1. Chapter 1

Retalia's hand gripped the precious box that hid all of the secrets of her past as she slipped out of the only window of the corridor. Don't get caught, she thought to herself, Don't get caught. She clung close to the wall as she walked down the stairs, as silent as a mouse. She found herself only breathing lightly through her nose. She carefully placed her feet. Don't get caught, she thought to nervously herself, Don't get caught.

When she finally stepped off the last stair, she drew a breath of relief. She did a small chuckle, and looked down at the box. "Don't worry," she whispered to the box. "We're safe."

"Oh, are you?" a voice came from the darkness ahead of Retalia. The voice was deep and sounded a lot like a cat purring. Retalia recognized it immediately.

"Ananam!" she gasped, like she was surprised, although she actually wasn't. "What brings you here?"

A tall, dark figure stepped out of the blackness. "You know. Give me the box."

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