoot. He knocked down can after can and shot at the sandbags hanging from the branches. I watched with slight disinterest but when Chris called himself a badass and did a stupid dance in place I cracked a grin.

Suddenly a squirrel appeared and climbed up the barrel that was sitting in the clearing. "Chris don't shoot the...!" I started to say but the gun shot out but hit the sandbag instead, scaring the furry creature off into the night. "Sky, come on I wouldn't shoot a squirrel. I know you would flip out on me, and Sam would skin me." He said, looking at me with a smirk on his face. I sighed and smiled in relief. "Hey sharp shooter, I think our ride is here." Sam said, grabbing my hand and tugging me along. "Aw, but I was just getting the hang of this!" Chris whined. Sam and I ignored him and we made our way back to the station. Sam watched me, a pained look on her face. She was worried about my limping and if it hurt. Out of all my friends Sam kept in touch with Josh and I the most. She talked to me on the phone almost every day and even though I knew it was purely out of friendship, she'd come visit Josh a lot too. 

We entered the cable car station and looked out at the mountain view while we waited. I heard a familiar laugh from Beth and a yell of excitement from Hannah in the back of my mind from when we came up here last time. Suddenly the car pulled up and we all piled inside it. "Just like going to the prom." Chris said, plopping down into the seat next to me. I looked at him funny and then looked at Sam. "Here we go!" She said excitedly. "Adventure begins." Chris rubbed his hands together. "I hope this was the right thing to do." Sam said looking between us. "You know getting everyone together on the anniversary. I mean Josh seemed really pumped about us all doing something didn't he?" Chris looked at Sam full on now. "Yeah, no, he definitely did! I haven't seen him so excited about something since he took Skylar on their first date as boyfriend and girlfriend." I smiled a little at the thought of that day. It had been amazing until it wasn't. We were supposed to have dinner with Josh's parents, but only Mrs. Washington ate with us. Josh had been so upset that his dad didn't come home he started getting worked up and having a nervous breakdown. I frowned when I remembered his disorganized speech and heavy breathing.

At the sight of my saddened face Chris looked at me. "Are you sure you're okay? Because Josh or no Josh you don't have to be up here if you don't want to be Sky. Say the word and I will carry you down this mountain and take you home." Chris said, looking at me with concern. I shook my head. "I want to be here for Josh. And for myself. I think.... I think I need to understand that I have to say goodbye to Beth and to Hannah." I said, my voice cracking slightly. Sam looked upset too. I had always pictured Beth being at my graduation, wedding, having girls nights out and just being friends until we get old and die. Now only I would get old. Chris looked down for a minute then looked up with a smile on his face and he nudged Sam. "You know how Josh and I met?" He asked and she shook her head. "No." I looked up and smiled a small smile. "Ok. Third grade. Josh sat in the back of the room and I sat in the front. We didn't even know each other existed. But the kid who sat next to Josh started strap snapping the training bra on the girl in front of him so the teacher made him move to the front- where I was sitting." He broke off and Sam looked at him confused. "Okay, so?" "So I was moved to the back." "And?" "And next to Josh and that's how we met." Chris concluded. "And became friends to this very day." Sam giggled. "A match made in heaven." Chris smiled. "If it weren't for the fact that Jeanie Simmonds hit puberty like three years early and on that day decided to wear a low cut shirt that showed off her training bra, I mean who knows? You could be in this cable car alone. Or with two other people entirely. Boom: Butterfly effect." He said, smiling at me. I nodded. I was grateful that Josh met Chris and became friends, because for all I know I could be with some other guy right now and not with my true soul mate as I liked to believe.

