Pixar Story Competition: Life As a Lamp


1. Life As A Lamp

Once upon a time there was a talking baby blue bedside lamp who couldn't pull free of the wall plug that kept her imprisoned . 

Every day she pulled and  pulled on her cable, hoping the plug would come undone. She tried a variety of different methods, attempting to trip on a glass in front of her, trying to get hold of scissors that were once left on her bedside table with her mouth etc But nothing ever seemed to work.  Life was difficult being a lamp.

One day her bulb stopped working. 

Because of that, she was finally let free. Her owner threw her away into a dumpster, and she finally felt what freedom was. However, freedom isn't all she expects it to be, as her awful journey with the rubbish club soon shows. She goes through terrible events, from being bullied by a group of cans, to being tossed in a garbage truck where her lampshade rips in half. She even nearly gets churned and incinerated in what she calls 'where all the useless things go'.

Until finally she meets Romelda, the rotten radio, hiding behind a vent in the ceiling of 
'where all the useless things go'. They get talking, and find out they have many things in common: they both lived very similar lives in very similar households, they were both treated the same way, carrying out similar functions, and always dreamed of freedom, and they both had horrible things happen to them once they did reach freedom . They plan an escape route and end up sleeping by a trash can in an alleyway one night, when they are found and taken in by a homeless charity. They spend their days living happily in a homeless shelter. 


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