Just Go With It

Jade Williams . Used to just be a dancer making her dreams come true step by step . Now shes getting paid to be the girlfriend of Harry Styles?. They would do anything to get away from each other but when Kendall dumps Harry his emotions turn creating a love/hate feeling towards jade . Will Jade feel different of Harry in the end ?

(P.s This story originated from my Quotev page . So if you have a quotev and you see this story its mine :D )

Copyright ©HazzasTeddyBear 2016


2. Chapter 2 [Kiss Me]


*This Is Le Axiel .. Sexy Enough ?♥
-Jade's P.O.V-

The next day I just forgot about what Harry said . I wasn't worth my tears anyway and due to the fact i had to wake up to people blowing up my twitter with all this crap ! I don't feel like arguing . I forced myself out of bed with a little help from Axiel to get to dance practice . I got in the shower and stuff and blow dried my hair and put on clean underwear  . After that I went to my closet and decided on what I should wear 

I grabbed my leather jacket and my phone and left my room . I walked downstairs to see Harry and Kendall making out on the couch . Okay it is far too early for this shit . I reached for the door handle "Aye where are you going jade!!?" Harry yelled . I ignored him and walked out the door . I know he was just gonna chase after me .
He jogged down the driveway and blocked the door to my white bently . "I said .. Where are you going ?" He asked . "Why do you care .you don't want me here anyway so why so you give a fuck" I asked . " You're gonna stop being such a bitch " He hissed "Don't call me that you cunt" I snapped back . "Slut" he shot back .
Now I'm gonna hit him where it fucking hurts "Man Whore !!" I yelled . He stopped looked at me shocked and hurt . He was about to say something and stopped himself . " You will not get away with talking to me any kind of fucking way you feel like " He warned .
"Is that a threat ? Or are you just bluffing again .. how about you call me whenever you decide to get that dick out your ass anytime soon" I scoffed . I got in my car and drove off leaving him there . I happy at what I said . I'm tired of his threats knowing GOOD AND WELL he's not gonna do a GOTTDAMN thing . Id like to see him try .

" He seriously threatened you?" Axiel asked shocked . I nodded . "Why are you so shocked now . It happens all the time" I shrugged "Because now its becoming a serious problem in my eyes . I dont like the fact he treats you like shit . Fake or real relationship you are a female . " Axiel literally just went ham! . "Okay Dude calm down I don't want you killing somebody" I held my hands up in defense .
"Maybe I should talk to him for you " He suggested . "No . I mean .. we came to dance not talk about Harry. Let's practice the dance one more time  " I said . He smiled " Alright sorry I just got a little upset there .. your right . Let's take it from the top . " He got up . He turned on All that matters by Justin Beiber and we stood in front of he mirror . Our dancded was perfectly syncronised by now .
It came to the part of the spin and dip part we always get wrong . I spun into his arms and  he dip me low . We actually got it right for a second but then he dropped me . He tripped over my foot and fell might on top of me . We shared a laughed . "Are you okay?" I asked him still giggling . "Yeah" he said quietly with a sweet smile . I looked into his gray eyes . I always liked Axiel but .. its just something about him okay! . He took my hands hand he put them on his face . He scooted closer to my face .
"Are you unconfortable love ?" He smiled . I shook my head . " Kiss me " He whispered . I pulled his face to me and kissed his soft juicy lips . His tongue piercing touched my lips giving me shivers . He slid his tongue slowly in my mouth and back out suductively . This kiss was so breath taking . I swear its the best kiss I have ever had . And just when the moment was perfect my phone rung . I groaned . "Sorry" I said . "Oh .. no its okay" He smiled . He stood up taking my hand and helping me up.
I walked over to my phone and read the text from Harry . 

Come home -Harry~ 
I groaned ."Um I gotta go " I said gathering up my stuff " Oh ..O-Okay well . I guess I'll see you at the JB tryouts tomorrow . I'll save you a spot in line away from the fangirls " He chuckled . I laughed back . "Thanks Axiel " I smiled and grabbed my phone .
"Bye Jay" He waved . "Bye Ax" I waved back . I bit my lip as I walked to my car . He's been my crush since I've met him and I finally kissed him . The kiss that beat my ex boyfriend finally!!! . And its funny . Every time I'm around Axiel my problems just fade away and at the end of the day .. it feels like I didn't come with weights on my shoulders . I wish he lived with me instead of Harry right about now 




Okayyy sooo . I really!!! hope you guys like the new story. Well its not new to me since its already been written but . STILL A PROUD ASS BITCH!! . and yeah


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