"How did you only have the key for the first door but not this one?" I asked Chris as we stood in front of the door and tried to figure out how to get out. "I don't know! Josh only gave me the one key." He said, trying to force the door open. He hit the door with his fists just as another familiar blonde appeared on the other side of the door's window. "Jess! Hey!" He called out. "Jessica! Over here!" Sam called out too. Jess approached the door and looked at us with a sort of haughty annoyed look. "Uh are you guys having a really weird stroke?" She asked. "We're stuck in this stupid thing." Chris said, sighing loudly. I poked out from behind Chris's back. "Can you unlock the door? Please?" I asked, raising my voice slightly so she could hear me. Jess locked eyes with me and a shocked look crossed her face. She fumbled around outside and hit something on the wall opening the lock. We rushed outside and Chris went all dramatic. "Oh my god. I thought we were goners. Another ten minutes in there and I would have chewed off my own leg." But then he looked at me and was about to apologize but I waved him off. "I still have my leg so if you lose yours due to hunger that's your problem." I said, knowing he thought he offended me. Jessica came over to us and looked at me. "I didn't know you were coming, Sky." She said, hesitantly. She glanced at my leg then back at me. "Um yeah. Josh wanted me to come up and spend time with you guys. Plus I think it would help me too, you know?" I said, feeling kind of awkward. She approached me hesitantly, almost like she was afraid I'd freak out. But she got over it and gave me a hug. "I'm so so sorry." She said, her voice cracking. "I should have came to see you at the hospital more. But I was scared that you would hate me. I'm so sorry about your leg and about Hannah and Beth." She apologized.

The police told me that Jessica had been the one to suggest the prank they played on Hannah. The others went along with it but her and Emily and gone through the set up of it. I was mad of course at her but this is why we came up here. To forgive and remember the girls as they were. Alive and happy. Not vengeful and upset. So I would do what Josh was bringing us here to do. I hugged Jess and patted her back in return. "It's alright. I understand." I whispered, not wanting her to hear the pain in my voice. "I forgive you." She pulled back and smiled at me. "Thank you." She said, suddenly Chris came up and took something from Jess's hand. "Hey!" Jess said, loudly. "Chris!" Sam and I both said together. "What I'm just doing like Sam taught me. Other people's private thoughts are my own personal playground." He defended, holding up the card. "Do not be a jerk." Sam said, frowning at him. "Chris come on give that back to Jess." I said, looking at my brother with disapproval.

He ignored me and held up a finger. "My goodness. It seems that someone has a little crush on our good friend and dear class president Michael Munroe." He declared loudly. Jess blushed and I looked at her. But wasn't Emily, Jess's BFF, with Mike? "Chris." Sam said, warning him to stop. "And what kind of sizzling erotica might our Jessica be capable of imaging. I wonder?" Chris was taunting Jess now and she was glaring at him angrily. I cringed and looked around. This wasn't helping our trip to reconnect, this was the exact opposite. "Mike and Em split. We're together." Jess stated, looking Chris straight in the eye. "Whoa. Drama." He replied, his shocked expression matched mine. Jess shrugged. "Not really. Pretty clear cut, actually. Em's out, I'm in." She declared. Sam looked at Jessica with a somewhat disapproving look and said. "Huh." I looked at Jess. "Well congrats on the two of you. You guys will make a cute couple." I said, somewhat unsure. She gave me a smile and then turned back to Chris to get the envelope, which he was holding over his head.

Chris then shook his head then turned to the trail. "Alright alright, let's just get up to the lodge already. Getting tired of all this nature and junk." He said, grunting his annoyance. Jess looked between us. "Uh you guys go ahead. I'm gonna wait here for a bit." She said, moving back to the bench. "See who else is coming." "You mean Mike?" Chris asked and I elbowed him in the ribs and glared at him. "What?" Jess asked, somewhat startled. "Uh, I mean you know, whoever." Then she turned to me. "See you up there, Sky." I smiled slightly. "Yeah. See you soon." Chris turned to Sam. "Uh Sam?" He called out. Sam was looking at the view near the fenced off cliff side. The snow was blowing all around and the valley below was covered with dim lighting from the moon. "Do you see this view?" She asked holding up her hands. "I mean holy cow. Sometimes I forget to just stop and take it all in." She smiled at peace. I smiled too, looking down the mountain. 'I'm back guys.' I thought to myself. 'I'm here to show you I haven't forgotten about you.'

Matt's P.O.V.

