Calum's Daughter

What happens when Calum Daughter meets Michaels Son. Does it all go good or bad?


10. {11} The Fight

“What the actual fuck?” Calum asks


Me and James both just sit there not saying anything.


“Somebody has to explain.” Michael says.


There is just more silence


“Fine, nobody’s gonna talk, we will sit here till somebody does.”


I cross my arms and lean back in my seat. We probably have been sitting there for about a half an hour.


James finally speaks.


“You wanna know what the fuck we were doing.” He stops but then continues, “We were kissing”


Calum rolls his eyes then speaks “That was not a kiss, that was a full make-out session”


“Shut up, Dad” I scream.


Michael and Calum go to the other room and we can hear them discuss something about us.


They walk back in and Calum looks me dead straight in the eye.


“We have decided, you guys are not allowed to date” Calum says


“WHY.” I yell back


“Because I said so.” Calum says


“You know what, fuck you.” I say while standing up and running downstairs.


“DYLAN” I hear Calum say but I ignore him. I run up to my room and throw myself on my bed. I burst into tears


I hear a knock on a door and I scream, “GO Away!”


“No, Dylan we need to talk.” Calum says through the door.


“We don’t have to talk about this, you already said I can’t date James” I say while curling up in a bowl.


My door opens and I yell at Calum. “How the hell did you get in?”


He holds up a key. I roll my eyes.


“Look Dylan we need to talk” He says while sitting down on the edge of my bed.


“Dad why can’t we date?” I say while sitting up against my headboard


“Look Dylan, I just don’t want you to get hurt.” He say while moving next to me.


“Dad, I’ve been hurt before, I can deal with it”


“No you can’t have you seen your wrists.” He says. I look at him and I pull the blanket closer to chest.


“Dad, James is a really sweet guy” I say while looking my dad straight in the eye.


“You know what Dylan we can give James and you a try” Calum says while looking back into my eyes.


“Are you fucking kidding me.” I say and I can feel a smile go across my face.


I jump out of bed and run into James room and jump next to him on his bed.


“JAMES,” I stop. “Calum is letting us date!”


He sits up immediately and a huge smile comes across his face.


“Your fucking messing with me.” He says


“No I’m not”


James wraps his arms around me and I wrap mine around him. Damn I love this boy so much.


“So you wanna do something?”James asks while pulling away from me


“Ice Cream” I say while looking at him with puppy eyes.


James grabs my hand and pulls me downstairs. We sneak out the door and into his car.


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