Visions of Daylight

Visions of Daylight follows the life of Gina Mellows, an an average woman, settling into the lower-middle class. She embarks upon a journey to find herself.


1. The Decision



Anisa Carmichael woke up in her small apartment located in Providence. To no surprise, she woke to the smell of moisture and decompose of the roof. Anisa's hair was a complete mess. She looked into her mirror, with stains, specks and spots covering it. The interior of the basin below the mirror was a murky brown, the water that flowed from the faucet never stopped. Driving Anisa mad. Anisa got dressed into her work clothes. Anisa lived directly next to a train station. The train she got on was the same as always. The 7:29 train. Anisa worked in a small bistro called "Cafe Extravaganza". Anisa despised the name, she despised all of it. The uniform (which was a revolting mixture of brown and green), her boss, Lewis Goodlett was an "arrogant arse". Anisa had never forgiven Lewis for having the same name as her brother who had recently been the fatal victim of a car crash. Anisa tied her apron strings on, took a deep breath in and exhaled. "Anisa, you're late by precisely 1.74 minutes! Do you know how many customers you could have served in that?" Lewis' breath burnt through the air and into Anisa's open nostrils, she gagged. It was at this precise moment she knew what she had to do.


"England?" Anisa's sister almost choked on her martini. 

"Isn't that, like, a whole other continent?" Margot's intelligence wasn't one of her strong points. 

Margot had flowing brown hair like Anisa, but without the scruffiness. Margot cared more for her beauty than her brain, which could be a reason why she drinks herself silly. Her breasts were always on show, which -before her death- mother always said was even worse than being nude. Margot draped herself over her leather couch, which squelched under her weight.

"Why can't you for once just support me in my actions?" Anisa could almost taste the venom in her voice.

"Because I don't wanna see you be hurt! Do you know how bad that would look on me?" Margot's voice had gone up an octave.

"You?! This isn't about you! Stop being so selfish! I swear Margot, this is just like our childhood again!" Anisa was standing over Margot at this point.

"You're never going to let that go are you?" When Margot stood up, she was towering over Anisa. This was thanks to her heels.

"You know what, I don't need your consent. This is my life! You're half the reason I'm leaving. And let me tell you this..." she was spitting through her teeth. "You've made this decision a whole lot easier". With that, Margot picked up her phone and bag, and stormed out the door.

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