Anna Baker is 16 years old and lives with her uncle in London, Anna's parents died in a car accident when she was 10. But she's abused by her uncle since she was 12 and one day something really bad happens. She run into a special person, after that her life change.



2. Bruises

''It's crazy you're doing all this for me'' I say while looking at Harry find me some towels. 

He stands up and hand me the towels, ''you're welcome, please make your self comfortable'' he answers me with a smile. I smile back and start walking towards the bathroom.
I have absolutely no idea where it is. I stand in a hall with about 6 different doors, fortunate is the first door I open the bathroom. Lucky for me, i guess. I stand in my underwear and then look in the mirror, I have bruises all over my body from my uncle and a few cuts. I'm thin, I'm really thin. I look at my neck and loses my breath completely, I fall screaming and crying down on my knees. 

''Are you okay?'' I hear a voice say while knocking at the door. 

It's Harry, what do I do?

''Let me in'' he say. He sounds worried, I can't reach the door. I feel so weak. ''It's not locked'' I try to yell back at him. Harry opens the door and see me on the floor. He get down at he's knees and I lift my head up and look right in to his green eyes. He give me the same look as last night, he looks choked. 

''What the hell happened to your neck?'' he says while moving my hair away from my shoulder. 

''Nothing, I just fell'' I say and put my hair back at where it was. 

''Did your uncle try to choke you?'' he ask carefully. I just nod and again I feel my tears streaming down my face. He put his arms around me and hold me into him. I feel safe in his arms. I slowly start to get up again, and so does he. Harry smiles at me and start walking out. I grab his hand fast. 

''Don't leave me'' I say in fear. He walks towards me and put his hands on each of my cheeks. ''You want some help?'' he ask kind. I nod at him and he turn around to look away while I take of my underwear and get up in the bathtub. He start washing my hair and rubs my back softly. 


''Ready to go?'' Harry ask. He wants to take me to the hospital, I don't wanna go. 

''No'' I say and look down at my leg ''I think it's fine just staying here. I really don't wanna go'' 

''Are you sure?'' he ask, I nod. ''Fine, then we'll stay. But maybe it's time for you to tell me your name'' he says politely. 

I laugh a little, ''I'm Anna''. A big smile grows on his face. 

''Wanna have some to eat, Anna?'' he ask me. I look confused at him, I didn't get that question the last 5 month. 

''You mean like eating food?'' I answer him

''Ehm, yeah?'' he look at me and then down at my body. It look like he discovered something. ''I think you might need to eat something'' he says carefully. While heading to the kitchen as I follow. 

I hear some footsteps coming same direction as us and look over my shoulder. I see the same dark haired boy as I did before walking outside to smoke. I walk up out in the kitchen and sit down on a chair beside Harry. 

''Make me some to, Harry'' a voice say, I look up and see another boy. He has blond hair and blue eyes. I don't think he have seen me yet. He look down and we make eye contact. 

Awkward, look away. 

''Sorry, I didn't see you. I'm Niall'' he say to me and reaches his hand out to greet. I shake it, ''I'm Anna'' I say and smile. His hands are big but soft. I get the picture from last night with my uncle in my head. I pull my hand away really fast and he look confused at me. I gasp a little and then start running towards the room I slept in. I hear Harry say something to Niall while I run. Harry follows me, ''Anna, wait. Listen, I'm here'' I hear him yell. My leg gets weak again and I feel dizzy. I stop running at a couch. I turn and see Harry run towards me with Niall behind him. Everything starts getting blurred and I can't feel my legs. 

''ANNA!'' I hear Harry yell

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