Beautiful Dragons

I have been writing a series about Dragons for the past couple of years now and honestly I no longer liked the content that was being produced. So with that In mind I have decided to rewrite the series differently and I really hope you enjoy it.


1. An Urban Constellation

♛Chapter One♛



Elijah Smythe awoke with a start as he drifted through the morning, shirt untucked and his tie slung around his neck carelessly.

“Do an Internship the said. Oh sure that sounds fun.”  he mumbled as he gulped down a glass of water with one hand and fumbled at his tie with the other. Slamming the glass down on the granite work surface in impatience he turned to his tie which had swirled itself into its third knot of the morning. Various blazers and suit jackets lay abandoned on the staircase as he blundered down them, slipping his arms into a burgundy garment.

Elijah hated to be late and yet he proved highly skilled at it. Flashing his emerald green eyes in the direction of the window, he parted the curtains in a moment of triumph and allowed himself to bask in his greatness and the early sunrise. After pondering for a moment, he regained his grip on reality and continued to charge through his  tasks. After copious amounts of hair spray and loitering about, he threw his satchel over his shoulder and fled into the bustling crowds.


With the entire contents of the newsagents tucked comfortably under his arm, a lanky, sleep deprived man stumbled through into his cramped and cluttered office. He moved with an undeniable confidence- however, this was fully concealed under flustered layers of worry.

After he slammed the documents onto the decaying desk below him, he retired to his armchair, crossing one leg neatly over the other. The rain that pattered against the window pane tapped into his thoughts but as usual he dismissed it. Running his hands through his loose curls, a mop of chocolate spirals atop his head, he breathed a heavy sigh.

Situated just before him was the surreal city of London which glowed in its understated early morning glory. The sun glowed subtly below clouds of cloaking smog which concealed the crowds and the sweet scent of urgency wafted in the air. Sebastian Dawes was one who appreciated the finer things in life and yet even a Bentley continental and a summer abode in the Hamptons could not compensate for the bruising pressure he was under.


Palms sweating, he attempted to straighten out the creases in his tweed suit which hung off him loosely. Reaching for the glass which perched on the edge of the desk, admiring the liquor that swirled inside it, he was interrupted by a knock at the door. He paused for a moment, rolling his eyes before continuing his manoeuvre towards the drink.

“Go away,” he called towards the door, spinning his chair around in a child like manner and gulping down the contents of his glass.

The door swung open, a petite figure striding confidently into the large, yet swamped room where she became almost diminished. Lilac-Grey tresses framed her face and bounced down to her shoulders like candy floss. Leaning to one side, hand on hip she narrowed her eyes towards him.

“Sebastian,” she exhaled, “ You can't go disappearing for days then roll back in on a Sunday afternoon with a fresh hangover and sit here and wallow in your self pity. I won't allow it.”

Drifting across the room she swept the glass from his hand before depositing it on the other side of the room.


“This also has to stop. You smell like a walking bar. And whilst the stench of sambuca might appeal to you, the press aren't going to see it that way. We also have interns starting this morning. He's waiting in the lobby like a lost sheep.”

“Its a Sunday tell them to start tomorrow,”

Sebastian kept his back turned to her, gazing out at the skyline, completely dazed. Fumbling with the ring on his finger he craned his neck to look over his shoulder. She continued to drone on.

“Do me a favour Ramona? Shut up?” he whined before slumping back into the chair and shutting his eyes.


“You're quite something,” Ramona started. “ You think you own the place..”

“But I do own the place, Good Bye.” he interrupted with a husky laugh, swivelling his chair back round so he could see her.  Gritting her teeth in frustration, she threw down a small piece of jewellery onto the desk before bidding a brief and cool goodbye.   “Don't forget to tell those interns”

He turned back to London which seemed to kneel before him, each building his watch tower and each passer by his subject. Fiddling with the small piece of jewellery idly in his hand he turned to inspect it in greater detail. The silver chain was dainty, so much that his slender fingers handled it so delicately and the charm that hung from it shone as if it radiated light like it's own luminous charge.

Turning it over in his palm, he felt a sense of infatuation with it, some sort of desire or need. He blamed this on his intoxicated perception as slowly put the item down and closed his eyes whilst he  basked in the righteousness of his kingdom.

A couple of dragging ours must have passed before Sebastian awoke again in a frenzy of panic and the harsh state that was sober. Rubbing his temples with his forefingers, he looked up.

He turned around to see a tall, slender figure sat, poised. His angular cheeks were tilted downwards as his pale blue eyes traced up and down the room. His toned torso was prominent under his skin tight  shirt which clung to his broad silhouette. Within his hand he clasped a white cricket jumper and a briefcase which seemed to hang ungainly in his palm. Whilst the male who owned the chair he withheld and had the attire and aura of the wealthiest of businessmen, his face barely surpassed eighteen.

“Amos, if your sisters sent you to come and sort me out can I save you the lecture and just allow you to throw the first punch?” Sebastian muttered, presenting his left cheek to the boy before him.

“Whilst the thought of the chance to break your jaw isn't awfully tempting, I don't want to mess up this new suit and you're my uncle so, family dinners would be awkward now wouldn't they?” Amos snarled, each word dripping with articulate eloquence.

“Wouldn't they just,” Sebastian smiles sweetly. “ then again we were never a functional bunch were we? So go ahead” he presented his cheek.

“ I'm not going to hit you!”Amos exclaimed. “Ramona and I are worried or did you forget about us?”

“Honestly? You didn't cross my mind, no.” Sebastian sighed. “I'll get my act together. I'll go on one of those detox things. The ones where you just eat the stuff from the ground. And drink the vegetables disguised as fruits. I'll do that.”

