Calum's Daughter

What happens when Calum Daughter meets Michaels Son. Does it all go good or bad?


8. {9} The School

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James’s P.O.V.


I watch Dylan walk out of the classroom with Jasper. They seem to be laughing and I feel a little jealousy go over me. I try to push it off, but I can’t I really like Dylan, like I really really do. She is just something else.


Her American accent, her gorgeous brown hair, and I like the fact that she has 7 or 8 tattoos. I love her.


She walks over to me and Jasper disappears in the crowd.


“Hey” She says with her amazing american accent.


“Sup, so now we are off to gym.” I say while starting to walk. She follows.


We go to my locker and I open it. She stands right next me and watches my every move. I throw my backpack in it and grab my gym bag. I slam my locker shut and start walking to the gym.


I can feel Dylan following me. We get to the Gym and I walk up to Coach Dean. She looks at me and rolls her eyes. “What do you want Clifford”


I point to Dylan. “This is your new student, coach”


Dylan walks up besides me.


Coach stares at Dylan then to me. “She looks like Hood.”


“Yea… She’s Calum’s daughter”


“Oh God, those four idiots have too much kids.” Coach says while throwing Dylan her gym bag and clothes.

Dylan catches it and we walk away.


“What was that about?” She asks


“Well our fathers used to skip a lot of gym classes and if they were here they would tick Coach Dean off so much, so she hates all of their kids.”


She laughs and we walk to the locker rooms.


We split our separate ways.


Dylan’s P.O.V.


God Coach Dean is such a bitch. I walk into the locker and head to the corner. I switch into my gym clothes. I follow the other girls out to the gym.


The girls stand on one side of the gym and the boys on the other. I see James talking to some guys and I smile at the fact that he actually has friends.


Coach walks up the boys and tells them something. Then she comes over to us and yells at us telling us to go outside and run laps.


Me and the other girls jog out and start running laps. We have run about 7 and I see the boys come out and stand off on the edge.


Coach yells at us to stop and we run over to her and the boys.


“Alright kids we are playing kickball today, boys vs. girls have fun.” Coach says and goes and sits down on the bleachers.


*After Kickball*


I walk out of the locker and see James walking out of the bys. He walks to me and smiles.


“What class do you have next?” He asks




*After 3rd and 4th period (so lunch time)*


I head to my locker after math and I throw my books in there as I slam it shut I feel somebody walk up behind.


“Hey” I turn around to see Jasper




“You wanna eat lunch with me and my friends.” Jasper asks.




I follow Jasper to the lunchroom. Again Jasper walks to the table in the corner. I look at the table to see two guys in beanies.


One of them looks up and speaks.


“Holy fuck did Jasper get a girl!”


Jasper flips them off and takes a seat across from them. I sit next to him.


“Guys this is Dylan, she’s new here” Jasper says while pulling out his lunch box.


The guy who yelled at Jasper speaks first. “Hello, I’m Adam, and this is Simon” Adam points to the other guy.


“Hello” I say while waving a little.


“Holy shit, you're American.” Simon shouts.


“And you’re Australian.” I say back.


They all laugh.


I see James walk in the lunch and he looks around he doesn’t notice and sits with some other people. I get a little disappointed.


“So where are you from?” Adam asks

“Los Angeles


They all nod their heads.


Simon says something about elephants and then they get in a fight about them.


But I don’t pay attention I look around trying to find James. After a while I find him sitting next to a group of guys and there is a couple of girls here and there in the group.


I keep watching him laugh and joke around with his friends.


“EARTH TO DYLAN” Jasper says while waving his hand in my face.


I slap it.  


“Ow” Jasper yells.


I giggle.


*After Lunch*


I walk into classroom 108. I see James sitting at a table and I sit down next to him.


“Hey” James says not looking up from his book.




I hear the door open and the teacher walks in.


“Alright, Don’t be too dumb I’ll be in the office if you need anything.” He says and walks out.


James closes his book and takes out his phone. I feel my phone buzz in pocket and I take it out.


I have a text from James and I smile. It’s says


J- You wanna do something after school


D- Sure, like wha?




D-You live here


J-We can go to the beach




James looks up from his phone and smiles at me. I smile back.


The rest of study hall I text my friends back home and play games on my phone.


I go through Biology and French with no problems and then I get to History. Me and James walk into the classroom. I follow James to the back of the classroom.


We take our seats and the lesson starts and instead of taking notes, I doodle.

At the end of class I throw on my backpack and head to the door with James. We walk outside and head to his car. I climb in and throw my bag in the back.

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