Now That I'm Broken

Rebekah Rivers is the sweetest girl you will ever meet, but if you get into a fight with her, she will kick your ass.
Well, that's how she is around people she doesn't know.
Around her best friends, Michael, Luke and Calum, she is a soft marshmallow. What the boy's don't know is that, she's from a broken life.


7. The "Date"

I woke up and crawled out of my comfy red and white bed, it felt weird to get out of a water bed because it bounced a lot. I walked over to my music and went to ITunes. I typed in Justin Beiber, What do you mean. I danced and walked to the girls room and screamed. They were gone. I looked around the room and under the beds and in the closets. I ran out of the house and looked out side. "BRITNEY! HAZEL! This isn't funny!" I screamed at the sky. All the people in the area looked at me weird. "Uh miss," A man with dark skin and dark brown hair said to me. "There was a lady with blond hair that went through your back door and she came out with two little red head girls and she was caring two back packs." I smiled. "Thank you so much!" I said and hugged the man. I ran inside and back to the girls room and I then found a note on their door. 


        I had a job function and so I took the girls with me to go to their fathers.
You were sleeping so I just went through your back door and got the girls. Hope you didn't mind,

Best of wishes,

                    Cara O'Green.

I sighed and walked over to my closet, what to where. I looked through my closet to find something and all I found was a black an pink  Paramore shirt and daisy dukes. I put it on and found my shoes and did my makeup. I texted Michael to meet us at starbucks.

Dean looked at me while I sipped my coffee and it was getting weird. Michael should be here soon! 
"So-" Dean was cut off by Michael sitting with us and giving me a side hug. "Hey Beth!" He said and I smiled. He smelled like AXE. I love that smell. "Hey Mikey!" Dean cleared his throat. "Oh sorry, I'm Michael Clifford and you must be Dean. Right?" Michael asked. "Yes, I'm Dean Manter. Sorry but were on a date so you can leave now buddy." "Uh- Dean I invited Michael, you never told me it was a date!" I said to him. I crossed my arms and moved my black hair out of my face. He looked mad at me. "Alright then." I smiled. 
"So Dean, you have a job?" Michael asked him. "Yes. I work at the glass build office." He said with a smirk. Glass build office is a big deal to work there because you have to be really smart and have to go to collage, the only reason Dean got that job was because his dad's best friend owns the company. If it wasn't for his idiotic father, Chase Manter, he would still be at the music shop and Karmen wouldn't cry her eyes out every damn day. Karmen and Dean dated and when he moved out of the shop he found a new girl. 


"Let me guess your a dead beat who thinks its okay to screw girls over?" Dean asked him. "No! I'm in a band called five seconds of summer, I have been in a master card thing to!" He said and I giggled. Dean looked taken back. "You know what, I think I need to get back to the office!" He said through gritted teeth. I waved and he left. I sat in his chair and I smiled at Michael.

"So what did you wanna tell me last night?" He looked puzzled and then smiled. "Right." He played with his fingers. 
"So that song that we were playing in the shop, that was about you. I wrote it to." I smiled and went over the lyrics in my head.
"I like you Beth." I looked up and smiled. "Thank god!" I got up and danced. "Were in public!" He said while laughing. "I know but I'm being happy!" I said and then sat down. "Do you want to go on a date with me tomorrow?" I nodded and his phone went off. "Okay I have to leave now. Ashton needs me for practice, sorry." I nodded understanding and he stood. "You want a ride?" I shook my head no and he shrugged. "Alright, stay safe Beth." I nodded and got up with my coffee. 


I walked down the street and two the music shop. I went in and saw Dean at the counter. "Hey Dean." He smiled and put a guitar on the counter. "Can you play guitar?" He smiled. "Yes I can. I wrote a song for you." He walked away and sat on a stool.

"Beth, all the times I look at you, you make me smile like no other, you know I love you so much! Please say you love me as much." He smiled and I grabbed the guitar.
"Dean. I'm sorry I don't mean to be crude I think that were through, I never loved you it was a nice song but Dean please leave." He nodded and walked out. "Thats done!" I yelled through the store and smiled while all the customers looked at me like my face was shaking.

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