The Hidden Shadows Within the Clouds

The freshness of the air is pure like nothing I've ever smelled or tasted before; it's like inhaling lightness and freedom. For once, I was glad I could let go of my problems and have a little fun for once, if fun just happened to be alone.
Well, I mean, I thought I was alone, until I was tackled out of the air so suddenly I was paralyzed with surprise.

In this thrilling and intense story, a girl named Topaz had fallen out of the sky, been saved by an angelic stranger, and thought to be a spy. This story shows the struggles of being different and suspected as evil.


3. Chapter 2

As Sky had guided me, me stumbling, but following him to somewhere he said was safe, I tried to think of any way this could all just be false. Maybe I’m in some kind of simulation and I forgot I ever was in one. Like I had thought before, maybe it’s just some kind of dream I have never experienced before. Maybe I’m in a coma. Maybe I’m dead. I think I should really just go along with whatever this thing is, whether it’s real or not, I may never find out.

Sky had guided me into a large white building with a small dome on the top that looked like a penthouse, but I couldn’t see anything in it because I was too far away.

When I got into the building Sky called home, I was very surprised by how colossal the building was inside compared to the outside of it. It was round on the inside, but the structure didn’t seem to match with the style.

It seemed homely in a way. Honestly, I thought it would be like that sharp but boring white room I arrived in, just plain. But, instead, the colors were startling. There were blue swirls, dots, and a myriad of different textures in a universe of any type of blue you could imagine; even ones you never knew existed to the eye. It was stunned a brilliant bright light blue.

“Uh...I assume your favorite color is blue?” It was more of a statement than a question, but the obviousness provoked the sarcasm in my tone to rise. Of course, I wasn’t really trying to be very sarcastic. At least, not yet. I don’t want him to have a bad impression of me.

What was even weirder was that the colors and textures seemed to be moving. I wasn’t sure if it was just my vision or that I was just walking along and staring at the same time, but it was quite confusing. Magic? Technology? I wouldn’t think so. I’m trying to stay away from thinking this whole thing is a dream, just in case it wasn’t.

“If you were wondering about the whole color-changing thing I’ve got here, I personalized it myself. My house,” he explained.

“Do you live with anyone? Is it your family? I’m not sure if that’s customary here…” I trailed off. Do they know I’m not from here? Obviously I’ve been acting like it, right?

“No,” he said plainly.

“For which question?”

“Both.” His face was straight although he had what seemed like a small pool of sadness at the bottom of his eyes crystal blue eyes. I wasn’t sure how to react.

“” was all I said.

He looked at me, sat down on a deep sea blue striped couch, and sighed. I leaned against the wall. I wasn’t sure what to do now.

“When I was little, my mother and father were always cruel to me. They ignored me when I talked to them and beat me when I asked them questions. They were horrible.” He looked at me somewhat miserably. I didn’t know such a face could turn so sad and beautiful simultaneously.

“But, both being fortunate and unfortunate...they’re dead. They’re gone so I have fewer scars, but then again, I’m alone.”

I was shocked by what he was telling me, considering we had only just met. I don’t want to think badly of him just because he’s telling me this, and, really, because he’s telling me. I felt sympathetic for him, not really pity so much as to it being rude. For once, I felt like I could relate. Wait...relate?

Suddenly, I felt dizzy and the world seemed blurred, like looking through a smeared window. Sky called my name, but the words were slurred and unclear. I felt myself fall on the couch, unable to hold myself up, unable to keep myself awake.

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