“I...that's not quite what...but you'll get your act together? Maybe hit the gym. Cut down on the alcohol? Maybe stop altogether-”

“Okay time for you to leave protein powder puff,” Sebastian stood up to his towering height, clenched his jaw and made his way to the exit and presented it in a gentlemanly manner. “ Au Revoir”

He held out his hand, which Amos graciously shook before recoiling in a sudden manner.

“You're  burning up Sebastian, like almost literally. Are you okay?” Amos focused his piercing ice eyes into his palm in perplexity. Sebastian stared down at his own hand before placing it on his forehead. Nothing. He felt utterly, ordinarily normal.

“If it helps you sleep at night. I'll take an aspirin. Good bye now” he cooed falsely as his pressed the door into his shoulder as it firmly planted in its frame. For a moment, losing all train of tangled thought, he leant against the door in an act of exhaustion. Amos wa right, as much as he hated to admit it. As much as he wanted to dismiss Amos’s lecturing prose, he knew he had to change. But as all good rulers, it was not for anyone else but for the good of his kingdom. Well, that's how he perceived it.

Meanwhile Amos sat in the back of a taxi, leaning his head on his hand which rested against the window.  Ramona heavily collapsed next to him, slamming the door so it sent a ringing sensation through Amos’ ears. Ranting as she punched furiously into her phone, Amos managed to block out the mass of it.

“ I’m worried,” he sighed, looking up at her. Sharing the same concern as her brother, she raised an eyebrow and managed a weak smile.

 Amos turned back to the window before instructing the driver to his destination.

Amos was not a man of drinking culture. Gambling machines baffled him and the intoxicated conversations he had shared with his uncle left him clinging to being sober. Yet, since the Sunday papers had avoided any mention of the company that slid through his fingers like sand, he decided to celebrate. Amos believed that no press was safer than bad press.

Amos spied the room, his gaze wide. Scotch in hand, he maneuvered himself away from the bar and into the room. He noticed a small frame surrounded by much larger ones.

“ It’s my brothers he needs it, he sold it by accident “ the smaller silhouette whispered. It was not one of desperation however the slight stutter was enough to imply fear. She was no smaller than any other girl in the room and yet her appearance seemed diminished. Shaking, her hand clutched a purse which should have been weathered and worn by the way she grasped it and yet it looked not a day old.

“ Yes well sweetheart, you do not have enough,” snarled the largest build as he drew himself so close to her that his warm, wet breath masked her face. The smaller figure grasped at the small garment which was

 of her reach but was swiftly restrained by a large, gripping hand. With her wrist now controlled, she suffered the force of the wall on to her spine.

“Darling, either give us what you owe us or get out,”

“ It’s not for me. He’s going to kill me. I need that bracelet” she murmured under staggered breaths. There was a short outburst of intense, patronising laughter.

“Well maybe he should come get it himself” He moved his other hand the cup her face. She breathed deeply, closing her eyes to savour this moment of well being but also adrenalin.

“Gentleman,” said a dark, hushed voice. Amos took two precise steps forward, handing the man a large sum of money before requesting his removal. The girl turned towards him.

He wrapped a tense yet supporting arm around her shoulders, her trembling torso with in her grip. The night air was a brisk and bitter greeting and yet the girl couldn't have felt more safe in the grip of Amos Huxley. He sat her on the nearest step wrapping his coat around her shoulders. He looked down at her. She could barely meet his gaze, her puffy red eyes focusing on the floor.

“That didn't look like a healthy business transaction” he mumbled, placing his overcoat around her slender shoulders.

“You didn't have to do that, I had it covered,” the girl whispered, breathing into her numbing hands.

“Oh sure,” He scoffed “You would've got thrown about if I hadn't turned up”

“I didn't need you there to play the Hero, I would've sorted it out and instead I've left without the ruddy bracelet and ended up sat outside a lousy boozer with Prince charming.” She sighed. Keeping her voice steady as she trembled and fought back tears with violent gulps.

“Suit yourself,” he sighed, beginning to walk away, swinging his arms beside him.

“But what about your coat?” She stuttered, stumbling to her feet and tucking a caramel curl behind her ear.

“Keep it.” he smiled. “ I didn't catch your name?”

“ Wren,” the girl smiled, her face now concealed by the twilight.

“Good night Wren,” he called over his shoulder before disappearing into the night.


Pulling up to the large building, Elijah opened the door and stayed utterly silent. A now rain-soaked Wren crept onto the passenger seat, staring straight ahead.

“Don't,” Elijah started as Wren began to speak. “ I was worried sick. You weren't home last night, fair enough you're allowed your freedom Wren but when you disappear a second night and then call me at the break of morning, hysterical, you can't expect me to be okay with it. With mum and dad away I'm responsible for you. Me. I have to protect you and make sure you're okay and clearly I'm falling so please. Don't apologize just tell me  what's going on.”

She took deep and sputtered breaths as she rubbed at her neck.

“ I knew how hard you were working at the restaurant, and you have you're internship now. I just wanted to help contribute so I sold some personal items” Elijah raised an eyebrow “nothing to serious. Well not until now. I found a bracelet. A silver one with a small chain and a little pendant of a...I Don't remember and it  wasn't mine to take because it was with you're stuff.”

“Are you hurt?” Elijah asked.

“ I'm fine Elijah but I took it and it wasn't mine-”

“As long as you are okay, I'm okay. No bracelet is worth you risking yourself.” Elijah smiled lightly as he began to drive back into the city.  He often gazed at London at night, mesmerizing, each light like a star in an urban constellation.


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