"Seriously, couldn't they have built the lodge like right where the cable car ends?" My girlfriend, Emily was complaining about as I shut the gate to the trail behind her. Then I picked up the bags and tried to respond that as best I could. "I don't think it would have been, like, as pretty, you know?" I said, but she ignored me. "And where's a bellboy when you need one?" She asked, annoyed. I was about to point out that I was carrying the bags like a bellboy and not her boyfriend but decided against it. We walked up to a bridge and Em held her arms with her hands. "Brrr... getting chills." She said. "We're almost there." I reassured her but she shook her head. "No I mean... getting kind of creeped out." "Oh." I nodded. "Yeah." "Gonna be weird seeing everyone up here again." She continued, as we passed over the bridge. "Definitely not gonna feel like a regular party. I mean what do you think...." "RAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" A loud scream came.from the woods in front of us and a figure jumped out of nowhere scaring us both.

It was Mike. "Whoa! Dude!" I protested as Emily yelled. "Jesus!" Mike laughed and clapped his hands like a child. "You guys..." He said in between gasps for air. "Michael!" Emily snapped, glaring at him hands on her hips. "You really, really should have seen your faces right there." I rolled my eyes. "Dude I almost clocked you just now." To which he  responded with. "Nice one." Emily wasn't through though. "Michael, you're a jerk." She responded, still glaring at Mike. Mike looked offended. "Come on guys, we're all friends here right? No need for violence, just a little harmless fun! We're out in the woods! It's spooky! Come on, let's get into the spirit of things." Emily rolled her eyes again. "The spirit of things? Seriously? What's wrong with you?" She asked, mockingly. Mike started to get annoyed back at her from the look on his face. "Just trying to lighten the mood, Em, don't be like that." Now I was starting to get mad. "Like what?" Emily asked. "The way your being. You always get like this." Mike said. While he did have a point, he was starting to piss me off. "Michael, you gotta step off." I threatened him, my voice getting low. "Emily and I are together now and that's just the way it is. I'm not gonna tell you again. Do we understand each other?" Emily looked slightly impressed but Mike looked pissed off. "Well I thought maybe we could move past all th I. Be buds. But, yeah, fine." He said, strolling past us. "Mike..." Emily said but he brushed her off. "No, no, no it's totally cool. I'm just gonna head down the road be all mature and shit by myself over here. Peace." He said and left.

Emily turned to me. "I think he got the message." I said to her. She smiled at me like a sly cat that caught a mouse. "You're kind of hot when you get all alpha, you know that?" She said, her voice kind of husky. I picked up the bags again but Emily said. "Ah crap." "What?" I asked her. "Hey could you take these the rest of the way?" She asked me. "The bags?" I raised and eyebrow. "Yeah. Just all the bags." She said, looking around nervously. "Uh why?" I asked, suddenly suspicious. "I need to go find Sam." She said. "Okay?" I asked. "Sorry I just... really need to go find her. I totally forgot I needed to talk to her before we get all the way up there." She said in a rush. I was kind of frustrated now. "This really can't wait? We're almost there." I pointed out. She turned to me a pleading look on her face. "It's important. Matt, please." I shook my head and sighed. "Alright, fine. If it's so important, I guess I can pack horse it the rest of the way... but you owe me one." Emily looked confused. "Excuse me?" She asked in her haughty tone. I changed what I said. "Well then we're even, at least." "I'll think about it." She replied. "Just be careful." I told her. Even though she can be demanding and a bit bitchy, I did love her. "See you up there sweetie." She said, giving me a gentle smile. "Thank you." And blew me a kiss. I turned and let her walk down the path alone.

Ashley's P.O.V.

