Anna Baker is 16 years old and lives with her uncle in London, Anna's parents died in a car accident when she was 10. But she's abused by her uncle since she was 12 and one day something really bad happens. She run into a special person, after that her life change.



15. Home drunk home

I jump surprised. I feel a smile grow on my face. 

Are they all here because of me?

I see Taylor walking towards me, beside her is a pretty, dark haired girl. 

''Hey you! Welcome home'' Taylor says happy and hugs me, I hug her back and then I get curious about that other girl. 

''I don't think we met'' I say politely 

''I'm Selena Gomez'' she says and pulls me into a small hug. 

''I'm Anna, in case you didn't know'' I say and laugh

''Oh really'' she laughs. 

''Anna, get over here'' I hear Zayn shout after me. 

''Excuse me girls'' I say and walk by them 

I see Zayn and Niall standing with some other guys. I get eye contact with Zayn and we both smile. 

''Anna, this is Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson'' Niall says and point at each of them when he says their name. 

''Nice to meet you'' Cody says and shakes my hand.

''You too'' I say back and smile. 

''I'm Justin, nice to meet you'' Justin says and shakes my hand. I smile back and give him a little nod. 

''I have to find Harry'' I say and turn around to look at Zayn. 

''Don't'' he says and lay his arm around me. 

''Why?'' I ask confused

''He's talking to Liam, it's important'' Zayn says and pulls me into him. 

''Well okay, I guess they can talk first'' I say and turn around. 

I walk away from them and out in the kitchen where I see a bottle of something yellow. I've never seen it before so I smell to it. Ew... 

'Whiskey' says the bottle. 

''Want to taste it?'' I hear a voice behind me

''I don't think it's necessary'' I say and turn around to look right into Louis eyes. 

''Louis!'' I say and smile

''Good guess'' he smirks and take the bottle, ''are you sure you don't want to taste it? Just a sip?'' he asks again

''Well, I guess I can but it don't smell so good'' I say and take the bottle out of his hand

''Don't smell to it girl, it tastes good. Promise'' he says. 

I take a sip. 

''EW LOUIS'' I say and spit it out again

Louis start laughing and I understand im, it was a little funny. My legs were tires so I choose to sit on the chair at the table. 

''Well if you don't like that then why don't you let me make something for you there is good?'' he asks

''I don't know Lou'' I say

''Lou? So you have given me a name, now you have to let me make something for you'' he laughs a bit

''Sorry but okay then'' I answer him

''I promise it's good'' he says proud

''No promises please'' I say and laugh 

Louis takes a lot of different bottles and fill it in the glass. He hands me the glass with a proud smile. 

''Taste this'' he says and waits for me to take a sip, so I do. 

''Oh my gosh Louis! It's good'' I say and drink it all. 

''Slow down girl'' he says with a smile

''Make me one more'' I say convincing

''I'm right on it. Actually I'll make 2 different for you'' he says

He hands me 2 different drinks and I drink both of them fast. They are really good. 

''More'' I say

''Coming right up'' he laughs


''Looooou, it's gooooooood'' I say, ''I want more'' 

''I don't think so'' he says 

''Now Louis'' I say and give him my you-will-do-as-I-say look. 

''Let's get you into the actual party, shouldn't we?'' he says and lift me up in his arms

He walks into the living room, I feel like a princes in his arms. 

''I'm a princess'' I shout and everyone looks at me, ''set me down'' 

Louis lets me down and my legs don't hurt anymore, I go to the nearest table and get up on it. 


Everybody turn around and look at me with a smile. 

''Hellooooo, if you don't know who I am. I'm Anna Baker and this is a welcome home party for me, yay!'' I say loud and everyone claps. 

''So, I want to say thank you for being here and I don't now half of you but you know me. So that's great. I WANT TO GIVE YOU ALL A GIFT - Louis over here want to make you some good drinks for free. They are really good, I promise you. REALLY GOOD'' I say and laughs and I hear everyone else laugh. 

''And so you all know, MY LEGS ARE FINE'' I say and get ready to jump off the table. 

I fall instead of a jump and I prepare myself for a hard landing. But someone catches me. 

''Maybe you should take it easy for a while'' I hear a voice and see Justin Bieber, the guy I met earlier. 

''I'm a princess once again'' I say and laughs

He laughs and help me down. ''Girls like you are always princesses, so find someone who treat you like one'' he says and hugs me. 

''Are you okay Anna?'' I hear Liam behind me. 

''LIAM! Did you miss me?'' I say and lean forward to hug him. 

''Well, yeah. What happened to you?'' he asks

''I'm a princess. Justin and Louis carried me in their strong arms and Lou made me some drinks, or 8'' I laugh

''Oh, so your drunk!'' he says and look straight at Louis who look away fast. 

''Maybe a little'' I laugh at him

''Btw you don't have to be strong to carry you'' he smirks. 

''Liam, can I remember this tomorrow? I heard that you don't remember that much with alcohol in you'' I ask him

''Probably not'' he laughs and hug me. 

''Let me take a picture of you so I can show you how much fun you have had'' he says 

He let go of me and take his phone up to take a picture. ''SMILE'' he says. 

''I'm going to get this on Instagram'' he laughs

''I'm tired now'' I say

''Go to bed, I come when the guests are gone, ok?'' he asks and I nod and walk away. 


I wake up with a headache and I just feel so sick. 

''LIAM'' I yell. I hear some quick footsteps and the door opens fast. 

''What happened, are you okay?'' he asks me

''I don't feel so good'' I say and look at him. He laughs and walk over to my bed. 

''I truly understand that. You got hangovers Anna'' he says too loud

''Don't speak so loud Liam'' I say and hide my face under my pillow

Liam removes the pillow and lift my head up. 

''Can I get you something, princess?'' he says and laugh 

''Shut up..'' I answer him and push him away. 

''I have to pee'' I say and get out of bed. Liam helps me up and I feel a pain in my legs. 

''Liam, my legs hurt'' I say scared

''Let me help you'' he says and lift me up and out to the bathroom. ''Just shout my name when you're done, you're good at that'' he says and wink at me. 

''Funny Liam'' I say and get on the toilet. I finish up and do as Liam told me to. Yell his name: ''LIAM'' 

''Ready to go back to bed or in the living room?'' he asks me. 

''Living room'' I say and get on his back so he can carry me in there. 

Harry sit in the couch and Liam lay me down next to him. 

''You haven't said a word to me Harry'' I say and lay my head on his stomach. He looks weird at me but I stay there, he has to talk to me. 

''Sorry, I want to protect you but overtime I try I fail'' he says and let his fingers through my hair. 

''I couldn't be any happier, except for my headache'' I say and see a smile on his face. 

''Did you see what Liam put in last night of you on Instagram?'' he asks with a laugh

I take Harry's phone out of his hands and look at it:

fakeliampayne: she's back on track. good to have you home. 
    you deserve the joy @annabaker

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