SoK drabbles

Little moments or alternate universes of 'Slayer of Khusta', a story of mine which will be published as a comic. These are usually me writing out scenes to make it easier to adapt into comic form, and will be uploaded with the pages/scenes in the future.


1. Nightmare

NOTE: This is the AU where Kuran didn't die, and traveled with Fraizer as originally intended.

3 am.

Kuran always wakes up at the same time, at least since he started traveling with Fraizer. Since the slaying of the Darkbringer, Fraizer's nightmares got intense, and his friend learnt to wake up beforehand to be by his side...'friend' being an outdated term. They've been traveling together for 4 years now, and townsfolk have joked to the duo about being a couple, leading the way Fraizer acts around Kuran, and only recently did the two confess private feelings and hook up. They've since made their way to a forest, which even at night is at a warm temperature.

The younger harpy sat upward, rubbing his eyes, and looked over at where Fraizer was laying. The raven harpy was curled tight with his hands near his face, his wings enveloping him, and despite being a large guy, he looked comically adorable in his sleep. Though he was already starting to fidget and his breathing was irregular, showing he's already well into a vivid nightmare.

Kuran sighed to himself and shifted, placing a hand on Fraizer's shoulder, shaking him lightly.   Fraizer flinched slightly at the touch, but didn't wake up, instead it seemed to have fuel his dream. Another shake, this time a bit more forceful, and a hushed "Fraizer?"  The large harpy whined in his sleep at the sound of Kuran's voice, which prompted another shake, followed by a "Fraizer, wake up," at a louder volume.


It took another couple of shakes and "Wake up," 's before Fraizer stirred, and awoke with a jolt, his breathing shallow and fast. He stared forward into his hands in a confused, fearful daze, before picking up his boyfriend's voice calling to him. The raven harpy turned his head slightly to see Kuran leaning over his side, watching patiently, but in concern. Seeing Fraizer look at him in such a fearful way, with eyebrows knitted in a furrow made his heart jerk. The younger harpy's learnt to not try to smother his boyfriend with affection straight away, and instead give him time to make sense of the situation. Instead, Kuran told the other harpy that he just had a nightmare, and it wasn't real, and that he was still alive. Fraizer takes a couple big huffs when he notices he's on a canvas tarp in a warm forest, with a dying fire and that the roars he heard in his sleep were just the heavy, rhythmic snoring of Davok.

A few more huffs as the raven harpy steadied his heart rate, before he turned his body roughly to face Kuran with a thud, who lay back down on his side in response, still allowing Fraizer to decide what to do when he's ready. Fraizer's breathing was slower, but still erratic and jumpy, and his grips with reality were still wavered. Their attention was locked on one another, Kuran to comfort Fraizer, and Fraizer to decipher what was real and what wasn't, and at the moment Kuran was the only thing real to him.

After a while, the larger harpy shuffled forwards closer to his boyfriend and leaned his head into the other's chest, hands still held crossed close to his face. There were whimpers between breaths, and his shivers were intense. Kuran wrapped his wings around the other and nuzzled into his crest, whispering small comforts to the other. "It's okay," "It's not real," "You're safe now," among many other reassurances. The smaller harpy instinctively started to preen Fraizer's crest, which came as a great relief to the other, relaxing.


Soon, Fraizer's breathing has slowed to normal speed, and the couple found themselves locked in an embrace. Kuran moved his hand to the back of the other's head and separated, lifted, flattened, and brushed through his boyfriend's feathers, causing him to fluff up and purr much like a happy cat, his mouth curling into a small smile. The younger harpy giggled, cuddling his boyfriend closer, planting a kiss on the top of his head. The two cuddled close, both with mellow smiles on their faces.


"Thank you," Fraizer said in an undertone, exhaustion in his voice. The other replied with  a hum and a yawn, just as eager to get back to sleep. They lay tangled in one another, Fraizer curling closer and smaller into Kuran and tilting his head to guide the other's hand. The smaller harpy clicked happily, absorbed in his love for his boyfriend,  and the texture of his black feathers.


The raven harpy let out a huge, toothy yawn, and mumbled an "I'm sorry," before nuzzling back into Kuran's chest. The young harpy sighed contently, kissing the other on the head again. "You've no need to apologize," he murmured, half asleep. "I'm happy to wake up for you any time, my darling." Fraizer chuckled lovingly at the use of a pet name, and nuzzled more into the other. It didn't take long until the both of them fell asleep in each other's arms, purring and sighing contently, completely and utterly at peace again.

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