From under a small cover of a roof on the trail I looked through the binoculars on the stand to see if Chris was coming. My eyes roamed over snowy rocks and branches until it landed on two people who I was very familiar with. Emily and Mike were having a little chat and leaning very close to each other, in a flirting sort of way. "Whoa hello. Someone's getting a little "friendly" and not in the "friend zone" kind of way... They might need to check the expiration date on their big breakup." I said to myself, then turned to look for Chris again. Suddenly two brown eyes popped up in front of the binoculars followed by a scream. I yelled and jumped back only to find Matt rushing up to me laughing his butt off. "God!" I snapped at him, giving him a glare. "Whoa! Sorry about that Ash, I didn't mean to scare you- well i did mean to scare you but not that badly." He said. "Jeez Louise, Matt." I said, waving my hand in a dismissive way but turned to shove him slightly. "Oh my gosh... oh my gosh." I muttered. My heart was now pounding from the fear. He laughed it off. "Hey, wow, man I'm really sorry Ash, damn." I calmed myself a little. "It's okay, it's fine... it's fine." Matt smiled and looked at the binoculars I had been looking through. "What are you looking at? See anything juicy with that thing?" He asked. I had left the binoculars facing where Mike and Emily had been. If Matt saw his new girlfriend with her ex boyfriend he was sure to be upset. But.... Maybe it was nothing. And if it was something he deserves to know the truth. "Uh..." I started to say but Matt beat me to it. "Lemme check it out." He said, still grinning. I thought for a moment then I decided. "Umm sure go ahead. Knock yourself out I guess." I told him still unsure of my decision. Matt took the binoculars in his hands and moved them around until he was looking in the direction of Em and Mike. "Aww son of a bitch!" He said, his voice almost a snarl. "Seriously, Emily? What the hell, man?" I tried to calm him down. "Hey, listen- it's probably nothing..."  "Nothing? You think?" He cut me off. "Well yeah..." "Is it ever just nothing with Em? Ever?" He asked, still not letting me talk. I shook my head. "I don't know..." "Goddammit." Matt cursed, dropping the binoculars and stormed away. "Matt!" I called after him, glancing one last time through the binoculars to see if Chris was coming but then left to chase Matt.

Jessica's P.O.V.

The bench was cold under my butt as I sat waiting for Mike to show up. Beside me was my book I had been reading and my phone which was playing one of my favorite songs on it. I picked up my book which had a suggestive image on the cover and started to read the page I had bookmarked when suddenly a snowball hit the wall behind me with an alarming thud. I jumped as gasped, turning to see Mike coming towards me. "Oh you did not just do that!" I said in protest but the smile on my face gave away my happiness to see him. He smiled at me and put on a southern drawl. "Put your hands where I can see 'em we gotcha surrounded!" I giggled and stood up and raised my hands and played along. "But who am I to retaliate? What choice do I, a supple young rebel girl have, but to surrender to the strapping military guard come to take me into custody?" But I grabbed a snowball like Mike already had in his hand, hiding it behind my back. Mike broke his character. "I well I dunno, when you put it like that..." But I ran to the bench before he could finish and launched the snowball at him hitting him directly in the face. "Oh!" He yelled and I laughed. "Great." He responded. We continued to throw snowballs at each other with only Mike getting hit. I had to wait until a little bird flew away from the picnic bench it was on because I didn't want to hit it. Instead Mike got that one to his face as well. Finally Mike tackled me to the ground and we laughed. "So did I go down?" I asked playfully. "Uh, I don't think so." Mike said, his voice kind of husky. "I think you'd know so if I did." I responded, locking my eyes with his. "Alright, alright." He said and I pressed. "So are we calling it my favor then?" He nodded. "You are a worthy opponent, Ms. Jessica the snowball queen." I rolled my eyes. "Okay that sounds vaguely dirty." "My lady." Mike replied and then kissed me on the lips. I was shocked slightly but let him continue until he pulled back. "Wow." I said, slightly breathless. "Save some for later, buddy." Mike shook his head amused. "Endless reserves." Then said. "We should get up to the lodge." I nodded enthusiastically. "Yeah, it's so nice out here though but I think we should go too. Did you hear that Chris brought Skylar?" I asked. Mike looked shocked. "She's here too? Man, I'm surprised her parents let her come." I shrugged. "I guess Josh needed her to be here. They're dating now." Mike didn't look surprised about that. "Yeah that's what Josh's page said. He has like a ton of pictures of them together. It's kinda cute I guess." I smiled. "Now we can make up to them for what we all did." Mike said and we followed the path up to the cabin.

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